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Salaam Academy Shoulder to Shoulder Committees Meeting January 27, 2013.

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1 Salaam Academy Shoulder to Shoulder Committees Meeting January 27, 2013

2 Meeting Agenda Salam Academy Shoulder To Shoulder Sunday, January 27, 2013 11:00 AM – 11:10 AM Welcome & Registration 11:10 AM – 11:20 PM Introduction of Various Committees 11:20 AM – 11:30 AM Meeting Goals and Objectives 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM School Updates 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Lunch and Brown Bag Discussion 12:30 PM – 01:30 PM Committees Strategic Workshops 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM Committees Presentation 02:30 PM – 02:55 PM Open Forum Discussion 03:00 PM Adjourn

3 Welcome from SA Team Ahmed Hasan President Volunteers Salam Academy Faculty Example Salam Academy Board Chris Adam Principal Tariq Khraishi Dir Finance Nada Abdel Hack Dir. Education Omar Nabaa Dir. Scholarship Zabi Zeyaee Dir. Facilities Harris Zeyaee Dir. Public Relations Secretary Saadia Jawadi Vice President (Vacant) Tahir Gauba Dir. Fund Raising PTO Temp Volunteers Rebecca Mosallaei School Administrator SA Organizational Chart

4 Committees Introduction Community School Run by the Community # Committee Name NameContact Information FirstLastPhone NumberEmail AddressMailing Address 1 Education Committee Nada Abdel Haq Nada Abdel Haq(505) 3508 Singapore Circle, NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 2AamnaNayyar(505) 7048 Skylar Dr. NE, RioRancho, NM87114 3MohamedEl Emawy(505) 573-5693mo1emawy@gmail.com6716 Beck Dr. NE, ABQ NM 87109 4RadiMostafa(505) 5 6 Human Resources Committee Tariq Khraishi Tariq Khraishi(505) 7601 Calle Meseta NE, ABQ, NM87113 7AamnaNayyar(505) 7048 Skylar Dr. NE, RioRancho, NM87114 8RandaGamal(505) 8300 Millstream Pl., NW, ABQ, NM87120 9RebeccaMosallei(505) 7237 Snowridge CT NE, ABQ, NM87110 10

5 Committees Introduction Community School Run by the Community IT Committee Ahmed Hasan Ahmed Hasan(505) 480-6838aahasan@yahoo.com8300 Millstream Pl., NW, ABQ, NM87120 11LouaiAl Nashif(505) 9677 Eagle Ranch Rd. NW Apt 1118, ABQ, NM 87114 12MichaelFisher(505) 730-3610mike@sisher5.com6000 topke #215, ABQ, NM87109 13YasserSalas(505) 720-1357yassir.salas@live.com410 wellesley Dr. SE, ABQ, NM 87106 14YacoubFisher(505) 417-8088 m P.O. Box 50793, ABQ, NM 87181 15OmranKassem(505) 1114 Wilmoore dr SE apt 4 Albuquerque nm 87106 16 Scholarship Committee Omar Nabaa Omar Nabaa(570) 690-4492 m 4604 Downey St NE ABQ 87109 17AsmaaMohamed(530) 219-5067 m 8908 Brookdale ct., ABQ, NM 87113 18IbrahimAhmed(313) 522-7331ibradoc@gmail.com6101 Imperata NE, #2611, ABQ, NM 87111 19AbdelbasetHaridy505918-6518haridyb@gmail.com1323, 15th NW, ABQ 87 20

6 Committees Introduction Community School Run by the Community 21 Fund Raising Committee Tahir Gauba Tahir Gauba(505) 610-1891 m 1605 Valdez drive NE Albuquerque New Mexico 87112 22OmarMomeni(505) 659-2485 m 5019 Lomas Blvd., ABQ, NM 87110 23OmarEl Emawy(505) 720-2267 omarelemawy@gmail. com 6716 Beck Dr. NE, ABQ NM 87109 24AyeshaFarouk505818-7613 rakinohafi@netzero.c om 13619 Mountainwest ct., ABQ, NM87123 25KawaterEl Alauoi(424) 210-0604 kawtar1983@hotmail. com PO Box 4133, ABQ, NM 87196-4133 26 Oversight Committee Ahmed Hasan Ahmed Hasan(505) 480-6838aahasan@yahoo.com8300 Millstream Pl., NW, ABQ, NM87120 27KhalidKassem(505) 610-8304khaled@unm.edu6900 Huerto Ave. NNW, ABQ, NM 87120 28SandraAkkad(505) 307-4170 m 14009 Encantado NE, ABQ, NM 87123 29NajibManea(505) 30

