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ISyE Freshman Advisement

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1 ISyE Freshman Advisement
Fall 2014 Please note: all links are in green

2 Our Responsibility as Advisors
Our goal is to provide a supportive environment and a platform for you to foster self-understanding and self-acceptance throughout your experience at Georgia Tech. We area available to: Help students create long term schedules Mentor students personally and academically Assist students in identifying educational plans Help students understand policies, procedures, and programs Guide students to the available resources Promote: Self-starters Independence High retention rate Well being Please see the advisor who advises your part of the alphabet. Stacey Gangloff: A-L Fran Buser: M-Z

3 Your Responsibility as a Student
Take ownership of your education Check your Georgia Tech EVERY DAY Come to mandatory advisement sessions/appointments Research and utilize available resources Know ISYE registration procedures, policies and deadlines Check Degree Works at least once a semester Know the curriculum requirements Seek guidance when you need it, BEFORE deadlines Use common courtesy and respect Student’s responsibilities regarding notifications: Common courtesy: Such as canceling appointments as soon as you know you can no longer come.

4 Annual Academic Advising Meetings
Sophomore (30-60 credits): Group Advising Session: REQUIRED Individual Advisement Appointment: RECOMMENDED Juniors (61-90 credits): Individual Advisement Appointment: REQUIRED Individual Career Appointment: REQUIRED Seniors (91+ credits): Degree Works Workshop: RECOMMENDED Individual Appointment: Strongly RECOMMENDED Penalty for not fulfilling Mandatory Meetings: A hold will be placed on your registration during Phase II and will not be lifted until the final 4 days of registration. You will receive s regarding all of these meetings. Therefore it is important to check your often. ISyE freshman, sophomores and seniors are encouraged to make an appointment and visit their academic advisor at least once a year.

5 How To Reach us There are several ways to reach us. Please read over the next few slides carefully for information on how to reach out.

6 * To make an appointment, please do not email
We encourage you to make an appointment with us through our appointment website: * To make an appointment, please do not Select the advisor who has your part of the alphabet. You can make appointments for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Wednesdays are reserved for Juniors ONLY. Please select a time Monday, Tuesday or Friday. Please note that during registration (Phase I and Phase II), you will not be able to make an appointment and must come to walk-in hours.

7 Walk-In Thursdays Hours: 9:30-11:30am 1:30-3:30pm
Use walk-in hours when you have quick advising questions or when you are not able to get on our schedule. Location: Academic Office, Groseclose Building During registration, our office will be doing ONLY walk-in hours. You will be able to find the extended walk-in hours schedule online. New to ISYE: Karen Houston, Career Development Advisor, will be available on Thursdays from 1:30pm to 3:30 pm in ISyE's Academic Office to see students who have questions about internships, co-ops, and full-time positions as well as assist students with resumes and cover letters.

8 Email an Advisor
Stacey Gangloff (A-L) Fran Buser (M-Z) Please be sure to just ONE advisor (your own). ing multiple advisors can cause a delay. During registration time, please allow at least 24 hours for your to be answered. Use if you are away on co-op/internship and cannot easily come in. Use your GT address, include your GT ID number in the text and check your GT every day.

9 Making the most of your degree
Clubs/ Leadership Academic Assistance Study Abroad Work At Georgia Tech, we strongly encourage students to do more than just attend courses. As a student you should be getting involved and use available resources to better yourself academically, socially and professionally. Undergraduate Research Minors

10 Academic Assistance Center for Academic Success: Clough 283
1-1 Tutoring (Must make appointment) ISYE, math, engineering electives, physics, psychology, Spanish PLUS Sessions CALC, differential equations, ISYE 2027, physics Learning assistance program (LAP) in residence halls OMED educational services Communication Center: Clough 447 Written projects Lab reports Individual and group presentations Resumes and cover letters Appointments and walk-ins accepted ISYE communication specialists are a resource for students who are writing their proposals and final reports for senior design. There are also several other tutoring services offered on campus such as Georgia Tech OMED and the Learning Assistance Program. You can find more information about these resources here: Please note that these services are free, however, missing an appointment may lead to a charge on your account. Many students do not look for academic help because they feel that they should be able to handle courses on their own. We urge you to not follow this mindset and use any and all academic resources available to you.

