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Time Subject POC Agenda August 26, 2014

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0 Cyber Huntsville Economic Development Committee Meeting 30 September 2014 PeopleTec

1 Time Subject POC Agenda August 26, 2014
8:30-9:30 Opening Discussion Pete Schofield a. NIST Workshop b. FY 2015 Southeast Cyber Security Summit c. TTX Status d. Regional Computer Forensics Lab e. Strategic Planning Status f. DIB ISAC 9:30 – 9:50 Cyber Huntsville and Economic Committee Strategic Plan Updates All 9:50-9:55 Action Item Reports POCs 9:45-9:55 Other Activities All 9:55-10:00 Actions and Wrap-up All

2 Economic Team Member List (as of 26 August 2014)
Pete Schofield (Chair) – Peopletec Alfred Mikolaschek – Quantum Deitra Crawley – Law Offices of Gary L. Rigney Dave Hemingway – DESE Gary Connor – The Connor Group Michelle Jordan – City of Huntsville Foster Perry – UAH Sara Graves – UAH Shar Hendrick- Oak Ridge (Huntsville) Jamie Miller – Mission Multiplier Michael Monis – LMCO Wilson Allen - SAIC Mike Ward – Hsv/Madison County CoC Rebecca Falcon – BoldLogic Rob Goldsmith – SED Rod Summers – Auburn Research Center Ron McLeroy – Huntsville Utilities Tom Stott – ManTech Troy Zeidman – Imprimis Chris Lovejoy Kim King Jason Cuneo– PeopleTec Michelle Fernandez – RAM Networks

3 NIST Workshop    NIST Workshop: Attentively Scheduled for 11 December 2014 at UAH  Draft Agenda: 8:30 AM Welcome and Introduction 8:45 AM Overview of Cybersecurity Framework Development 9:45 AM Break 10:00 AM Focused Discussion on NIST Roadmap for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity 11:00 AM Facilitated Round Table Discussions (Break-outs) 12:30 PM Lunch / Networking 1:30 PM Summary / Re-caps of Round Table Discussions 2:30 PM Interactive Consolidated Group Discussion 3:30 PM Workshop Summary / Close-out 4:00 PM Adjourn

4 FY 2015 Southeast Cyber Security Summit
Planning is under way Website will be up soon First Meeting in the next couple of weeks Date of the Summit: June 3-4, 2015 Set up afternoon of June 2, 2015

5 2015 Southeast Cyber Security Summit Committee Organization (Draft)
Executive Committee Pete Schofield Rodney Robertson Ben McGee Jason Cuneo Summit Chairs TBD Dynetics? Program Chairs Jeremy Blevins Jamie Miller Day Chairs Pete Schofield Don Faint Technical Track TBD Management Track Rick Fernandez Kim King Website Dutch Osborne Finance Michelle Fernandez Registration Rebecca Falcon Bo Parker Education Track Ray Vaughn Education Ray Vaughn Meals / Breaks TBD Public Relations Judy Darwin Jon Levin Sponsors / Exhibits Troy Zeidman Protocol Nikki Kincaid

6 Table Top Exercise Update
Next Cyber Huntsville Tabletop Exercise is scheduled for 28–29 October Three scenarios will support examining issues related to coordination and collaboration during cyber incidents affecting the City, the Defense Industrial Base, Redstone Arsenal, essential government services, and critical infrastructure Volunteers May be needed to assist in logistics

7 Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL)

8 Activities Currently scheduling meetings with local Government and Industry Scottsboro Jackson County Guntersville Athens Decatur Tennessee Letter writing Campaign Ongoing City of Huntsville City of Madison Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce Child Advocacy Center UAH Dynetics Others Need assistance getting other Industry and local Government signed up

9 Cyber Huntsville and Economic Committee Strategic Plan Updates
Revise entire Cyber Huntsville Strategy to include each committee  Refine the  “bulletized strategy” that Rodney had originally put together verbalize it and put your expertise into where we are and where we want to go.  I am sure what is in bullets does not fully cover the things that we are doing nor want to do as we have progressed over the past couple of years.  Year 1, I think should be now since none of this has been verbalized.  Examples: first is an example of the lead in discussion of the Overall Cyber Huntsville Organization The second piece is what Rodney had put in bullet form that we need to verbalize for the next 5 years (he did it for years 1, 3 and 5).  This will be a living document as I’m sure we will add new things as we go. As you finish your individual pieces please send them to me and I will add them to the overall Cyber HSV Strategy as I continue to update the overall pieces.

10 Economic Committee Strategy (Draft)(1 of 6)
eCONOMIC committee Strategic plan September 7, 2014 Overview Background and Description The Economic Development Committee meets on a monthly basis. The primary committee responsibilities include primary support to the Cyber Huntsville Corporation to: Increase membership in Cyber Huntsville and the Economic Committee. Establish an FBI Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) in the Tennessee Valley Region. Establish a Regional DIB/ISAC. Expand Cyber Huntsville to the broader Tennessee Valley Region. Secure Huntsville as a Regional location to support the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber security Initiative. Development an Economic Development plan that will identify: The process for obtaining grants from Government Agencies in conjunction with Universities and other Non Profit Organizations. Identify target markets (industry, Academia and Government) and prioritize opportunities to bring Cyber business to the Tennessee Valley. In conjunction with other Cyber Huntsville Committees, develop a plan to: Build and expand the Cyber Security Summit into THE National Recognized Cyber Security Summit. Expand Cyber footprint in the Tennessee Valley Region. This document is the strategic plan for the Cyber Huntsville Economic committee.

