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Maintenance Utilization TECH 58100 Project Analyze Phase Chris Gray 11/14/2013.

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2 Maintenance Utilization TECH 58100 Project Analyze Phase Chris Gray 11/14/2013

3 Brief Review of Project Maintenance organizations must operate as an independent entity within a business. Their focus must be customer service with attention on equipment up-time, equipment availability, timeliness of repairs; along with cost. The opening statement of the business case was reiterated to re-enforce the point of maintenance efficiency and cost reduction. Utilizing your system and resources is essential to providing your customer with timely repairs at a low cost. Goals:  Reduced time for general repairs –repairs made <4 weeks  Increased customer satisfaction  Reduced maintenance backlog –reduce work order backlog by 50%

4 CTQ Tree CustomerCTQKPOVs KPIVs Maint Backlog Levels WORK ORDER REQUESTORWork Orders Completion Time to completion Work Order Execution # of Craft per WO Emergency/Safety WO Increased Maint Personnel Usage Craft Utilization Time

5 Data Collection Summary Data collection will be completed on Facility Management System (FMS) work order system. All work orders (1/1/13 to 11/12/13) will be reviewed. As found in the measure phase of the project, FMS has revealed some limitations on data collection. Based on the findings, data will only be collected and analyzed for KPOV “Work Order Completion” and KPIV(S) “Maintenance Backlog Levels” and “Time to Completion”. Collection Period: 1/1/13 – 11/12/13 Sample: Open & Closed (All Departments) Raw data was not included due to the amount generated for this analysis.

6 KPOV Graphs –Work Order Completion

7 Fishbone

8 KPIV Graph – Time to Completion

9 KPIV Graph- Maintenance Backlogs

10 Conclusion  There are opportunities with the software. Had to get the architect to pull data for analysis. The general user cannot query and retrieve information.  Time to completion has a bell shaped curve. The majority of work orders, 707 of them, are completed the day of issue. If the work order is not completed on the day of creation there is a potential it will be completed after being open for 30 days.  Maintenance Backlogs are somewhat consistent with the exception of Automation and Injection. - Continued on next Slide- Maintenance Backlog % Open Work Orders AutomationBlowInjectionTechnologySafety 67%20%47%24%14%

11 Conclusion - Continued  Automation has three total work orders.  Injection has 146 open and 164 closed or 47% Open. This shows an inconsistent ability to execute work orders on time.  The sample size was 1674 work orders. The average time to completion was 38 days. As of 11/12/13 there are 420 open and 1254 closed work orders. There is a 75% closure rate for work order issued in 2013.

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