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The Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting July 15-17 2009 Chicago.

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1 The Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting July 15-17 2009 Chicago



4 Agenda – Wednesday July 15 th 9:00 Introductions and Review Agenda 9:30 Recent Accomplishments 10:00 Recent and Current Research Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0 Environmental scanning to update the 15 Global Challenges State of the Future Index (SOFI) Real-Time Delphi advances Elements of a Future Economic System Highlights of studies using RTD International emerging environmental security issues - summary of monthly reports 11:15 Break 11:30 Recent and Current Research (continued) 1:00 Lunch 1:45 Node Highlights 3:00 Break 3:15 Node Highlights (continued) 5:00 Review the day and agenda for tomorrow 5:15 Adjourn 6:30 Dinner – Italian Village

5 Agenda – Thursday July 16 th Chicago Hilton, Boulevard A-C 9:00 Node Highlights (continued) 10:00 Global Millennium Prize presentation 10:30 Presentation of the results of the Millennia 2015 RTD 10:45 Break 11:00 RTD MP Priorities and Implementation suggestions 1:00 Lunch 1:45 Continue discussions of priorities and implementation 3:00 Break 3:15 Continue discussions on Project priorities, objectives, strategies, structures 4:30 Assign roles and responsibilities for priorities, while keeping current commitments: 2010 State of the Future Monthly Environmental Security reports Global Energy Information System and Network Global Millennium Prize Fundraising and Corporate Sponsorships General management of the Millennium Project 5:00 Review the day and agenda for tomorrow 5:15 Adjourn 6:00 Dinner

6 Agenda – Friday July 17 th Hilton, Boulevard A-C 9:00 MP Information systems (Email Lists, Websites, and Second Life) 10:30 UNESCO World Water Scenarios & MP collaboration 11:00 Break 11:15 Additional items Public Relations Standards to become and remain a Node and groups of Nodes Quality of Delphi panelists, honorariums, translations Fundraising (in general, by Nodes, and combinations) 2009 SOF and FRM 3.0 Promotion, reviews, blogs, book launches 12:30 Assignment of discussion groups and tasks (review PC RD Delphi) 1:00 Lunch 2:00 Small Group Discussions 4:00 Group Discussion Reports 4:45 Final comments by all 5:15 Adjourn 5:30 Potential Sponsors Meeting (maybe) 6:00 WFS Conference Opening

7 Vision/direction for The Millennium Project (Distilled from RTD) Global collective intelligence for futures research, that is financially stable, widely recognized as the best starting point for global analysis, and whose products disseminated through a variety of media are recognized and used by a broad spectrum of humanity. Each Millennium Project Node becomes a real TransInstitution, more become function-focused (not only geographic focused), conduct synergetic analysis (not competitive analysis) with other think-tanks and/or organizations to create new forms of collaboration yet to be invented.

8 Accomplishments 2009 SOF & FRM V 3.0 in the same year Established The Millennium Project as an independent non-profit (same legal status as AC/UNU & WFUNA) 2008 State of the Future “Best Books and Reports” for 2008 by Future Survey Listed first in the TOP TEN 2008 der Zukunftsliteratur (best future literature in 2008) by pro ZUKUNFT, Austria Reviewed in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, The Futurist, and Futuribles Translated into Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Persian; Exec. Summary in Japanese, German, Italian, Azeri President of Dominican Republic launched the 2008 SOF in NY Google scholar lists 2007 SOF Cited by 73 and FRM 1.0 or 2.0 - 1999 - Cited by 36 International Journal of Technology Management just published article on MP 2025 S&T management issues we did in 2001-02

9 Accomplishments UN EcoSoc/DESA briefing on the 2008 SOF January 15, 2008. UN Strategic Planning Unites Network established by former Millennium Project intern – MP initiative through UNDP meeting New Node in Bolivia – Signed MOU London Node getting re-organized and held FRM 3.0 launch Explorations for new Nodes in Dominican Rep.NigeriaVietnam SingaporeThailandColombia MalaysiaKenyaTanzania JG’s Speeches, seminars, meeting since last MP PC meeting AustriaBoliviaFinlandChina Singapore SwitzerlandUK South KoreaAzerbaijan The Netherlands HaitiKoreaItaly The Independent in London announced SOF second year in a row with many blog entries

10 Explorations Climate Change Collective Intelligence and Situation Room for Korea Bertelsmann corporation and foundation Use of Second Life for Millennium Project applications Online futures course for an Azerbaijan university in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Node Country futures upgrades

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