11 Clubs/Leadership IIE: Institute Of Industrial Engineers; Student Chapter GT Alpha Pi Mu: ISyE Honor Society (invitation only) Hundreds Of Organizations on campus: Campus Recreation Sports Clubs: Club or organizations are available for nearly every interest you may have. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, meet people with similar interests as well as different backgrounds than yourself. Take all experiences as an opportunity to network with fellow classmates. Join three clubs your freshman year: Something that interests you Something that you don’t know anything about Something to develop your academic or professional skillset

12 Minors Many ISyE students choose to minor in another discipline
Typically credit hours You cannot count a course as both a minor requirement and a major requirement (only exception is free elective hours) Popular minors: Computer science Engineering and Business Economics Foreign language Popular Certificate: Finance Generally it will take you longer to graduate if you choose to minor. You are required to take 11 free elective credits and you can use minor courses to fulfill this requirement.

13 Work Experience Co-Op vs Internship
Work Abroad: Where to get career advice: C2D2: Center for Career Discovery and Development, Location: Bill Moore Student Success Center Log onto Career Buzz: Begin with online orientation Karen Houston: Career Development Advisor, Walk-in hours in ISYE Academic Office: Thursdays 1:30-3:30 Can also schedule to meet her at C2D2 office Career advisors: Mandatory meeting junior year, optional other years Make an appointment with them through the GT scheduler: Andrea Laliberte (A-L) Ron Johnson (M-Z) Look here for additional information on co-ops, internships and more: Co-op is designated on diploma. Co-op is three semesters in length (generally every other semester). Co-op---Classes---co-op----Classes. With co-op you stay with the same company. Job Postings: T-Square For job placement postings, you can join "IE Job Placement" on T-Square and access IE jobs, internships, co-op positions and announcements. To join T-Square: Log into Buzzport Select T-Square from top tool bar Click on Membership (under the preferences tool bar) Click on Joinable Sites Search for "IE Job Placement"

14 Study Abroad ISYE popular/ programs: GT Lorraine
Beijing-Singapore program International Plan Designation: Other study abroad/exchange programs (not ISyE specific): Final 36 credit hours must be taken at Georgia Tech (or program affiliated school) Beijing- Singapore: Oxford: GT Lorraine: Start planning early as each program has different pre-req requirements and offers different courses. For example, the GT Lorraine program generally gives students credits towards humanities, CS, engineering electives and IE courses. If you know in advance that you would like to go to GT Lorraine you will want to wait to fulfill these requirements. Study Abroad Fair: October 2nd

15 Undergraduate Research http://www. isye. gatech
Independent research working with a professor Possible fellowship or scholarship opportunities The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program SURE: The Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering/Science Program at GT Women, Science, and Technology ….and more! Research is very important while getting your bachelors degree if you are considering graduate school and PHD programs in your future There are also several school-wide research opportunities. Please see here:

16 In addition, Successful students….
Plan ahead Display professionalism Use library as a resource Treat school like a professional job Professionalism: s, Facebook, twitter, etc Plan ahead: For example, making sure that you take 4 of the 6 concentration courses BEFORE senior design Library: Use supplemental textbooks, Schaum’s outlines and subject librarian as a resource Go to office hours

17 How to prepare for spring 2015
There are several ways to reach us. Please read over the next few slides carefully for information on how to reach out.

18 Look Up Curriculum Requirements on ISyE Website
The ISYE website is one of the best tools in understanding what courses make up the curriculum. Be sure to look at the lists of courses that count as your Global Perspective, Page 1 vs Page 2 Engineering Elective, environmental requirement, etc.

