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September 30 th, 2014. ICE BREAKER!!!!! “I said a boom chicka boom”

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1 September 30 th, 2014

2 ICE BREAKER!!!!! “I said a boom chicka boom”

3 Fish Aides! Allison Bond Mica h Bires

4 Committee Retreat!  When: Friday, October 3 rd from 5:30-9:00pm  Where: MSC 2406B  Pizza will be provided!  It is mandatory so email Amy if you cannot attend.

5 SGA MEMBERSHIP All SGA members are asked to fill out a membership registration and risk waiver form Only takes 5 minutes Need your insurance information I will be sending out the link after the meeting.

6 POLOS! If you want a different size for your polo then you have for you tshirt come talk to me tonight! There is a ladies fit option

7 Instructions are attached to email Password for login: Alo))&&Gran PLEASE HAVE YOUR CPT DONE BY THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 TH, BY 5PM! CHILD PROTECTION TRAINING (CPT)

8 Show Me The Money! DUES: : $75 : $55

9 Dietary Needs

10 Head Start Rescheduled to this Friday from 9-10 am! I’m sending out a google doc after the meeting to sign up. There are only 15 spots each week, so the first 15 people that sign up get to go! I will email the 15 people after the google doc closes with more information! BRING YOUR DRIVERS LISCENCE AND KNOW YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! I will send out the address in the email! Text me if you have any questions! (903) 733-4496 It’s soooo much fun! You get to play with preschoolers for an hour!

11 Replant When? October 25 th Sign up by Monday, October 6 th I will send out an email with the link and the access code tonight after meeting!

12 THIS WEEK!  Football Watch Party!  Who? ARC  What? TAMU vs. Mississippi State  When? Oct. 4 th @ 10:30 am  Where? The Reserve Clubhouse (dat Kenny Trill doe!)  Soccer Game @ 11:00 am  TAMU vs. Kentucky  Meet at Ellis Field at 10:45 am INTRAMURALS Coed 4-on-4 Indoor Volleyball Bump Set ARC Monday, 11:10 pm

13 FRIDAY October 10 DECORATIONS FOR CONFERENCE FRIDAY October 17 Trace banners for conference

14 WORK DAY MANDATORY Location: TBH Sunday October 19 because…. Alabama on Saturday Sub-co time Paint Banners

15 HOST TABLES  Commons Lobby  10 AM-3 PM  Hosting Sub-co  2 hours required  One hour=one point  Link on Facebook  Post on Facebook!!!!  Look at these cute seals     

16 SEAL UPDATES Continue turning in Sports Pass Numbers, so we can go to the game and BTHO Lousiana Monroe Countdown to SEAL


18 Sub-Co Time <3

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