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5 th Grade Parent Orientation. Agenda 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. School Hours 3. Drop-Offs, Pick-Ups, and Dismissals 4. Classroom Teachers and Coursework.

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1 5 th Grade Parent Orientation

2 Agenda 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. School Hours 3. Drop-Offs, Pick-Ups, and Dismissals 4. Classroom Teachers and Coursework 5. Homework 6. Support, Interventions, and Guidance 7. Special Events 8. Band and Chorus 9. Questions and Answers

3 How can parents get involved? Parents can join the Windermere School PTO and are encouraged to help plan and run some of the school fundraisers and activities. Officers Martha Allegue (President) Lori Holden (Vice President 5/6) Christine Montanari (Vice President K-4) Maureen Crocker (Secretary) Amber Borst (Treasurer)

4 What are the school hours? Full dayHalf day 8:00 am – 2:40 pm8:00 am – 12:30 pm Busses drop off starting at 7:50 am. Office staff usually arrive between 7:30-7:45 Students must sign in when arriving after 8:00 am.

5 Drop-off The Green arrows dictate the parent drop-off. Students will walk on the sidewalk provided and cross where the Blue arrow is located. Staff are stationed along the bus lane and by the crosswalk to ensure the safety of students and parents. Bus Lane Parent Parking

6 Pick-up Procedures Utilize the parking lot on Abbott Road and enter the building through the main entrance. Students must bring in a note, show it to the teacher, and bring it to the office. Parents must sign out the student in the office. Same process for dismissals during the day.

7 Lunch Grade 5 students eat lunch from 11:45 – 12:15 Recess is immediately after from 12:15 – 12:45. Lunch menus are posted on the website and will be sent home monthly. Teachers do provide working snack times which may vary depending on the schedule of the day.

8 What if my child is ill? Please call the school nurses office at: 860-896-2337 School Nurses Donna Smith Teri Looke

9 What is the school’s website? Click on “Our Schools” link and then choose Windermere School Information: School curriculum, calendars, lunches, PTO, and current events Library page has reliable research information and educational games

10 Classroom Teachers Team 1 –Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. McKeegan Team 2 –Ms. Bostiga and Mr. Rogers Team 3 –Ms. Palasek/Mrs. Rancourt and Ms. Horvath/Mrs. Crowley Team 4 –Ms. Korona, Mrs. Satagaj, and Mrs. Stroly

11 What is the team approach? Each homeroom teacher is responsible for teaching language arts and one other subject area. Students switch classrooms for 1 subject (either science or social studies) Team #4 switches classrooms for 2 subjects (math, science, and/or social studies)

12 What supplies do the children need to be prepared? PTO has offered to pre-purchase all supplies that would normally be sent home on the grade level supplies list. If purchased, a package will be awaiting the child on the first day of school. If PTO program is not purchased, supply lists will be posted on the school website as of July 1st. Welcome back letters will be mailed from the office on August 1 st and contain additional information. Each student receives his/her own combination locker outside of their classroom

13 Core Curriculum Language Arts – Teacher’s College Reading Workshop Writing Workshop Spelling/Vocabulary Grammar Mathematics – Bridges Fractions Mixed Numbers and Decimals 2- and 3-digit multiplication/division Geometry 1-step Algebraic equations Integrated math tasks Science Sound Light Earth in the solar system Inquiry-based learning Social Studies Exploration Colonization American Revolution Structure of the U.S. Government

14 Differentiated Instruction

15 Support – Intervention Block Each team of teachers has a designated time during the day when “intervention” is provided. No “Whole-class Instruction” is given during this time. Teachers work in small groups with students to provide assistance, support, and enrichment. Intervention staff may work with students in/out of the classroom.

16 Intervention Block Staff Liz Conlin – Language Arts Consultant Jessica Weil – Language Arts Consultant Wanda Parent – ½ time Math Intervention Marcia Zweissler – ½ time Math Intervention Ellen Snyder – ½ time Writing Intervention Lisa Stephan – ½ time Writing Intervention

17 Contacts if your child needs guidance from an adult School Counselor:Jessica Marshall (Last Name A-L) School Counselor:Marilyn Toback-Reveley (Last Name M-Z) School Psychologist: Carin Faraci School Psychologist: Megan Glunt Special Education Case Managers: Gabrielle Betancourt, Lauren Crawley, or Allison Frankel

18 What specials will the students have during the week? Students will participate in one art class, one music class, and one PE class every week. Media (Library) meets every other week. Students must bring a change of clothes for PE in order to participate.

19 Intermediate School Activities and Special Events Grade 5 Revolutionary War Day Field Trip Health Program Conflict Resolution Rachel’s Challenge and Chain Links Clubs Grade 6 DARE Program Immigration Day Field Trip Career Exploration and Career Day Rachel’s Challenge and Chain Links Clubs Student Success Plans

20 Electives that students can choose to participate in? Band (meets 2 days a week during recess and group lessons during the day) – students are responsible for all make-up work due to lessons Chorus (meets 1 day a week during 5 th grade recess) Cross-Age Teaching (designated recess times through Guidance) Student Advisors (monthly during recess through the Lead Teacher) Rachel’s Chain-Links Club

21 Homework / Structured Review Averages 50 minutes per night Independent Reading increases to another 20-30 minutes per night. If not completed, students are required to complete their homework in a designated room during recess. Repeated missed homework assignments will result in additional structured reviews and possibly after school detention.

22 How to keep track of homework assignments? Agenda books are provided to each student. Teachers designate time at the end of the day for students to write down assignments. Individual teachers will utilize the Final Site Website student portal to record assignments. Some assignments may require Google Apps for Education

23 How do detentions work? Students may receive detentions for an accumulation of missed assignments and inappropriate behavior. A staff member will call you and paperwork will be sent home. Detentions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students go directly to detention at 2:40 and must be picked up and signed out of the main office at 3:40.

24 Dress Code and Cell Phones Shirts/blouses/dresses which reveal the abdomen, chest or undergarments. Shorts, miniskirts, or pants that reveal an excessive amount of upper thigh. No head covering of any kind. Apparel encouraging the use of drugs, tobacco products, or alcohol. Cell phones must be off and in lockers during the day.

25 What is PBIS?

26 Academic SystemsBehavioral Systems 1-5% Primary Interventions Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Primary Interventions Secondary Interventions Tertiary Interventions Secondary Interventions Tertiary Interventions 1-5% 5-10% 80-90% 5-10%

27 PBIS cont’d Stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports It is a behavioral framework that includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. Reward based system where students work toward individual, homeroom, and school-wide goals.

28 Questions and Answers Please take a walk around the building. Thank you for coming! Welcome to Windermere Intermediate School! See you at Open House on August 28 th.

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