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South Africa: Experiences and Challenges Dr Cheryl de la Rey Council on Higher Education.

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1 South Africa: Experiences and Challenges Dr Cheryl de la Rey Council on Higher Education

2 Outline National Policy Context Higher Education Landscape Steering Mechanisms Academic Staff – Current Status and Potential Pool National Strategies and Interventions Challenges and Opportunities

3 Policy Environment Dual system -Government Departments - Department of Education (DoE) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) DoE – National Plan for Higher Education DST – National Research and Development Strategy

4 National Plan for Higher Education Transformation framework 16 Outcomes specified Redress and restructuring Outcome 8 – improved staff equity (increase in black and women staff) Employment Equity Act requiring employment equity plans as a key instrument Institutional culture as an institutional responsibility Institutions encouraged to improve salaries and conditions of service

5 National Research and Development Strategy Human Capital Development a priority, especially race and gender equity in science, engineering and technology National strategic research areas identified

6 Institutional Landscape 23 Public Higher Education Institutions – universities, comprehensives, universities of technology (DoE) Private Higher Education Institutions (DoE) Science Councils and National Research Facilities (DST) Council on Higher Education (DoE)

7 Central Steering – Institutional Autonomy Institutional autonomy, academic freedom, accountability Planning - Student Enrolment Planning, Programme and Qualification Mix Quality assurance – CHE, Professional Bodies and Institutions

8 Public Funding for Public Higher Education Dual stream (1) formula based and earmarked (Education vote); (2) competitive research and postgraduate funding ( Science vote) Formula based – goal oriented and output- based, discretionary Earmarked – NSFAS, Development Grants, Foundation Grants, Infrastructure

9 Headcount of All Academic Staff by race and rank in 2006 AfricanColouredIndianWhite Not knownTotal Professoriate476942323,552254,379 Senior Lecturer 8751733963,282384,764 Lecturer 5,4901,2051,6218,8131,07218,201

10 Headcount of All Academic Staff by gender and rank in 2006 FemaleMaleTotal Professoriate1,0383,3414,379 Senior Lecturer 1,9202,8444,764 Lecturer 8,9819,22018,201


12 National Strategies Target-setting by race and gender Output-based funding, development funding, co-funding Identification of strategic niche areas

13 Interventions DoE – Doctoral funding, Development Grants DST – National Research Foundation (NRF) – Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Funding and Support, Thuthuka (Staff Development Programme), SA Research Chairs Initiative Institutional and other Staff Development Initiatives (largely externally funded)

14 Thuthuka 3 Sub-programmes: Researchers-in- Training; Women-in-Research; Research Development for Black Academics Institutional co-funding Seminars, mentorship Showcasing

15 SA Research Chairs Initiative 210 Research Chairs by 2010 Strategic research areas New talent Equity Human capital development

16 Institutional Programmes Research capacity development Improvement of qualifications and productivity Equity focus External funding

17 Key Challenges Insufficient policy and programme co-ordination Different planning horizons Innovation and risk climate Alignment of steering mechanisms – planning, funding and quality assurance Nature of the academic job Conditions of service – salary, staff-student ratio, organizational culture Procedures of recruitment Career development opportunities esp mid-career National social and economic climate

18 Opportunities National human capital development strategy (DST) Revision of Policy on Funding of Public Higher Education Move towards partnerships and strategic alliances Industry prepared to invest Shift towards longer-planning horizon for higher education Economic climate

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