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1 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS INSTITUTE SBI Seal of Sustainability TM Invitation to Companies August 2007.

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1 1 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS INSTITUTE SBI Seal of Sustainability TM Invitation to Companies August 2007

2 2 SBI: WHO WE ARE 501c(3) non-profit founded in 1994 headquartered in San Jose, California Our Mission: To motivate private enterprise to initiate, institutionalize, and communicate sustain- able business practices, thereby increas- ing profitability and shareholder value.

3 3 “Sustainability” Sustainability defined: “The ability to meet today’s global economic, environmental, and social needs without compromising the same opportunity for future generations.”

4 4 SUSTAINABILITY: A GLOBAL NEED Sustainability redresses today’s global environmental crisis: - Average American CO 2 footprint is 7.5 tons daily. - At this consumption rate, 5 additional Earth-size planets will be needed.

5 5 “Triple Bottom Line” Sustainability’s “Triple Bottom Line:” – People (Social) – Planet (Environmental) – Profit (Public) The “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy makes a business case – for strong social values – commitment to sustainability

6 6 What Every Executive Should Know Your customers care about Sustainability. Socially conscious consumers are going to increasingly vote with their dollars. They want your company’s core values to align with their core values.

7 7 “Good Corporate Citizenship” “As someone who is trying to live green, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and reduce consumption of just about everything form electricity to product packaging. However, I really need some help. I’d like to be able to send a message with every dollar by spending it on deserving companies. I need a comprehensive guide that can help me support good corporate citizenship.” Dave Morton, Stratford, CN Sierra Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007

8 8 Why Corporate Sustainability? Sustainable development firms are more: – competitive and profitable – resilient to shocks – nimbler in a fast-changing world – unified in purpose – likely to attract and retain customers – at ease with regulators, banks, insurers and financial markets

9 9 Business Case for Sustainable Development “Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJGI) had annualized return of 15.8% and increased by 12.5% in 5 year period before August 2001. DJGI consists of top 10% of companies in 68 industries in 21 countries as leaders in sustainable development.” * * The Business Case for Sustainable Development, Johannesburg Summit 2002 and beyond, World Business

10 10 SBI’s Key Accomplishments - Sustainable Business CEO Forums – SBI Future Leaders Initiative Program – Global Outreach Program – Walter Cronkite’s episode of SBI’s “Sustainable Business” aired on 2000 PBS stations – Development of the SBI SEAL of SUSTAINABILITY TM (SEAL)

11 11 SBI: Seal of Sustainability TM (S0S) What is the SEAL? A recognizable, credible “award” honoring companies which go beyond the norm in adopting sustainable business practices. It will become recognizable like the “Good Housekeeping Seal” or the “J.D. Powers Customer Satisfaction Award” and affect purchasing and investing decisions.

12 12 Value Propositions For SBI... Motivates companies to raise the bar in adopting sustainable business practices. For Companies... Earning the Seal enables a company to prosper and at the same time lighten its environmental footprint, making a positive contribution to the increasingly urgent global issue of sustainability.

13 13 SEAL BENEFITS for COMPANIES Increased profitability (due to socially conscious consumer purchases) Satisfied shareholders Attracts new investors Attracts and retains employee talent Public recognition as leader/innovator Public visibility with stakeholders Identification of cost reduction opportunities Powerful branding and marketing tool “Good Corporate Citizen Hat” within the community Immeasurable “Good Will”

14 14 Eco-Labels/Award Competitive Landscape Differentiation of Awards based on: SBI’s Seal based on VISION and OPERATIONS Eco-labels based on PRODUCT and INDUSTRY STANDARDS

15 15 Example of Eco-label Awards Blue Angel: environmentally sound manufacturing IT Eco Declaration: system declaring environmental properties of IT products Nordic Swan: conveys good environmental choice The Flower Label: – EU Eco-label part of broader strategy to promote sustainable production and consumption CERES: (and other Industry-specific awards) set minimum standards as guidelines

16 16 How Company Is Awarded the Seal Process to Receive Seal: Company submits application to SBI Application Reviewed by Third Party SBI Awards Seal at National Press Conference

17 17 Some Criteria for Seal Award Implement sustainable business practices. Maintain real or projected profitability. Exceed “minimum” required law/regulations. Set a new “best practice” in business sector. Show intent to raise public awareness of new sustainability product or process. Verify management’s commitment to com- pany’s progress towards sustainable business practices.