7 Committees Introduction Community School Run by the Community 31 Public Relation Committee Harris Zeyaee Harris Zeyaee(505) 259-7317nmzeyaee@gmail.com11704 corona ave NE, ABQ., NM 87122 32HaroonAhmad(949) 510-8555 Haroon.ahmad86@gm 4601 Montano Rd. NW, ABQ, NM 87120 33YasserSalas(505) 720-1357yassir.salas@live.com410 wellesley Dr. SE, ABQ, NM 87106 34Shayuzeyaee 35SanjarHekmati 36 Maintenance Committee Zabi Zeyaee Zabi Zeyaee(505) 934-3351zzeyaee@yahoo.com3901 Pinion Ct., ABQ 87120 37 38 39 40 41 Islam Committee Ahmed Hasan (Under Construction) Ahmed Hasan 42ShafiAbdulaziz(505) 382-3815 abdulazizfoundation@ 43 44 45

8 Committees Introduction # Committee Name NameContact Information FirstLastPhone NumberEmail AddressMailing Address 47 School New Building Committee (Under Construction) Ahmed Hasan 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 Community School Run by the Community

9 Salam Academy Committee


11 Why Salam Academy Sustainability of the Muslim Community 10+ years of history and established school Community school run by the community Support network of converts Safe and secure environment Bridging the Muslim Community to the larger community Potential venue for preaching Islam

12 Meeting Goals and Objective Status update of Salam Academy Identify near future goals (2012/2013 academic year) Identify far future goals (two years plan) Identify communication modes Elect committee chair person Solicit feedback

13 Salam Academy Status Update Successful scholarship system Lower Deficit in 2012/2013 compared to 2011/2012 New Science Laboratory Improved physical education Progress in the NCA accreditation Pre K at 1024 Yale Improved outreach program Increased number of volunteered New Computer Network New Home for Salam Academy – Negotiated Land price – Proposal to the ISBF – Fund Raising activities – Increased community support

14 Salam Academy tuition vs. others

15 Salam Academy tuition analysis

16 Salam Academy Board 2012/2013 Goals

17 Breakout Sessions Education Committee (Kindergarten Class) Scholarship Committee (2 nd Grade Class) Fund Raising Committee (4 th Grade Class) Oversight Committee (Assembly Area) IT Committee (Assembly Area) Human Resources Committee (Kindergarten Class) Public Relation Committee (2 nd Grade Class)

18 Education Committee Presentation Chair Person is Mohamed El-Emawy Urgent: Accreditation needs immediate attention – Class observations must be stepped up – Arabic curriculum needs to be improved. We need a short term plan to be implemented immediately and a long term plan to be implemented 2013-2014 school year. – Radi Mustafa is in charge of handling working with and training the teachers to improve their teaching strategies and to help them provide guidelines and bench marks that must be met by the students and by the teachers. – Students will be placed according to how they score in the Arabic placement test – ACTFL guidelines will be adopted and implemented in Arabic curriculum – Arabic Standardized testing will be given at the beginning of the school year. – Assessments must be completed ASAP to be included for accreditation CYFD: a workshop will be held to educate parents about the services offered. This workshop will be repeated once a month until we have enough participants. PTO: work on getting it started by holding an initial meeting and electing officers High School: We will create a long standing Sub-committee to research what is involved in creating a valid certified high school. They will research the risks and the commitment of the community in supporting such an endeavor. The sub-committee will write a proposal outlining everything that is involved in creating a high school including a timeline, feasibility, risks, benefits, tuition, staff, councilors, sports, subjects to be taught, ethics, projected number of students, criteria, etc. The members of this committee will serve until the task of deciding on adding a HS element to SA, or not, is made.

