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Isometric Drawing Part 1

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1 Isometric Drawing Part 1

2 Isometric Projection Isometric projection is a 3Ddrawing using the degree angle set square. All Isometric drawings start with three basic lines forming the corner of a “box” that contains the object you are drawing. It is very important that the degree set square is placed on the parallel motion/sliding ruler when drawing your angled lines. At all times the drawing equipment is there to assist in drawing shapes and objects without too much measuring or calculating.

3 Use A3 Paper 1cm border, 1cm name bar, 2cm indent.

4 200 mm

5 First three lines….

6 Use 30-60 degree setsquare to get each
angled line correct Sliding ruler

7 Sliding ruler

8 195mm (19.5cm)

9 80mm

10 Remember to use a 30 degree
Angle set square placed on the sliding ruler for all the angled lines 120mm

11 40mm 80mm

12 Use 30 degree angles to join up the roof

13 80mm

14 Measure 10mm gaps along the ridge on the roof

15 Use 30 degree set square

16 Mark off 5mm spaces on the base sides of the roof

17 Place your set square at the 60 DEGREE angle to draw in the tiles

18 Repeat on the right side of the roof

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