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1 South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd The Importance of Voluntary Carbon Market in Turbulent Times of Negotiations.

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1 1 South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd The Importance of Voluntary Carbon Market in Turbulent Times of Negotiations

2 22 South Pole is a global developer of climate change projects Satellite office [staff number] Head office [staff number] Johannesburg [1] Zurich [19] Jakarta [8] Bangkok [17] Taipei [2] Beijing [12] Mexico City [7] Incorporated in July 2006 10 offices worldwide Over 75 carbon professionals Projects in 20 countries Specialized in high- quality “Gold Standard” projects Developing both voluntary and compliance credits California [1] Caracas [1] Istanbul [2] Islamabad [1] Local presence [staff number] as of February 2010 Hanoi [2] New Delhi [3] Medellin [1]

3 33 What South Pole can do for you: Project Development and Sales of carbon credits Project Development: South Pole is guiding emission reduction projects through the whole development cycle, ensuring timely issuance of carbon credits Carbon Finance Solutions for Project Owners Gold Standard accreditation wherever possible Sales of carbon credits: Drafting and reviewing of companies’ and governments’ sourcing strategies Thorough due diligence (technical, sustainability, reputational,...) Unique access to highest quality Gold Standard certificates

4 44 What South Pole can do for you: Advisory Services and IT Solutions Advisory Services: Carbon Footprinting Services Carbon Reduction Strategies Advisory Assessment of carbon potential, including for the voluntary markets Methodology development IT Solutions: Web Based Project Management Tool (PMT), developed by South Pole for carbon project milestones management, issuance logistics, timekeeping, expenses reporting, and information sharing The South Pole PMT currently holds information on ca. 900 emission reduction projects, consultancies, and sales projects, accessible for over 80 users

5 5 Contents Carbon Markets Overview Voluntary Carbon Markets and Turkey Conclusions

6 6 Carbon credits and markets – an overview There are several different carbon markets: A project that reduces greenhouse emissions can generate carbon credits that are certified under the Kyoto Protocol or voluntary standards. The carbon credits can be sold to governments or companies in industrialized countries who will use them to meet regulatory or voluntary requirements to lower emissions of greenhouse gases globally. Compliance markets Voluntary markets ExamplesKey features EU Emission Trading Scheme Kyoto Protocol market New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme… Different types of compliance carbon credits Kyoto credits (CDM and JI) can be sold to Kyoto and EU markets High liquidity Unit price varies little across projects, but premium for Gold Standard certified projects GS VERs VCUs VERs for Chicago Climate Exchange,... Carbon credits generated on the basis of voluntary standards Not suitable for compliance purposes Prices vary with quality of projects, with Gold Standard projects fetching the highest price

7 7 Compliance and voluntary carbon markets Compliance markets Voluntary markets Kyoto Protocol market EU Emission Trading Scheme Carbon Credit Markets VER EUA CER AAU ERU Carbon “currencies” CERCertified Emission Reductions (CDM) ERUEmission Reduction Units (JI) AAU Assigned Amount Units (emission trading) EUAEuropean CO2 Allowance (EU internal trading) VERVerified Emission Reduction (voluntary market)

8 8 Carbon credits are issued for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions The CDM project 1 10'000 20,000 30,000 51015 Year CO 2 eq Carbon Credits Baseline emissions Project emissions “Business as usual”: The baseline scenario 21 Crediting time Open lagoons emitting methane Anaerobic digesters that produce electricity / heat

9 99 Copenhagen deal shows a strong disconnect between 2°C temperature increas target and national emission pledges Source:

10 10 Contents Carbon Markets Overview Voluntary Carbon Markets and Turkey Conclusions

11 11 A carbon offset ‘neutralizes’ a ton of CO 2 e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emitted in one place. The act of offsetting consists of avoiding the release of a ton of CO 2 e elsewhere or absorbing / sequestering a ton of CO 2 e that would have otherwise remained in the atmosphere. The voluntary market

