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“Voyage Across the Solar System” Lesson 30 Day 4 Lesson 30 Day 1.

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1 “Voyage Across the Solar System” Lesson 30 Day 4 Lesson 30 Day 1

2 Question of the Day How do you go about remembering information that you need to know? Daily Proofreading 1.Did you know that joes new shirt has blue stripes 2.Tonys favorite book is the little prince. T404

3 Daily Proofreading Check Your Work! Proofreading check your work! 1.Did you know that Joe’s new shirt has blue stripes? 2.Tony’s favorite book it The Little Prince. T424

4 Today’s Read Aloud Today we are going to read a poem called “The Planet Song” Purpose: Remember a rhyme is a poem, or set of lines that includes rhyming words. Why might we read a poem? for enjoyment We will enjoy the rhyme more if we let the rhyming words help us focus on the order of the planets. You will partner read the poem today. T323

5 The Planet Song We all know the planets’ names. We’ve said them many times. But try to say them this new way. It’s easy, and it rhymes. Say them with this little rhyme To help you memorize. The planets go in order – Not in placement, but in size! Start with Pluto (now a dwarf). Then, Mercury makes two. Mars and Venus sandwich Earth, While Neptune shines so blue. Uranus rocks around the sun. And Saturn’s many rings Can’t match the size of Jupiter, Who was, of Roman gods, the king. T322 Transparency R197

6 Prefixes: bi-, non-, over- A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of another word to form a new word with its own meaning. nonstop oversize biweekly Recognizing prefixes can help you figure out the meanings of words. I know that the prefix non- means “not or without”, so nonstop means “without a stop”. What about oversize? over means “more than or above” so oversize must mean above the size biweekly bi means “two or twice” so biweekly mean twice a week T292




10 Homographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and sometimes have different pronunciations. Were you present for the fireworks show? Present in this sentence means in attendance. What is another possible meaning for present? T328

11 Find the homograph in each of these sentences be prepared to explain the meaning of the word in each sentence. We could hear the clock tick in the kitchen. tick - to make a clicking noise Raven found a tick on her leg after the hike. tick – a small insect T328

12 magnify When you magnify something, you make it look larger than it actually is. The word is.. magnify What is the word? magnify What would you magnify something that is far away? t382 transparency R203

13 observed If you observed something I, you watched it carefully to learn more about it. The word is.. observed What is the word? observed What was the most exciting event you ever observed?

14 generates To generate something is to produce it. The word is … generate What is the word? generate What generates heat for your home?

15 confirm When you can prove something is correct, you can confirm it. The word is… confirm What is the word? confirm Why is it important to confirm our predictions when you read?

16 picturesque Something that is picturesque is pretty enough to be in a picture. The word is … picturesque What is the word? picturesque What can make a forest picturesque? t382 transparency R203

17 safeguard To safeguard something is to protect and guard it. The word is… safeguard What is the word? safeguard How cam you safeguard yourself against sunburn? t411

18 expedition The astronauts prepared for their expedition. An expedition is an adventure or a journey to a new place. The word is… expedition What is the word? expedition What would you take with you o an expedition to the desert? How might mountain climbers prepare for an expedition? t382 transparency R203

19 uncharted The space shuttle traveled to an uncharted part of space. If an area is uncharted, there are no maps of that place. The word is… uncharted What might you find in an uncharted cave? What parts of our planet might sill be uncharted? t382 transparency R203

20 aligned When the moon is aligned between the sun and Earth we cannot see it. When two things are aligned, they match up perfectly. The word is… aligned How are bowling pins aligned in a bowling lane? Why should you make sure your feet are aligned when you are inline skating? t382 transparency R203

21 occur The full moon occurs two weeks after the new moon. When something occurs, it happens. The word is… occur What is the word? occur What would occur if you gave catnip to a cat? Where can you learn about special events that occur in your neighborhood? t382 transparency R203

22 Grammar Punctuation Roundup Remember to … Underline the titles of books, magazines, and newspapers. Use quotation marks on nonfiction selections, stories, poems and songs. Capitalize the first word and every important word in any title. T407

23 Grammar Punctuation T407 Find the errors. my favorite book is “charlie and the chocolate factory.” My favorite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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