19 Curriculum Rules To Know
To Graduate: Must complete all of the following components: Global Perspective (ex: INTA 2100) Environmental Requirement (ex: EAS 1600) Board of Regents Social Science (ex: HIST 2111) Ethics (You will have this completed through Psyc 1101) Must have a C or better in any Math Course (ex MATH 2401) Must complete 9 engineering elective credits Six credits must be from page 1 Three credits can be from page 1 or page 2 See here: You are encouraged to declare your concentration Junior year

20 Curriculum Rules To Know (Cont)
CS 1301: Take in spring if possible “Freshman Forgiveness”- Grade Substitution: Do Not take courses designated as “too similar” Pass/Fail: You can not get credit for both INTA 1200 and POL There are other examples of taking courses too similar, such as MGT 3000 and ACCT 2101. You can only take free electives, social sciences and humanities pass/fail. For more information on this, go to the ISyE website:

21 Complete Your Advisement Sheet
When making an appointment, please complete this form and bring it with you. You will review it with your advisor during the meeting. Advisement sheets helps you plan for: degree requirements, upcoming summer and work/study abroad experience. It also asks you to identify current goals.

22 Review Your Flow Chart Found on ISYE website:
ademics/undergraduate/cours es/ The point of this slide is to help you recognize where the flow chart is located. When pulling up the flow chart, please make sure to select the appropriate catalog year. Past catalog years may have different requirements than others. Be sure to also select the concentration you are most interested in. When looking at the flow chart, read the text on the far right side. This information is very important to know when selecting courses.


24 Concentration Name Concentration DEPTH classes Concentration BREADTH classes (A) Supply Chain Engineering A Logistics A Manufacturing A3. One of: a Adv Logistics* b Adv Manufacturing* Three courses take from the [DEPTH] of at least two concentrations (B), (C), and (D) (B) Quality and Statistics B Quality Control B Regression & Forecasting B3. One of: a. CS 4641 Machine Learning b. Math 4262 Three courses take from the [DEPTH] of at least two concentrations (A), (C), and (D) (C) Economic and Financial Systems C Supply Chain Economics C Capital Investment Analysis C3. One of: a. Econ 3150 Econ & Fin Mod b. Mgt 3078 Fin & Investments c. Econ Industrial Organization d. Econ 4350 Intl Econ Three courses take from the [DEPTH] of at least two concentrations (A), (B), and (D) (D) Operations Research D Adv Optimization* D Adv Simulation** D Adv Stochastics* Three courses take from the [DEPTH] of at least two concentrations (A), (B), and (C) (E) General ISyE One of: 4111 Adv Logistics* 4803 Adv Manufacturing* 4311 Capital Investment Analysis* 4133 Adv Optimization* 4232 Adv Stochastics* E Logistics E Manufacturing E Quality Control E Reg & Forecast* E Supply Chain Economics ISyE Requirements (all concentrations) ISyE Probability ISyE 2028 Statistics ISyE 3025 Eng Economy ISyE 3044 Simulation ISyE 3133 Eng Optimization ISyE 3232 Stoch Mfg & Svc Sys ISyE 4106 Senior Design Directions to declare your concentration are here: After you declare, you should see it reflected on degree works within the week. * Graduate Course Option: Please see: Undergraduate students taking graduate-level courses and NOT applying course(s) toward Masters must have a cumulative GPA of Allowable substitutions are: ISyE 6203 for Advanced Logistics, ISyE 6201 or ISyE 6202 for Advanced Manufacturing, ISyE 6669 for Advanced Optimization, ISyE 6644 for Advanced Simulation, ISyE 6650 for Advanced Stochastics, ISyE 6225 for Advanced EDA, and ISyE 6414 for Regression and Forecasting. Math 3012 Applied Combinatorics as the third OR Concentration depth class. The Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs may allow additional substitutions as appropriate. ISyE 4009 Human-Integrated system may be used as an Breadth Elective in any concentration. We do not offer the course but students can take the course elsewhere to transfer back.

25 Review your Degree Works
Found on Buzzport: https://buzzport.g me/displaylogin Degree Works is extremely important as this is what Registrar uses to determine whether or not you will be graduating. Check your degree works at least once a semester as it will tell you your current GPA, catalog year, missing requirements and the number of credits you have overall.

