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NH DoE UPDATE: AYP and NECAP NH School Administrators Association Tuesday, September 20, 2005 Tim Kurtz, NH DoE 271-3846

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1 NH DoE UPDATE: AYP and NECAP NH School Administrators Association Tuesday, September 20, 2005 Tim Kurtz, NH DoE 271-3846

2 NECAP Updates Resource materials are available at Testing Materials are in schools now. Direct Questions to Service Center 877-632-7774

3 NECAP - Resource Materials Student Support and Testing Materials –Practice Tests and Resource Materials –Tips for Students –Math Reference Sheets –NECAP Multiplication Table and NECAP Hundreds Chart Policy Material –Accommodations, Guidelines, and Procedures: Administrator Training Guide –Calculator Policy –Request for Medical Exemption and Other Accommodation Forms –2005 NECAP Principal/Coordinator & Administrator Manuals Reference Materials –2005 Test Administration Workshop Presentation –GLE and GLE Support Material –Writing Rubrics –Sample Parent Letter

4 NECAP - Calendar Sept 26Labels will be shipped October 3Last day for other accommodations (Gaye Fedorchak: 271-7383) October 3–25Testing Window October 25Last day for medical exemption (Tim Kurtz: 271-3846) October 26 UPS pickup NovemberScoring DecemberAppend student demographic data JanuaryStandard Setting FebruaryAssessment Reports

5 NECAP – Who should be tested All students enrolled in the school as of October 1, 2005… except students who: – completed the Alternate Assessment for the 2004 – 2005 school year, – are new to the U.S. after October 1, 2004 and are LEP\ELL (They do not have to take the Reading and Writing tests. They must take the Math test), or – have state-approved special considerations prior to the conclusion of state testing.

6 NECAP – Teacher Judgments Based on what the student is prepared to do at the beginning of the grade level rather than what the student has done in previous grades. Evaluation of performance at each level based on GLEs at current grade. Advanced will not mean a student is above grade level. Include two components: gaps in student’s prerequisite knowledge and the likelihood that instruction in addition to normal review of material is required to fill those gaps.

7 “For Teacher Use Only” field For teachers to classify their students’ classroom performance into one of four achievement levels Front cover of Student Answer Booklet This information must be completed after testing Additional information and instructions for completing this field will be shipped with test materials

8 NECAP – Optional Reports This grid is designed to allow schools to connect data of their choosing to student results. It will be returned as part of an electronic student-level data file. This is totally optional and confidential.


10 NECAP - Calculators Calculators are permitted on Sessions II and III of the mathematics test. No test item requires the use of a calculator, and most of the computation appears within Session I. Schools may prohibit the use of calculators at a grade level. Review Calculator Policy on our website.

11 NECAP SASIDs and Student Labels SASIDs –EVERY student MUST have a valid SASID encoded on his or her booklet – either by printed student label or by bubbling Student Labels –283 schools requested 80212 labels for NECAP testing –An additional 13077 labels were produced from educated guesses connected to the initial SASID requests. –Affix labels that make sense, throw away the ones that don’t –Hand Bubble in Name, Date of Birth, and SASID for the rest Grades 3 & 4 will receive one label per student Grades 5 through 8 will receive two labels per student


13 AYP – HS and Attendance Oct 1810:00 AM Release of AYP reports for High Schools based on May 2005 NHEIAP and 2004-2005 NH- Alt results and Attendance reports for elementary and middle schools –Electronic reports on NHDoE website –Available for district review on Oct. 17 –30 day appeal process begins on Oct. 19

14 AYP – Changes to Current Def Participation rate: 1-, 2-, or 3- year average Separate data reports and Final Designations AMOs go up this year –Reading (from 70% to 77%) –Mathematics (from 52% to 64%) 2% Rule Safe harbor – calculate % decrease, then round to nearest whole number, then compare to 10

15 AYP – All other reports April, 2006Issue AYP reports for elementary and middle schools based on October NECAP and 2004-2005 NH-Alt results, and reports at all levels for districts

16 AYP – Current Work An External AYP Task Force is meeting to make recommendations to the Department. Work to date includes: –Keep racial categories as is –Keep attendance rate as elementary indicator –Top two levels will show proficiency –Participation assigned to testing school –Performance assigned to teaching school –Minimum n for Performance of 30 –FAY: October 1 of previous school year –Modified Index System – partial credit for scores below proficiency

17 AYP – Current Work Remaining issues to discuss –Safe harbor, possibly with confidence intervals –New starting points and AMOs based on NECAP scores –Out of District Students Private schools Public schools –New HS District Reports vs. Old NH Reports

18 AYP – Work of Next year Measures of Growth at the student and school levels Neither Writing nor Science is scheduled to be a part of AYP at this time.

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