12 12 Historic Values for the Voluntary Carbon Markets Voluntary Carbon Markets showed a strong increase despite the global financial crisis Source: Ecosystem Marketplace, New Carbon Finance Voluntary Carbon Projects are independent from compliance markets and can also take place in countries where Kyoto Protocol isn’t ratified Voluntary Carbon Projects are sold on project basis to the buyers who want to offset their carbon emissions on a voluntary basis The voluntary carbon markets volume is increasing as Global Warming & Climate awareness improves 20092008 $72M pre-20022004 $397M $1M $307M 2003 $705M Other Exchanges $262M $335M $42M OTC CCX 200620052007 $38M $99M MtCO 2 e

13 13 Offsetting works especially for service products with moderate environmental attributes Source: The business case for carbon offsetting by Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2009

14 14 Corporate reputation seen as main reason for voluntary carbon offsetting of companies Source: The business case for carbon offsetting by Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2009

15 15 Positive impacts by offsetting „If there would be an offer, 55 % of consumers in Germany would pay a higher price for a product or a service if it would be CO 2 neutral.“ „The announcement of carbon neutrality and or purchase of carbon offsets has got a positive influence on public companies stock price“ „With carbon neutral products / services, companies can make themselves more attractive to their clients and can arise even stronger from the financial crisis.“ Idw – informationservice science University of Toronto PWC

16 16 Turkey is the leading provider of Goldstandard VERs for the voluntary market Source: Ecosystem Marketplace, New Carbon Finance. (1) Based on 335 observations Turkey has gained a strong position in the Voluntary Markets with more than 78 projects listed on Gold Standard and increasing number of project on VCS Turkey is world wide the largest supplier in the voluntary market for high quality Gold Standard Credits Gold Standard credits have prooven to be very robust in terms of pricing (not so much VCUs) Certain of project types (landfill /biogas) generate major revenues from carbon credits. Project owners should keep in mind that there will be a post 2012 regime and carbon revenues will play an important role in energy investments.

17 17 Carbon Markets Overview Status of Turkey on Voluntary Carbon Markets Conclusions

18 18 Uncertain how carbon markets are looking like post 2012 but high likelihood that they will exist Turkey is going under a transformation of energy sources as renewable energy is becoming an important source of supply. All this projects are eligible for generating credits in the carbon markets pre and post 2012. Turkey is currently a Annex I country with no cap and can therefore only benefit from the voluntary market (not CDM) The negotiations for post 2012 are ongoing. Neither outcome of Cancun nor the position of Turkey are clear. However, if humanity is serious about climate change carbon markets have to be in place in order to solve the problem. Carbon Markets post 2012 will have mechanisms that range from 1.Project based mechanism 2.Programmatic approach 3.NAMAs (National appropriate mitigation actions, can be financed from abroad) 4.Emissions trading scheme (similar to EU ETS)

19 19 Project owners are advised to develop carbon side of project alongside the project development Voluntary market has the advantage to be in place already now and being the only market which will definitely be in place post 2012. Voluntary projects are eligible to generate credits post 2012 unless there is a nation wide cap. Project owners have the biggest option tree if they develop the carbon side in parallel to the normal project development also pre 2012. Grandfathering of early action (development of VER project) into post 2012 scheme likely (SP has similar experience for VER projects developed in Thailand that became CDM afterwards) It’s essential to assess such potential during planning of your project Carbon developers can help you to assess your emission reduction potential and the evaluate the best carbon standard to be used

20 20 Turkey can use its experience in the voluntary market to prepare itself for Post 2012 carbon market regime (Example PoA) PoAs are a first step towards NAMAs and Emission trading scheme Turkey can use its experience in the voluntary market to prepare itself for Post 2012 carbon market regime PoAs can now also be developed in the Voluntary market (Goldstandard) Other countries with unclear outcome post 2012 (Example India) explore also new mechanisms in the carbon markets such as PoAs Progammatic approaches could be used to further enlarge the project types that benefit from the carbon markets in Turkey Examples are: Energy Efficiency projects in Small and medium entreprises, Solar water heater programm, Energy Efficiency in Buildings etc. Experience from other countries show that Banks and Industryassociations will play an important role in setting up PoAs.

21 21 South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. Thomas Camerata CIO & Partner Technoparkstr. 1 CH-8005 Zurich Tel.: +41 78 640 40 84 Contact:

22 22 Thank you for your attention This report is solely for the use of client personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. This material was used by South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd during an oral presentation; it is not a complete record of the discussion Source: Photo under the Creative Commons-license of Flickr. Photographer: Jeff Kubina

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