11 Economic Committee Strategy (Draft)(2 of 6)
Scope The Economic Committee is responsible for promoting awareness of and sponsoring and encouraging participation in economic development in the Huntsville and greater Tennessee Valley area which emphasize cyber engineering, research and development, testing, cyber security and forensics, and other areas in which cyber plays a role. The committee is responsible for expanding the committee membership and maintaining and updating committee information on the Economic Development tab of the Cyber Huntsville Website. High-Level Requirements Bring new Cyber technology business opportunities to the Tennessee Valley. Establish relationship with other organizations and associations which have related goals in the Tennessee Valley Region. Recommend the establishment of Memoranda of Agreement and Understanding with other organizations and associations where applicable. Establish a structure and capability within Cyber Huntsville to advertise the Cyber Capabilities of the Tennessee Valley outside of the region. Expand the cyber business base knowledge throughout the Tennessee Valley Region. Support the other Cyber Huntsville organizations in the execution of their strategic plans. Short-Term Goals (Now through December 31, 2015) Establish and advertise need for a FBI Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory in the Tennessee Valley Region. Continue to grow the Southeast Cyber Security Summit (AKA, Alabama Cyber Security Summit) to 1000 attendees in 2015. Identify potential grant and SBIR opportunities. Grow the Cyber Economic Committee by Five personnel. Action Plan Develop budget and funding plan to support the mission and goals of the Economic Committee. Establishment of an RCFL: Coordinate with other organizations, associations, and industry and government organizations within the Tennessee Valley Region to: Establish a basis of need and support for an RCFL Identify potential support activities such as: Political

12 Economic Committee Strategy (Draft)(3 of 6)
Senators (Federal and State) Congress (Federal and State) County (Jackson, Limestone, Madison, Tennessee, Other) Law Enforcement Local Sheriffs State Police Other City Governments Huntsville Madison Scottsboro Guntersville Athens Decatur Tennessee Other Agencies and Organizations National Child Advocacy Center Industry Fire Departments Redstone Arsenal

13 Economic Committee Strategy (Draft)(4 of 6)
Southeast Cyber Security Summit Provide volunteers and functional leads to support the summit. Assist in recruiting key note speakers for the summit. Establish a relationship with other organizations to assist in summit growth (NSA, AFCEA, others). Bring new Cyber technology business opportunities to the Tennessee Valley. Establish DUNS for Cyber Huntsville. Identify two Grants that allow Cyber Huntsville provide support for in the Tennessee Valley region. Support the establishment of a Cyber Research Capability in the Tennessee Valley Area. Initially with the Potential of one in Scottsboro in conjunction with Jacksons County, TVA, Northeast Alabama Community College, and Jackson County. Establish a Regional DIB/ISAC in the Tennessee Valley Region. Establish a Regional DIB/ISAC in the Tennessee Valley Region. 

14 Economic Committee Strategy (Draft)(5 of 6)
Long Term Goals – through 2017 Obtain approval and go ahead to establish a RCFL in the Tennessee Valley Region. Establish and begin operation of an R&D Capability in Scottsboro and identify other potential R&D locations in the Tennessee Valley Region (e.g. Decatur, Madison, and Guntersville). Grow the Southeast Cyber Security Summit to an International Summit. Identify new SBIR and Grant opportunities. Continue to grow and expand Cyber Huntsville by 20%. Continue educational and personal growth of the Economic Committee. Long Action Plan – through 2017 RCFL: Write proposal in conjunction with local FBI to establish RCFL in the Tennessee Valley Region. Prepare for interviews from FBI Headquarters. Confirm commitments from local community governments, Industry and organizations. R&D Capability: Establish an MOA/MOU with appropriate organizations to begin operations. Scottsboro, Jackson County, UAH, TVA, Cyber Huntsville and Northeast Alabama Community College to begin operations. Develop concept of operations for the establishment of an R&D capability at other potential locations: Guntersville Madison Decatur 

15 Economic Committee Strategy (Draft)(6 of 6)
Expand the Southeast Cyber Security Summit nationally and also grow it to an International Summit. Establish relationship with international community to attend the Summit and provide a Key Speaker for the 2016 and 2017 Summit. Identity and target the international market to invite to the summit. SBIR and Grant opportunities. Work with Local Educational institutions to find potential SBIR and Grant Opportunities. Get on the list of Grants and opportunities from government organizations (Federal. State and Local). Find five opportunities annually. Educational and personal growth of the Economic Committee. Identify at least six educational opportunities for Cyber Huntsville Economic Committee members to attend annually. Train the Economic Team members for personal growth opportunities in Cyber Huntsville Identify and promote two Economic Committee team members for nomination to the Cyber Huntsville Board of Directors annually. Approval and Authority to Proceed We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.

16 Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing Analysis Center
Partnering with Huntsville A Regional Approach to Growth Agreements signed with Cyber Huntsville, Geo Huntsville and Energy Huntsville Established Steering Committee for Oversight and to Expand Nationwide with Huntsville as the Headquarters

17 Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing Analysis Center
Information Sharing Analysis Centers (ISACs) Created in 1998 by PDD 63 superseded by HSPD 7 in and NIPP in 2013 Provided a mechanism for sharing information in a trusted environment Defense Industrial Base ISAC (DIB ISAC) concept started in 2010 through the DIB Sector Coordinating Council DIB SCC and DIB ISAC recognized the need to develop a regional approach DIB ISAC became a standalone 501 c 6 in 2014 with the intent of headquartering in Huntsville Alabama

18 Actions/Wrap up Actions for Next Meeting Location:
PeopleTec Date/Time: December 9, 0830

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