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Unit 5, Week 1 Because of Winn-Dixie

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1 Unit 5, Week 1 Because of Winn-Dixie
Mrs. Murray’s 4th Grade eMINTS Classroom O’Neal Elementary School

2 Fluency Intonation/Pausing Good readers group words into phrases.
Pause at commas and stop at end marks. Well, one hot Thursday, I was sitting in my library with all the doors and windows open and my nose stuck in a book, when a shadow crossed my desk.

3 Decode words with the VCCV Pattern
Phonics VCCV Game Decode words with the VCCV Pattern In most words with the VCCV pattern, the first vowel should be short. The word will be divided between the consonants in most cases. When the two consonants are digraphs, the word is divided either before the first consonant or after the second.

4 Phonics Continued plastic plas tic swallow foggy picket album bitter

5 Vocabulary selecting-choosing positive-certain, sure
snuffled-sniffed usually loudly consisted- made up peculiar- not usual; strange advanced-beyond Quia Quia 2

6 Story Words Memorial- something that is put up, kept, or done to remember a person palmetto- a palm tre with leaves shaped like fans Free-Verse- usually doesn’t rhyme or have a set rhythm it contains other poetic elements, such as imagery, figurative language, and repetition onomatopoeia- the use of words which sound like the noise they refer to. `Hiss', `buzz', and `rat-a-tat-tat' are examples of onomatopoeia. similes- an expression which describes a person or thing as being similar to someone or something else similes usually use the words like and as to compare.

7 beyond the beginning level
Vocabulary Denotation- dictionary meaning Connotation- feelings or ideas associated with the word Examples: The words home, house, residence and dwelling all have the same denotation, but the connotation of each word is very different. Denotation:  Where a person lives at any given time. Connotation: Home: cozy, loving, comfortable House: the actual building or structure Residence: cold, no feeling Dwelling: primitive or basic surroundings Word Denotation Connotation advanced beyond the beginning level better than others ahead of the rest handshake flag Connotation/Denotation Game

8 Vocabulary Denotation- dictionary meaning
Connotation- feelings or ideas associated with the word....often these ideas are either positive (good) or negative (bad) Powerpoint for teaching Denotation/Connotation, positive/negative Practice Positive and Negitive Connotations

9 Comprehension Drawing Conclusions
You can use information from a story, as well as personal experience, to draw conclusions. By paying attention to details, you can draw conclusions about what a character may say or do next or how the plot might change as the story unfolds.

10 Vocabulary In Context Opal moved through the store, carefully ___________ the items she wanted to buy. Her entire order __________ of macaroni and cheese, tomatoes, and rice. Winn-Dixie influenced Opal’s life in a ________ way. His coat had no _____, or unpleasant, odor. Winn-Dixie was smart, more ____________ than the average dog. Sometimes, Winn-Dixie _______________ along the floor, looking for food.

11 Vocabulary face- to face toward music- pleasing sounds
literal meaning- dictionary definition. figurative meaning- they are used as figures of speech, such as metaphors and idioms. Idiom Figurative Meaning Literal Meaning face the music Accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions. face- to face toward music- pleasing sounds spill the beans

12 Vocabulary word root word prefix suffix new word unhappy kindness
Affixes = Prefixes and Suffixes Root Word = Base Word Create New Words….Suffix/Prefix Machine word root word prefix suffix new word unhappy kindness

13 Literary Elements simile
Onomatopoeia- is the use of a word that imitates the sound that it stands for, such as hiss. Simile- compares two different things, usually using the words like or as. popping hissing simile as hungry as a horse crazy like a fox 3. onomatopoeia Free Verse Poetry PBS: Free Verse

14 Comprehension: Evaluate
Good readers ask themselves questions as they read. For example, Why has the author included these details? Why has the author described the character this way. When good readers ask and answer these questions as they read, they increas their understanding of the story and the author’s purpose for writing it.

15 Comprehension-Summarize
To summarize a story, you must identify the most important ideas or events. Event

16 Summary Practice Parts of a Summary Summary Practice

17 Comprehension Regional Speech
People’s everyday speech is often influenced by the history and culture of the place in which they live. When we travel, we can hear differences in pronunciation. The setting of Because of Winn-Dixie takes place in a town in Florida. Where is Florida located in the United States? “She didn’t weigh hardly anything at all.”

18 Reflection: Day 1 Using a word web or simple chart, analyze the denotation and connotation of the word peculiar. Use the dictionary and your prior knowledge. Does peculiar have a positive or negative connotation? Why do you feel that way?

19 Reflection: Day 2 Summarize the information in the second paragraph on page 546 to explain how an action that the narrator takes puts the events of the story in motion. On page 549, the narrator says Winn-Dixie has a large heart. What connotation does the word heart have?

20 Reflection: Day 3 How would you summarize Miss Franny’s experience with the bear? Why is the last paragraph on page 552 important to the story? What is the connotation of the word grand when Miss Franny says, “Why, that would be grand. . . just grand”? (page 554)

21 Reflection: Day 4 On page 558, the poet did not use a simile in the first nine lines of the poem, but has compared several things. What simile can you create to show one of her comparisons? How does the author’s use of onomatopoeia bring the words from her book to life?

22 Reflection: Day 5 Besides the word popped, what other examples of onomatopoeia can you find in the poem on pages ? Compare the narrator in the poem on pages with the narrator in Because of Winn-Dixie. How are they alike? How are they different?

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