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30 T ECH T IPS IN 30 M INUTES Rosemarie Nelson Principal, MGMA Healthcare Consulting Group.

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1 30 T ECH T IPS IN 30 M INUTES Rosemarie Nelson Principal, MGMA Healthcare Consulting Group

2 T HE PATIENT ’ S RECORDS Patients, parents of patients, adult children of elderly patients Portable patient record with easy access for the practice $24.95/yr Free-basic Secure transmission to your EMR 2

3 T HE P ATIENT – W HERE IT ALL S TARTS Is the practice web site getting traction with patients? In the July 2005 MGMA Connexion article, “e-mail ease”, author A.J. Melaragno cited two methods to introduce a practice portal on page 26: Evanston Northwestern Healthcare “doctors tell patients about it during office visits and give them a descriptive brochure, then issue access codes to those interested in signing up.” “Marshfield Clinic launched a direct mail campaign in its primary service area.” Patient intake tools Instant Medical History PatientPoint (Intuit) 3

4 A PPS TO HELP EDUCATE PATIENTS DrawMD (free in Apple app store) – physicians can sketch, stamp or type on detailed anatomic images and then save to EHRs and/or share images with patients NumeraNET (free in Apple app store) – patients can share info such as weight, blood pressure, pedometer results with physicians,who can send the info to an EHR Survey on the Spot (free in Apple app store) Gather instant feedback on your practice with custom surveys See compiled survey results in your account Get software alerts when a patient rates service as poor 4

5 P ATIENT P ORTAL : B USINESS OF M EDICINE IS C OMMUNICATIONS Deliver content Get nurses off the phones with FAQs Physician-authored, peer-reviewed content for patients Description of symptom, injury or condition Guidance on when to call doctor (right away, within 24 hours, during office hours) Advice for self-care or care at home 5

6 G ET WILD AND CRAZY Informed consent Webcast for patients v. surgeon’s time Online scheduling – pick date/time Flu shot clinic 6

7 T IPS TO GET PATIENTS TO YOUR WEB SITE Put your web address on statements, appointment cards, brochures Put your web address on any advertising including the yellow pages Change your answering machine to prompt patients to go online Using automated phone tools (like appointment reminders and lab result calls) to call patients to announce new features on the website 7


9 QR - - Q UICK R ESPONSE CODES Scan the QR (like bar codes) using smartphone camera to access data that links to web page Add QR code to patient statements that link to your payment page online Free QR code generation: Create the code, print it, and it’s ready! 9

10 I N THE MIDST OF A TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION ? Signage: “Under construction” Hard hats for the front desk staff Construction tape ala Les Nessman 10

11 H OW FAST CAN YOU TYPE ? ( ACCURATELY !) Not just for your providers Never type your name again! Better than auto text – it branches How about the nursing staff? ~ $30 for one year subscription Try it for $5.95! Multi-users: $139.95/year for 5 users 11

12 O NLINE SCHEDULING Eppointments ( Online patient services: forms, email messages, confirm appts Internal patient tracking – web-based communication channel Employee scheduling (online) $20/month - $33/month 25-50 employees (sw) $500 - $800 30-50 employees 12


14 T RASH YOUR TIME CARDS ! Biometric check in/out: Count Me In Looks like a mouse – employee fingertip attendance Upload to QuickBooks $299 basic edition 14

15 I P HONE /PDA CHARGE CAPTURE Outside the office - nursing facilities, hospitals, surgi centers, etc. Best practices for charge posting lag time  24 hours for office service charges  48 hours for hospital service charges 15

16 PDA S ECURITY Password protect, Encrypt data, Prevent Theft PDASecure from TrustDigital TealLock from TealPoint 16

17 Register online Small hardware device plugs into iPhone and reads credit cards Download cost: Free 17

18 M OBILE T ECHNOLOGY C ABINET Adjustable, laptop-charging computer cart ( cost range from $295 to $599. Base size is 17 inches by 22 inches (store against a wall; small footprint in an exam room); height adjustment ranges from 44 inches to 60 inches, so users can sit or stand. Use with a laptop or desktop computer and monitor that are concealed when the doors are closed. Powered version has software to track battery life and can send email alerts when any issues arise. 18

