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Puppets and Masks by Nika Norman And the students from Dubbo North Primary School 2006.

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1 Puppets and Masks by Nika Norman And the students from Dubbo North Primary School 2006

2 Foam Puppets Materials. String or elastic bands for joining materials and hanging puppet. Hot glue gun ( teacher to use) for hard to join objects such as buttons. Foam cut into strips 30-60 cm. Scrap materials. Eg wool, patterned material, felt, buttons, goggle eyes. Thick skewers for attaching string or use wire coat hangers.

3 Students discuss the characters that they will make. Students are shown how to join objects by cutting slits in the foam, attaching string or using elastic bands.

4 Craft glue or PVA can also be used to attach materials.

5 Characters can be dressed and features added.

6 Strings should be of an equal length for performances and attached to dowel or skewers.



9 Ball and Stick Puppets

10 Materials. Foam balls or pieces of foam cut into blocks for the heads. Thick skewers for attaching the head. Top half of a soft drink bottle. A 30-40cm square piece of material. Goggle eyes or buttons. Wool and cotton wool for hair. Pipe cleaners, feathers and odds and ends for decoration.

11 Method Ball skewer material bottle

12 Attach features with pins, or PVA,

13 Corrugated Cardboard Masks

14 Students are given 30 cm wide,60 cm long pieces of corrugated cardboard..

15 Fold in half length ways to get symmetry. To mark eyes students place cardboard in front of their faces and touch the cardboard where their eyes are. This mark can then be drawn on and cut out.

16 Use up all the scraps from previous art projects. Wool, string, feathers, paper, plastic, alfoil etc.

17 Integrate unit with HSIE, People and their Beliefs. Celebrations.

18 Attach masks with string or use a strip of cardboard like a crown and staple the masks to the cardboard.

19 Coat hanger/Stocking Masks Materials Wire coat hanger. One leg of a stocking, any colour. Pipe cleaners, wool, patty papers, ribbons, any odds and ends. Attach with craft glue or hot glue gun ( teacher applied)

20 Stretch the coat hanger into a long thin kite shape. Pull the stocking over the wire. Wrap the end around the hook. Pull out the sides of the wire to get the shape again.

21 Students use craft glue to attach objects or if the objects are heavy the teacher can use a hot glue gun. Eg attaching buttons.


23 Paper bag Masks Materials. Paper bags or paper large enough to fit over a child’s head, stapled down the sides. Patty papers. Scrape paper. Straws. Pieces of material cut up. PVA Scissors.

24 Planning and discussion are essential to achieve a character that can be recognisable and used effectively.

25 Discuss characters that the students will make. These could be a Nursery Rhyme or a story book. When the masks are completed students could use them in drama lessons.

26 Gutter Guard Masks Materials 30cm piece of gutter guard (from hardware store, 1 role gives 25-30 pieces. Pipe cleaners. Feathers. Strips of material. Buttons and odds and ends.

27 Students tie, weave, push and pull materials through the gutter guard. Any other materials can be glued with craft glue or a hot glue gun ( by the teacher).

28 Written and presented by Nika Norman Thank you the staff and pupils of Dubbo North Public School.

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