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SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL USDA’s “All Foods Sold in Schools” Standards.

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1 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL USDA’s “All Foods Sold in Schools” Standards

2 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL SMART SNACK STANDARDS Preserve flexibility for time-honored traditions like fundraisers and parties Compliment recent improvements in school meals Make the healthy choice the easy choice for Florida’s students

3 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Only apply to foods SOLD to students SMART SNACK STANDARDS on the school campus, all areas of the property under the jurisdiction of the school that are accessible to students, during the school day, the period from midnight before, to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day.

4 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL All foods and beverages outside of the Federal meal programs Competitive Foods v=AkvcvUSyDTQ

5 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Healthy offerings are already available in the market place. SCHOOLS HAVE OPTIONS Download a list of Smart Snacks er/eat_healthier/alliance_product_navigator/

6 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Allowable Food Options Grains made of 50% or more whole grain Foods with fruits, vegetables, dairy, or protein as the first ingredient Combination foods with ¼ cup fruit or vegetable Foods with 10% DV of calcium, potassium, vitamin D, or fiber (Effective July 1, 2016, this criterion is obsolete)

7 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Grains: muffins, cookies, rolls, crackers, corn chips, cereals, cereal bars, party mix, pastries made with whole grains Non-Grains: fruit cup, carrot sticks, yogurt, pudding, cheese stick, nuts, seeds, dried fruit Combination Foods: fruited gelatin, blueberry muffin, fruit cobbler or pie, chips & salsa, trail mix Fortified Foods: fruit snacks, fiber bars, fortified cereals, frozen buttermilk waffles (25% DV calcium). Examples

8 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Exemptions 1) Entrée items served in school meals and sold as a la carte foods on the day they are served or the day after are exempt from all competitive food standards. Entrées are defined as – Protein & whole grain, or – Protein & fruit or vegetable, or – Protein alone (except for certain snack-type foods)  SP 35-2014: Grain-only breakfast entrées also exempt 2) Fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, & canned) 3) Sugar-free chewing gum

9 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Nutrient standards (accompaniments included) must be met for non- exempt entrées, side dishes, and snack foods. Total fat (≤35% of calories) 1,2 Saturated fat (< 10% of calories) 2 Trans fat (zero – 0.5 grams) Sugars (≤35% of weight) 3 Calories and Sodium – Entrees (non-exempt) ≤350 calories & ≤480 mg sodium – Snacks and Sides ≤200 calories & ≤230 mg sodium 1 Exemptions to total fat: seafood 2 Exemptions to total fat and saturated fat: reduced fat cheese and part skim mozzarella cheese; nuts and seed and nut/seed butters; products that consist of dried fruit with nuts and/or seeds with no added nutritive sweeteners or fat 3 Exemptions to sugar: dried whole fruits or vegetables or dried whole fruit/vegetable pieces; dried fruits with nutritive sweeteners for palatability; dried fruit with nuts and/or seeds with no added nutritive sweeteners or fat Nutrient Standards


11 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Beverage Options Water, milk, and 100% juice Calorie-free and low-calorie options for high school


13 SP 29-2014 USDA cannot grant waivers, but remains committed to providing training and technical assistance. FDACS – FNW Resources: Nutrition-and-Wellness/Nutrition-Programs/Smart-Snacks

14 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Fundraisers States are permitted to set exemptions for a certain number of infrequent school-sponsored fundraisers that do not meet the standards. Schools can decide what can be sold at events outside of school hours.

15 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL FDACS collected feedback from stakeholders and determined it was necessary to amend its existing competitive foods rule. On June 11, 2014, FDACS published a proposed amendment to its existing competitive food rule: – Adopts the Federal Smart Snack Rule, and – Establishes an exemption for infrequent school-sponsored fundraisers. On June 18, 2014, FDACS held a public hearing to gather input from stakeholders as part of its rulemaking process. Subsequently, FDACS made substantive changes to incorporate feedback received. On July 18 th, FDACS requested approval to file its proposed rule for final adoption. States are permitted to set exemptions for a certain number of infrequent school sponsored fundraisers.

16 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Florida Administrative Code 5P-1.003(2) (b)-(d) was amended to be consistent with USDA’s Smart Snack Standards. 5P-1.003(2) regulates the sale of food and beverage items in competition with the district approved food service program. Smart Snack Standards (7 CFR 210.11) are incorporated by reference. FLORIDA’S COMPETITIVE FOOD RULE

17 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Requires all competitive foods to meet the Smart Snack nutrition standards. This includes fundraisers, vending machines, school stores, snack bars, culinary programs, and a la carte. Restricts meat/grain entrée items unless sold by the food service program as a la carte. Allows a specified number of school- sponsored fundraisers to be exempt from the Smart Snack nutrition standards and meat/grain entrée restriction. FLORIDA’S COMPETITIVE FOOD RULE

18 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL “Any event or activity occurring on the school campus during which currency, tokens, tickets, or the like are exchanged for the sale or purchase of items or services to benefit the school, a school organization or group, or a charitable organization, and which is authorized according to district school board policy and has been APPROVED by the school principal or designee.” What is a school-sponsored fundraiser?

19 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Vending machines, school stores, and snack bars ARE NOT considered “school-sponsored fundraisers”

20 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL When are school-sponsored fundraisers allowable? Those which MEET THE STANDARDS can occur on any school day, 30 minutes after the last meal period. Those which DO NOT MEET THE STANDARDS must be granted a special exemption by the district school board not to exceed the maximum number of school days per school campus each school year as shown in the rule. Specially exempted fundraisers can occur on designated days, 30 minutes after the last meal period.

21 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL FLORIDA’S COMPETITIVE FOOD RULE School Type Maximum Number of School Days to Conduct Exempted Fundraisers Elementary Schools5 days Middle School/ Junior High Schools 10 days Senior High Schools15 days Combination Schools10 days To demonstrate compliance, each district school board shall maintai n records documenting the occurrence of any exempted school-sponsored fundraisers

22 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Each district school board must ensure compliance. Who is responsible? The school food authority if sold by the nonprofit school food service department. The local educational agency if sold in various venues under its jurisdiction. Record Keeping

23 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL Establish a Healthy School Team by June 30, 2015 for all schools in accordance with 42 U.S.C. 1758. Include: – Parents – Students – School food service representatives – School administrators – School health professionals – Physical education teachers – The public FLORIDA’S COMPETITIVE FOOD RULE

24 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL FLORIDA’S COMPETITIVE FOOD RULE Healthy School Team Responsibilities of the Healthy School Team Ensure compliance with federal and state rule Report compliance to the designated person(s) responsible for the local school wellness policy. Maintain a school calendar identifying dates when exempted food fundraisers will occur.

25 SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL RESOURCES FDACS FNW Smart Snack webpage Wellness/Nutrition-Programs/Smart-Snacks USDA Smart Snacks in School website AASA Competitive Foods Policy Initiative Alliance for a Healthier Generation (product calculator tool and extensive excel database of smart snacks) ct_navigator/ Sweet Deals: School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable (CSPI) Contact: Jamie Burch (850)

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