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ISPE Boston Product Show Training Camp Showing you the best ways to navigate Gillette Stadium, and get the best leads for your company. If you see the.

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2 ISPE Boston Product Show Training Camp Showing you the best ways to navigate Gillette Stadium, and get the best leads for your company. If you see the audio speaker symbol on a slide, please click on it for additional information.

3 AGENDA: Layout of Show and Schedule Getting your display to your table Getting people to your display. Sponsorship opportunities. Getting your display out of the stadium. ISPE Boston Product Show “Training Camp”

4 Show is Wednesday, October 1, 2014, Noon to 7:30pm Exhibit set-up hours: 8:30 to 11:00 am. All exhibit cases must be off aisle floors by 11:00 am or fines will be assessed. Plenary Session is from 10:30 am to noon. Show Doors open at 12 noon. Show Ends at 7:30pm; no early teardown permitted. Capitol Conventions can take your assembled display to loading dock immediately after the Show (more on that later) When is the Show?

5 Arriving at the Stadium Gillette Stadium is on the northbound side of Route 1 in Foxboro, MA. If you come up Route 1 from the south, go past the stadium to what they call the East entrance. And if coming from the north, that east entrance you want will be the first entrance you come to, and you’ll go down a ramp to cross under Rt. 1 to enter. You will need to go through the security gate to enter. Just tell the guard you are with the ISPE show. Make sure to tell him if you have to go to the loading dock, because although the dock isn’t far from the parking lot there’s a different way to get in. If you aren’t going to the loading dock, just park in the area the guard tells you. If you want to go over to the west side doors for load-in (more on that later) make sure to tell the guard that too.

6 Loading Dock Vendor Entrance for Load In/Out Registration/Attendee Entrance East Clubhouse West Clubhouse Bar Louie Show Parking Use this entrance to access Gillette

7 Tables and booths are located on both sides of the stadium in the Putnam Investments Clubhouse level. Know your Table Number before you come to the show. The map will tell you which side you are on. This year you can park on the West side, if your table is on that side. Doors will only be open from 8:30 to 11:00am and 7:30 to 8:30pm. Do not tell any customers you are inviting to use that side! Attendees must use the East side registration entrance. The West side is for load in/out only! The Loading dock is in south end zone, central to both sides. Entertainment, food stations, keynote, product showcase and sponsorship opportunities are designed to get attendees to both sides of the stadium. Gillette Stadium show layout

8 This concourse goes over to the other side of the stadium. This concourse will not be available for use at all during the show. Vendor entrance for load in/out only. (Limited hours)

9 We’ll be showing you how to bring your display to the stadium yourself, BUT…. Do yourselves a favor and get to know Capitol Convention Contractors. Whomever paid the bill for your table or booth was given a copy of their list of their services, but if you can’t find it, please call the ISPE office today at 781-647-4773.

10 Officially the loading dock and freight elevators must be used to load in your displays. ISPE Show Committee members are at the dock throughout the load-in period, which is from 8am to 11:00. But the dock can get very busy, so plan your arrival time accordingly. You cannot leave your car unattended while unloading at the dock. To avoid the loading dock, smaller display items can be brought up the main entrance escalator, but only if they can be held with one hand, so that the other is free to hold the escalator railing. Please do not count on the ability to use the passenger elevators. Once you get to the show level, by whatever method, you still have a ways to go to your table with whatever you’re carrying. (Remember, this is a football stadium, think of how much you walk from your parking spot without carrying anything.) Getting your display to the table

11 We strongly recommend using Capitol Conventions (CCC) to ship your main table-top display to the stadium in advance. This way, it be at your table when you arrive and you can set it up and get the carrying case out of the way immediately. The carrying cases of the displays is the largest hurdle – literally, in many cases – to everyone getting set up on time. If you use CCC to get the case to your table in advance, you won’t need to go to the loading dock, which can be backed up depending on your arrival time. Capitol Conventions will also handle shipping the case back, or bring it to your car at the loading dock if you want to drive it out. Getting your display to your table – (cont.)

12 Set up must be completed by 11:00 The Show Committee will assess a fine against vendors for late setup. Do not leave your display carrying cases lying in the aisles as this impedes flows and is a safety hazard. If you can get your main display up and the case put away first, the “Show Committee Set-Up Police” will be happy. Using Capitol Conventions to deliver your case to your table will help this immensely. Getting your display to the table part 3

13 So have we promoted Capitol Conventions enough? If you do not have their contact info and service ordering form please call the ISPE Boston office at 781-647-4773 or If you are just the salesperson responsible for manning the Show and someone else is responsible for the billing, please call that person and make sure that they have the Capitol Conventions order form and discuss your needs with them. Getting your display to the table – part 4 and last

14 There are some 10x10’ booths at the Show now, but the following information is for the table displays. While the Show grows each year, we remain at heart a traditional Table- Top show. So please consider that in general when planning your display. Displays must stand on the table and be no taller than 60” above the table. Electric cords are provided in order to plug in any display lights. Small electronic devices such as the salespersons laptop, or a monitoring device can also be accommodated, but nothing that requires anything more than standard voltage. A good idea to bring your own surge strip just in case. Nothing can be placed on the floor in front of the table, nor off to the side. What can your display look like?

