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September 30 th, 2014. ICE BREAKER!!!!! “I said a boom chicka boom”

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1 September 30 th, 2014

2 ICE BREAKER!!!!! “I said a boom chicka boom”

3 Fish Aides! Allison Bond Mica h Bires

4 Committee Retreat!  When: Friday, October 3 rd from 5:30-9:00pm  Where: MSC 2406B  Pizza will be provided!  It is mandatory so Amy if you cannot attend.

5 SGA MEMBERSHIP All SGA members are asked to fill out a membership registration and risk waiver form Only takes 5 minutes Need your insurance information I will be sending out the link after the meeting.

6 POLOS! If you want a different size for your polo then you have for you tshirt come talk to me tonight! There is a ladies fit option

7 Instructions are attached to Password for login: Alo))&&Gran PLEASE HAVE YOUR CPT DONE BY THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 TH, BY 5PM! CHILD PROTECTION TRAINING (CPT)

8 Show Me The Money! DUES: : $75 : $55

9 Dietary Needs

10 Head Start Rescheduled to this Friday from 9-10 am! I’m sending out a google doc after the meeting to sign up. There are only 15 spots each week, so the first 15 people that sign up get to go! I will the 15 people after the google doc closes with more information! BRING YOUR DRIVERS LISCENCE AND KNOW YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! I will send out the address in the ! Text me if you have any questions! (903) It’s soooo much fun! You get to play with preschoolers for an hour!

11 Replant When? October 25 th Sign up by Monday, October 6 th I will send out an with the link and the access code tonight after meeting!

12 THIS WEEK!  Football Watch Party!  Who? ARC  What? TAMU vs. Mississippi State  When? Oct. 4 10:30 am  Where? The Reserve Clubhouse (dat Kenny Trill doe!)  Soccer 11:00 am  TAMU vs. Kentucky  Meet at Ellis Field at 10:45 am INTRAMURALS Coed 4-on-4 Indoor Volleyball Bump Set ARC Monday, 11:10 pm

13 FRIDAY October 10 DECORATIONS FOR CONFERENCE FRIDAY October 17 Trace banners for conference

14 WORK DAY MANDATORY Location: TBH Sunday October 19 because…. Alabama on Saturday Sub-co time Paint Banners

15 HOST TABLES  Commons Lobby  10 AM-3 PM  Hosting Sub-co  2 hours required  One hour=one point  Link on Facebook  Post on Facebook!!!!  Look at these cute seals     

16 SEAL UPDATES Continue turning in Sports Pass Numbers, so we can go to the game and BTHO Lousiana Monroe Countdown to SEAL


18 Sub-Co Time <3

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