18 18 Third Party Reviewer National Pollution Prevention Roundtable The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (P2), a 501(c)(3) and the largest membership organization in the U.S. devoted solely to pollution prevention, will re- view SBI Seal applications. Their expertise and know- ledge in sustainable business practices and objectivity in evaluation methodology makes them ideal third par- ty reviewers.

19 19 Current Seal of Sustainability TM Recipients Seals have been granted to: Puroast Coffee Co.– U.S. Novozymes Biotech-- Denmark General Motors – U.S. STMicroelectronics – Geneva Beijing Glorious Land Agriculture Company– China Hot Lips Pizza – U.S.

20 20 Current Seal of Sustainability TM Applicants Applications Under Review: Seagate Technology Shaw Carpets Sonoma County Water Agency Clover Stornetta Farms

21 21 The Seal Is Ready for Prime Time LAUNCH OF THE “SEAL:” 2 Step Process 1. Present Seals to Companies 2. Brand the Seal with the Public

22 22 Launch the Seal Brand with Public Undertake national branding campaign Hold “Sustainability Rocks” concert Spring 2008

23 23 Seal Launch Fall 2007 SBI will present Seal Awards Fall 2007 at National Press Conference Venue: Fairmont Hotel, San Jose SBI 6 th CEO/Sr. Exec. Forum/Reception with Performing Artists

24 24 Seal of Sustainability TM Launch Business is in unique position to make a difference in creating a better world. SBI’s “Seal” recipients viewed as Interna- tional Corporate Citizens, leaders that care not only about profits but how their business affects the environment and society.

25 25 “Seal” Launch Marketing Objectives To launch the Seal with the general public; establish brand recognition with the general public, business, and industry, and gain its worldwide recognition and prominence.

26 26 Branding of the “Seal” Powerful branding tool to inform/educate consumers about economic, social, and/or environmental impact of their buying choices. Broadens public awareness of SBI Seal companies’ contributions towards a more sustainable world Educates Seal companies’ management and stakeholders – customers, suppliers, shareholders, communities.

27 27 SBI “Sustainability Rocks” Spring 2008 Concert “Another Planet Entertainment:” Class “A” Artists Target concert audience to be aligned with Sponsor companies’ demographics Band’s selected with ability to sell out HP Pavilion (15,000 people) High energy group: aligned with sustainability goals Short list of preferences: Dave Matthews, Santana, Black Eyed Peas, Paul McCartney, Eagles, CSN&Y, U2, Willie Nelson, Fleetwood Ma, Jack Johnson

28 28 VISIBILITY FOR SEAL RECIPIENTS National Press Conference: Launch of Seal at 6 th Annual CEO Forum--500 CEOs (Fall 2007) Sustainability Marketplace of products and non- profits – est. 1,000s of people Media Outreach – prior, during, and after Spring 2008 concert, estimated 1 to 3 million people Sponsor and Partner Network – 1,000s of people

29 29 SEAL RECIPIENTS’ VISIBILITY SBI’s website features information, news, advertisements, promotions – ongoing Spring 2008 “Sustainability Rocks” Concert – estimated 15,000 attendance (being planned) 25,000 HD Netcast (future)

30 30 SBI Contacts Jessica Fullmer –Key Contact – – 408.370.5783 (office) – 408 348.3201 (mobile) – 408.370.4783 (fax)

31 31 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS INSTITUTE 467 Saratoga Ave., Ste. 1411 San Jose, California 95129 501(c)(3) TAX ID #68-0367927

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