19 A scanner in your pocket - scan on the go. “We use it quite a lot,” said Ashish Toshniwal, founder and CEO of eight-person Y Media Labs, a Redwood City, Calif.-based iPhone app developing company. “Scanner Pro allows you to take a photos of a document through iPhone and then save it as a PDF. You don’t need to go through the pain of scanning a document and then converting it. Scanning is much more cumbersome than taking photos.” Scan multiple page documents, send scans by email and set custom page sizes. Download cost: $6.99 Scanner Pro app 19

20 M ORE DIGITAL DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT White papers Another transition to EMR Improve efficiency of paper-based processes 20

21 N URSING EFFICIENCIES - HANDHELDS Skyscape Taber’s Medical Dictiona Davis’ Drug Guide for Nurses RN FastFacts ABCs of Interpretive Laboratory Data 21

22 N URSE MOBILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY Wireless headsets PhonePad 22

23 Files in different places? Download the software Access Dropbox files on other devices (iPhone, iPad) “Instead of putting documents in ‘My Documents’ on my hard drive, I put them in Dropbox,” said provider. “For example, I put all of my transcription into Dropbox and if I get a call after hours, I can pull up the last office note on my iPhone or iPad.; you can access everything electronically.” Download cost: Free 23

24 W HAT ELSE IS ONLINE ? Bill paying Pay remittance advice E-file with the IRS 24

25 W EB SITES – DAILY / WEEKLY FEEDS HITS (HealthIT Strategist) from (one of the better ones) (although named “California” this is a national organization with good credibility) (weekly Pearls) 25

26 Z ITE – FREE I P AD APP Personalized news and features magazine An aggregator that collects news and features from other sources 26

27 I NVENTORY ? N ETWORK MAP ? Physical walk through Workstation application inventory Who’s doing what “neat stuff”? Physician with PDA and Documents To Go? You don’t know what you don’t know 27

28 A ND DON ’ T FORGET … Home-based transcription – is the PC off- limits to family members? Employee termination - change everyone’s passwords Screen savers and reactivation passwords Lock the server room door “Wipe” hard drive before giving away a PC 28


30 B USINESS I NTELLIGENCE R EPORTING Add-on tools for reporting from practice management system The Diver Solution, Dimensional Insight Service – runs nightly Web based – hosted/on your server (data warehouse) Turn-key enterprise-wide Custom KPIs 30

31 P ASSWORDS Change routinely (quarterly) Do not post Alphanumeric combo Scheme: song/phrase first letter of words and insert numbers Case matters Not less than four characters (six-to-eight) Isn’t it obvious that it should not be the obvious? 31

32 P ASSWORDS MADE EASY RoboForm Saves user name and PW Heavy encryption Master password – reboot, sleep mode, inactive time Creates passwords – random character generator Inserts a toolbar into your browser $29.95 (free version for up to 10 passwords) 32

33 L APTOP S ECURITY nTracker ( – ISP change TheftGuard ( – remote recover and destroy data Computrace LoJack software – monitoring center and recovery team can remotely delete PHI when stolen computer logs on Internet Caveo Anti-Theft PC Card – issues audible signals if PC moved beyond distance specified when on or off SprintSecure Laptop Guardian – mobile broadband connection card as ignition key (must insert to use) Encrypt entire hard drive with SafeGuard Easy (preboot authentication) Biometric identifiers 33

34 “ A LL OR N OTHING ” IS A L OSING P ROPOSITION Accept the incremental benefits. Waiting for the “next upgrade” or the “next release” delays all benefits realizations. Transferring 30% of incoming phone calls to web communications is better than 0%. 34


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