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Math 30 and Its Role in Application for Admission to Universities A Presentation on Why Take Math 30 and How CTCS Math 30 Program Can Help You By the Math.

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1 Math 30 and Its Role in Application for Admission to Universities A Presentation on Why Take Math 30 and How CTCS Math 30 Program Can Help You By the Math Division, Calgary Tsinghua Chinese School the School for Excellence

2 Math 30, University Admission And Career Options

3 What if without Math 30? ● For high school students: without math 30, all the following options will be closed for you. Management, Senior Administration, Medical Science and Clinical Practices, all Engineering, Sciences, Finances.... ● Dropping out Math 30, you are opting out of all engineering, incl. Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Environment, Biomedical, Automobile, Aeronautics,.. and the list goes on and on.

4 Is Math 30 Required? ● Not requited for graduation from HS (according to the standard of Alberta curriculum) ● In applying for university admission, Math and English are the mandatory courses (No exception!) ● Math required for admission is Math 30, if applying for Management, Medical, Engineering, Arts and Science ● Math 20 cannot replace Math 30 in admission (unless applying for Humanity, Fine Arts and Social)

5 Math 30 – it might kill your university dream ● Only students being strong in math can survive Math 30 (Math 30 pure or 30 -1); since the bar (standard) is significantly raised in this course, compared with math courses until math 20. ● If taking Math 30 in grade 12 (maybe true) and fail it, then no chance to retake! But university admission is asking for it!

6 Math 30 IB can make you Shine competing for university admission ● IB (International Bacclaureate) can promote students profile, where Math 30 IB counts ● There are benefits if passing Math 30 IB: – Priority admission; – Eligible to an exemption of first-year College math (must score high: typically 5 or 6 out of 7); – Becomes candidate for Scholarships ranging from $500 up to $10,000 (sometimes auto considered)

7 Is math easy in Canadian curriculum? Student in Shanghai or Singapore Student in Alberta G8G10 G12 G8G10Math 30 (G12 – high level) Math 30-2 (G12 – mid level) Math 10 is typically learned at grade 10. Math 20 and Math 30 is typically learned at grade 11 /12. Basic Advanced

8 What? So much in Math 30 ● Implication (shown from simple arithmetic): a very steep learning curve!! ● Math 30-1 includes all of: function transforms, elementary functions, permutation, statistics and conic sections (quadratic curves). ● These topics are not studied superficially, but to certain depths.

9 Two Possible Outcomes Outcome For Math 30 -1 (or Math 30 IB), ● Outcome 1: Fail or not taking at all – many opportunities lost ● Outcome 2: Shine brilliantly and even get the privilege for university admission. ● Some students say they won't fail – really? ● So students need help!

10 Take it early and Aiming for a high score in Math 30 ● Important! Math 30 IB do NOT ALLOW retake; for Math 30 regular, might run out of time to retake! ● Take high school math courses in advance so you can take Math 30 earlier than grade 12. For example, in TLC (Traditional Learning centre program) students can take Math 10 in Grade 9 – so to get ahead. ● In high school, Take it and Pass it! And aim for a high score, too!

11 题 记 Motif 会当凌绝顶 一览众山小 How Proud should I climb Up to the peak of Mount Tai How Tiny would many mountains lay All Enclosed in a glance of mine!

12 Math 30 /Math 30 IB in CTCS ● Why Math 30 Tutorials in CTCS? Learn well, Learn smart. Learn the most effective way!

13 Keys in Course Design Designs of the CTCS Math 30-1 Tutorial

14 Teaching Methods: Polya vs. Miller ● Polya's Approach (George Polya) A discovery approach oriented to brightest students ● Miller's Approach (Bob Miller) A motivated and learning-by example approach oriented to average students (but some show their talents later) ● CTCS Math 30-1 Tutorial will follow primarily on Bob Miller

15 Math 30 /Math 30 IB in CTCS: Well Designed for Great Potential ● Designed with the “big-picture” in math and time- proved rationale in education. Backed by teaching. ● Deliver in a format that combines quality lectures and good training problems. Inspire with examples and questions picked out carefully, but not to drown them in a sea of questions. ● Pioneer the “multi-dimension” learning strategies, that uses diagrams, geometric figures and mnemonic rhymes so that students remember what they learned.

16 Scheduled Time line (Tentative) ● Schedules (time line open to discussion) CBE CTCS Fall WinterSpringFall WinterSpring Math 20Math 30 Math 20 Short Review (on demand) Math 30 Tutorial Series We are flexible (in time and in delivery format)

17 (1) Hand Picked Exercises ● Typical questions at different levels of complexity ● For understanding basic facts and concepts ● For practice the methods ● For training the presentation /expressions ● Include questions requesting full solution and standard format questions

18 (2) Tutorial Example 1: Logarithm Function ● Motivation, Fill in Gaps ● Moving from exponential to logarithm (from the known to unknown new territory) >> Illustrate Exponential and Logarithm: side-by-side ● Get the right connections: the inverse relation between exponential and logarithm functions ● Try memorize -- Rules of exponential and of logarithm functions are like one set of rules in two territories

19 (3) Tutorial Example 2: Trig Identities sin (  – Learn by diagram sin  cos  sin  cos  sin ( 

20 (4) Example 2 (cont.) Trig Identities sin (  Learn by Rhymes A Sign of Concord is Born Alex and Betty are two unknowns, One is in the east and one is in the west. Sine and cosine are two names, One up in heaven and one down to earth. One day when the four meet, Tied together is a knot, Signed by Alex holding Betty.

21 CTCS: Answer the Challenges of Learning Math 30-1 ● Oriented to average students, not to genius ● Fill in the Gap, Motivate ● Streamlined the Content ● Learning by examples, and learning results enforced by carefully picked up exercises ● Knowledge retention based on understanding and through multi- dimension mnemonics

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