26 Degree Works Errors? Let your advisor know
Degree Works is still a work in progress and it is not uncommon for a course to not appear in the correct place. If you see issues with your degree works or have questions, we encourage you let us know. Please note however, that we can not make a change on degree works for a course that is currently in progress. Please reach out after the course is completed and you have received a letter grade. Examples of Degree Works Errors: ISYE 3833 went to “Fall Through Courses” Engineering elective went to free electives Degree Works Errors? Let your advisor know

27 Registrar Office is located at Tech Tower

28 Important Registration Dates
October 10th Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline Grade Mode Change Deadline October 16th Spring 2015 Course Schedule Available Online October 24th Receive Phase I Time Ticket Please see registrar academic calendar:

29 Important Registration Dates
October 27th - November 14th Phase I Registration December 19th Receive Phase II Time Ticket January 2nd- January 9th Phase II Registration Please see registrar academic calendar:

30 Looking Up Spring 2015 Courses
Oct 16 Looking Up Spring 2015 Courses To look up courses, log into Buzzport and then select “Schedule of Classes”. Select term and then search courses by their department, instructor or attribute. Be sure to write down the CRN number for the course you want to take. This will be helpful when registering.

31 Courseoff
Courseoff is a great tool that will help you to map out your schedule each semester. All of the courses offered are programmed into the site and you simply select which courses you wish to take and the program will create your weekly schedule for you. Pre-requisite requirements are not listed on Courseoff.

32 Time Tickets Oct 24 Time slot to register
View your Time Ticket information by following the directions below: Log into Buzzport On the Home tab locate the "REGISTRATION AND STUDENT SERVICES" channel Select the "Registration - OSCAR" link Select "Student Services & Financial Aid" Select "Registration" Select "Term" Select "Registration status" For more information, go to:

33 Check For Holds All holds MUST be cleared prior to registration:
Campus departments can place a hold on your account that will prevent adding and dropping courses The hold can ONLY be removed by the department that administered the hold. The most common holds include those through: your major school housing bursar student health services Should check this before registration. Instructions on how to look up your hold are here: Should look like this

34 Registration Procedure
Log into Buzzport On the Home tab locate the "REGISTRATION AND STUDENT SERVICES" channel Select the "Registration - OSCAR" link Select "Student Services & Financial Aid" Select "Registration" Select "Term" Select "Add/Drop Classes" Oct 27 For Video’s on the registration process, please see here:

35 When you register, you will see the sections listed
When you register, you will see the sections listed. Be sure to look at the day and time the course is offered as well as how many seats are remaining.

36 Waitlists If the course has closed and reached full capacity, you must join the waitlist. Do not drop a course before you know that you are able to register for an alternate course: Courses may appear to have a spot open when they do not. You must look to see if anyone is on the wait list. First come first served basis Check your VERY often if you are on the wait list You will have a 12 hour window of time to register for the course Courses from other Departments are not managed through ISyE so they may not use wait lists. Check each Department’s policy here : For more information on wait lists, see here:

37 You will receive an email if you are allowed to enter the course
You will receive an if you are allowed to enter the course. You will only have a 12 hour time window to register so be sure to check your OFTEN during this period. If you miss your time window, you will have to re-add yourself to the wait list.


39 Dropping A Course Drop a course before the last day of Phase II registration to avoid receiving a “W” on your transcript. Be sure to select “course drop by student” and not “withdraw from school”. If you are on academic probation or coming back after being academically dismissed, speak to Stacey Gangloff before dropping any courses that were agreed upon during your advisement meeting and/or appear on academic contract.

40 Registration Errors Common Errors: Major Restriction Class Restriction
Closed Section Closed- Waitlist Full Time Conflict See link for a full list of registration restriction errors and a description/solution to each one. Many departments put a major restriction on their course until the end of the registration period (ex: courses ISYE students wish to take as engineering electives). This may effect some of you looking to take upper level courses. If you receive this error, contact the Department offering the course to find out if/when the restriction will be lifted.

41 All of the courses that you have successfully registered for will be listed as “Registered” with the date. After this point, there are no further actions to take to ensure that you are registered for the course. Should look like this

42 Other things to know No advisement appointments during registration.
Use extended walk-in hours Allow 24 hours for to be answered. For non-ISyE courses, see here for their rules: Be flexible with your schedule, have a Plan A and Plan B. Extended walk-in hours will be posted on ISyE website on the “Registration” page.

43 Index Cards Questions Please write down any questions that you may have on the index cards. We will collect them and send everyone a group with answers to your questions. If you are looking at this presentation online an have questions, please contact Stacey Gangloff at

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