19 IT Committee Presentation Chair Person: Louai Al Nashif 1.Build a lab image using Microsoft steady state. 2.Build a separate image for teachers and admins PC's. 3.Resolve issues around software licensing, while use the COA on each PC so it will be mainly XP environment. 4.Try to replace the wired baystack routers and that should give us better speed on the web. 5.Find the bad infected PC and took it off the network. 6.Document all the changes with log on information and share that with the committee and the school administration

20 Fund Raising Committee Presentation Chair Person: Omar Momeni? Short-term: Penny Jar – Request list of all Penny Jar locations, create appropriate tracking sheet with names, addresses, last time collected. – Improve security of jar to deter theft. – Increase number of businesses where other jars could be placed. – Designate one person bi-monthly to collect, switching with another, and so on. Website Donations – Explore new ideas to increase online donations – Send monthly newsletter with accomplishments of SA and Students to entice parents and community members to donate more. Bake sales – Continue with bake sales after Jumaa at the Masjid. Corporate sponsor list – Engage large businesses locally to donate to SA. Door-to-door requests for donations – Donate 2 hours on a monthly basis (decide on agreed upon time) (At least two people at a time, together) to visit Muslim owned business to talk about SA and encourage donations. Children competition – Engage children in new competitive competitions to raise funds through selling candy (to family and friends), selling DM cards, Carwash, etc. Long-term: Fundraising Dinner – Host fund raising dinner mid-year (possibly towards end of June). – $30-40/ plate – Have children present something – Lecture Long lead pledges – Encourage community members to sign-up for monthly pledges

21 Human Resources Committee Presentation Chair Person: Tariq Khraishi Recruit another member for the HR Committee Look into the hiring situation for the Language Arts in 8 th grade Look into the Fair Employment Act Look into the compensation for middle school science teacher Look into the language of contracts for employees Need to implement the clocking system (all teachers) and Time Sheets (for all hourly work)

22 Scholarship Committee Presentation Chair Person: Ibrahim Ahmad? Current scholarship: – Recommend to maintain the concept of keeping the grade level not less than 3.0; which will require: Review reports on a monthly basis to monitor scholarship students’ performance scale The scholarship student’s family, whose scours are < 3.0 to receive a probation notice for three month period, requesting SA and home evaluation and identifying in the letter why there is probable risk to lose the scholarship. – Obtain written consent form from the scholarship students’ parents whether they approve or disapprove the disclosure of their Sun/Daughter reports in a send-out letter to the scholarship sponsors – Develop a Sponsor plaque displaying all the current and future sponsors names/business, and to be placed in visualized space – The need to establish a yearly review of the Scholarship rules and regulations before the following Academic year – Develop an eligibility check list for the parents to check, if they meet the requirements, then they may submit the application for the scholarship – To honor the students and their sponsors at the end of the year celebration

23 Scholarship Committee Presentation Chair Person: Ibrahim Ahmad? Next year scholarship: – Announcement of the scholarship to start early – If possible to utilize the SA web site for downloading the eligibility form and applications for the scholarship(s) Soliciting future sponsors, and maintain current sponsors: – Creating an official SA letter directed to words Business and community members to sponsor SA scholarship program, outlining the benefits of the sponsorship to our community, students and the sponsor, covering the three aspects of a legacy as mentioned by our prophet: Future plan: To develop a trust by the name of the Salam Academy Scholarship program where sponsors can donate directly into the trust.

24 Public Relation Committee Presentation Chair Person: Haroon Ahmad? 1.Recruit 2 to 3 people to PR Committee (all) 2.Speak to UNM students about internship opportunity in PR (Haroon) 3.Update the SA poster board at ICNM (yasir) 4.Monthly newsletter to SA/ICNM at large (yasir) 5.Open house preparation - we have 1024 facility and date of open house is 4/6/13 6.Generate ideas for fundraiser for new home for SA 7.Populate 11 and 12 test scores for all SA students (HZ) 8.Find a way to evaluate SA performance against public and other private institutions

25 Oversight Committee Presentation Chair Person: Najib Manea? 1.Reviewing the SA Discipline Policy. 2.Checking on SA records. 3.Looking into the model of combined classes at SA (pros and cons). 4.Continuing to offer professional development workshops for SA teachers. 5.Helping in Conflict Resolution Issues when requested. 6.Discussing with Education Committee and other parties the possibility of opening 9 th grade as a base for the SA High School. 7.Communicating with the board regarding these issues or any other issues the board want to seek our help in.

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