15 There can be items such as a spinning prize wheel or other game of chance on your display, but it must fit into the table space dimensions and not include any excessive noise or flashing lights. In some case, the table can be removed from your display. This requires advance Show Committee approval both of the removal of the table and of all items to be displayed (it would not be allowed for a table in the middle of a row, for example). If you only have a floor standing display and we can find you a location where it doesn’t inconvenience others to remove your table, we will. But anything you brought would still have to fit in the space the table occupied. What can your display look like?

16 We have laid out the Show to draw attendees to both sides of the stadium, using the food and drink stations, the keynote speaker, plenary session, entertainment area, and the Product Showcase stage. There is a signature tag advertising your presence at the Show which can be appended to your emails. Please contact the office if you haven’t gotten it. As you know, your table number is already assigned at registration. Don’t forget to email your clients to let them know. Getting people to your display

17 There will be a Show Passport where people need to get to certain tables to fill their passport to enter to win an iPad. There will be an equal number of stops on each side of the stadium. This is a sponsorship opportunity. Call the office if interested. Getting people to your display – Attendee Passport

18 We now have a smart phone app for attendees to use to find tables they want to see. You can be one of a max of 4 sponsors whose logo or message will scroll at the bottom of the screen for the next quarter. Call immediately if interested. Sponsorship opportunity – Smart Phone App

19 Product Demonstration Stage: We have a separate stage where you can give a 20 minute presentation of your latest product or your best suite of services. A microphone is provided as well as a screen and projector, but you must bring your own laptop. Large display items are prohibited as there will be little time to set up and take down before next presentation. The idea is to use the bully pulpit to get them to your table or booth. Getting people to your display – Sponsorships available

20 Gillette Video Walls: Gillette has 4 video walls, two on each side of the clubhouse, 9’ by 12’. Sponsored presentations are available in either a 30 second video or a 15 second static logo display. A great way to remind people of your location wherever they are. (Note if interested please contact office soon, because in addition to potentially selling out, you need to get your video or logo to us for the data to be integrated to the system at least one month prior to the Show.) Getting people to your display – Sponsorships available

21 Show Map Logo:We will be printing 4’ by 6’ printed display maps for location throughout the Show. A sponsorship fee will display your logo on the map along with your table/booth number. Front Door Sign: Fee will allow you to post a standing sign at the front door, so every attendee will have to see your table location (you supply sign) Concourse Signs: Fee will allow you to post a standing sign on the concourse between the two halves of the stadium (you supply sign) Getting people to your display – Sponsorships available

22 Patriots Cheerleaders will be in the Entertainment Zone from 1 to 5 pm taking photos with attendees. The pictures will cost $10, and all of the proceeds will go to charity. The Product Show Committee will match the donations up to $2000. Vendors may buy a book of 10 photo coupons to hand out to customers. Limit one book per vendor. Cheerleaders for Charity

23 Sponsor the After Party at Bar Louie with Pats DE Chandler Jones! Sponsors of the After Party will get their name on the sign right above the food table at Bar Louie, plus in the Show Guide and other printed materials. And you can post a 4’x8’ sign of your own supply on the exit escalator landing.

24 Sponsor one of the food stations during the Show, with an (ISPE supplied sign) with your logo. Hand sanitizer stations around the stadium can have your logo on them. If you are interested in any of these sponsorship opportunities, please call the ISPE Boston office at 781-647-4773. You can email, but in this case best to call. Getting people to your display – Sponsorships available

25 All people working the booth must be employees of your company with appropriate business attire, and must stay by the table or booth, unless a sponsorship or other opportunity specified by the Show Committee indicates otherwise. What you can’t do to draw people to your table

26 Capitol Conventions has a separate service which will bring your display materials down to the loading dock for you, if you intend to bring it all home. They will, of course, also ship it back to your office for you, but you will have to put the display in their boxes, unless you made other arrangements directly with them. Please do not break down your main display until 7:30pm. We understand the length of the day, and wanting to get to the After Party, but please remember that many attendees come after work and need the time to see the Show. If you want to pack up small items or have associates take them to the car early, fine. But do not take any shipping cases into the aisle till 7:30pm. The new service by Capitol Conventions will make it easier to do this. Breaking down your display.

27 Remember, those on the West Side. The doors to exit out that side will not be unlocked until 7:30pm. Don’t worry, we’ll save you some food over at Bar Louie and make sure you get to see Chandler! Breaking down your display

28 If so, please call the ISPE Boston office at 781-647-4773 or email to There will be show committee members walking the floor all day if you have questions. Look for a big button on them saying “Can I help you?” After the show we always send out surveys in order to find out what worked for you and what can be improved. Don’t forget to fill those out when they get emailed to you. Thanks so much for being part of another exciting ISPE Product Show and remember to register early for the 2015 Show! Did we forget anything?

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