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{ Case # 30 Andrew Stewart Chervon Moore Brandon Artis Austin Bingler.

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1 { Case # 30 Andrew Stewart Chervon Moore Brandon Artis Austin Bingler

2 Warm Up Activity At your tables think of the case study and draw an organization hierarchy chart based on the stake holders outlined in the case study.

3 Stakeholder s BTB Global (Carlton Grove) Rainbow Design (Cecilia Sullivan) Dr. Andrew Stewart Dr. Lois Lakewood St. Louis Team (Alicia Rosenthal)

4 Key Notes BTB Global invests $1 Million for the development of Galaxy Rainbow design is hired to produce support prototypes for Galaxy Rainbow Design hires Dr. Andrew Stewart and the St. Louis team to evaluate the support prototypes A planning meeting between all the stakeholders is held to discuss a formative evaluation plan Andrew notices that the St. Louis team is distracted and disinterested in the evaluation plan Andrew outlines the process for his formative evaluation plan What does this foreshadow for the remainder of the project? What would you do to fix this problem?

5 Key Notes Andrew and Lois had an implementation plan worked out St. Louis team requests to be more involved with the implementation. Lois is weary about this request, but agrees to let them be more involved If you were Andrew and Lois, would you allow then St. Louis team to be more involved? Why or Why not? Benefits vs. Consequences?

6 Key Notes Carlton, from BTB Global, requests an evaluation report by April 15 Alicia sends her evaluation data to Andrew, who receives it on April 10 The bulk of the St. Louis data is unusable and illegible and cannot be coded for Andrew’s evaluation If you were Andrew, what would you do?

7 Key Notes The St. Louis group decided that the evaluation manual was too general, and that specifics weren’t needed The St. Louis team took a more “global” approach, forming opinions that they were willing to share After finding out about the St. Louis group’s “heuristic” approach, Cecilia (head of Rainbow Design) severely reprimanded the group Andrew still needs to turn in the report in 3 days How do you think Carlton is going to react to Andrew’s report? If you were Andrew, how would you proceed?

8 Questions?

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