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HR/Payroll Modernization Design Review School of Medicine October 30, 2014.

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1 HR/Payroll Modernization Design Review School of Medicine October 30, 2014

2 Agenda Design Review - School of Medicine2 TopicPresenterTime Welcome & Meeting FormatJean Boraca8:30 – 8:40 #3 - Practice Plan and Other Contracts8:40 – 9:00 #1 – Compensation Sources9:00 – 9:20 #2 – Contingent Worker Status9:20 – 9:40 #4 – Position Management for Residents & Fellows9:40 – 10:00 #5 – PDR Faculty10:00 – 10:20 #6 – Impacted Systems / Transitions & Interfaces10:20 – 10:35 #7 – EDW and IAM10:35 – 10:50 #8 -- Reporting10:50 – 11:05 #9 – Research Considerations11:05 – 11:15 #10 – Roles & Responsibilities11:15 – 11:30 Questions & AnswersJerry Heinz11:30 – 12:00

3 Meeting Format Panel format as varying project team members will respond Time blocked for each Issue (1 – 10) For each issue –Show the issue –Review key points to provide clarity –Show the issue again Use your cards to capture additional questions and impacts 30 minutes at end for additional questions 3Design Review - School of Medicine

4 3 - Practice Plan and Other Contracts 4Design Review - School of Medicine

5 Terminology Changes 5 Current EmployeeJob ClassAppointmentDistributionBudget Workday WorkerJob ProfilePositionCost AllocationCost Center Full glossary is online: Design Review - School of Medicine

6 Academic Appointments Academic appointments will track the appointee’s time at UW Design underway to capture mandatory review dates, service period, tenure value Academic affiliates, courtesy clinical and affiliate faculty Paid and unpaid, paid position and academic appointment only, joint/adjunct Academic track type, categories, group Identifiers: Primary, joint, dual, administrative Employment and courtesy relationships Hire date, appointment date 6Design Review - School of Medicine

7 Key UW Design One common pay master with UWP. The project is working on the integration to continue the transfer of payroll data to UWP/ADP Practice plan amounts are not being loaded into Workday UW is moving to biweekly – not aware of any impact on UWP and CUMG. Policy decision does not control external relationships Workday compensation components are limited to current state. The process will change but the elements will not Contract tracking for academic personnel will not be included in Workday UW Benefits are based on UW FTE 7Design Review - School of Medicine

8 3 - Practice Plan and Other Contracts 8Design Review - School of Medicine

9 1 - Compensation Sources 9Design Review - School of Medicine

10 Compensation Components for Faculty SoMCurrent in HEPPSFuture (Workday) XYes-Regular Earnings (REG) Salary Plan: Academic Year Salary Plan, or General Salary Plan YNo Z WOS (Without Salary) Yes-No dollar amount entered No, will be academic appointments Ex., adjunct, unpaid joint appointments ADS (Administrative Supplement) Yes-Dollar amount entered Allowance Plan: Administrative Supplement TPS (Temporary Supplement) Yes-Dollar amount entered Period Activity Pays: Examples: Emergency Instructional Coverage Clinical Coverage Overload UW Educational Outreach SAAC, MAAC, etc. No PDR (Paid Direct)Yes-No dollar amount entered To be determined 10Design Review - School of Medicine

11 1 - Compensation Sources 11Design Review - School of Medicine

12 2 - Contingent Worker Status 12Design Review - School of Medicine

13 Non-Employee Relationships Academic Affiliates Someone who works at an educational institution, but isn't in an employment relationship with the institution. At UW these will include visiting scholars, courtesy clinical and affiliate faculty. Contingent Worker A contingent worker is not paid through Workday Payroll, could receive 1099 wages or may not be paid by UW at all, and is not eligible for university benefits. Examples are independent contractors, consultants, AGO attorneys or visiting agency nurses. 13Design Review - School of Medicine

14 Affiliates: Current State vs. Future State Employee All Non- Academic Academic Personnel No Employment Relationship Affiliate Attorney General Board of Regents HHMI Agency 14 HEPPS Workday On Supervisory Org On Academic Hierarchy Has Position Is Paid via Workday On Supervisory Org Has Position Is not paid via Workday Is not Academic Contingent Worker Academic Affiliates On Academic Hierarchy Not on Supervisory Org Doesn’t Have Position Not paid via Workday No Employment Relationship Consultant/ Contractor/ Vendor/ AG Board of Regents Non-Academic Affiliates Courtesy Faculty Courtesy Clinical & Affiliate Visiting Scholar Academic Personnel All Non- Academic Personnel Employee Academic Employee Design Review - School of Medicine

15 Academic Personnel in Workday 15 Academic Hierarchy Supervisory Organization Academic Appointment Position Paid Will sit on both Supervisory Org and Academic Hierarchy Unpaid Will Have an Academic Appointment and Sit on Academic Hierarchy Only If Paid: Will sit on both Supervisory Organization and Academic Hierarchy Design Review - School of Medicine

16 2 - Contingent Worker Status 16Design Review - School of Medicine

17 4 – Position Management for Residents and Fellows 17Design Review - School of Medicine

18 PM for Residents and Fellows All positions paid by UW, regardless of duration or appointment term will be made using position management. Positions can be created in advance or at time of hire/need Multiple positions can be created to accommodate fluid relationships between various appointment types 18Design Review - School of Medicine

19 4 – Position Management for Residents and Fellows 19Design Review - School of Medicine

20 5 – PDR Faculty 20Design Review - School of Medicine

21 PDR PDR faculty will be viewed and treated as academic appointments Using FTE and costing allocations the same way as other faculty Design in progress – proposed solution that captures the attributes of a faculty member 21Design Review - School of Medicine

22 5 – PDR Faculty 22Design Review - School of Medicine

23 6 – Impacted Systems / Transitions and Interfaces 23Design Review - School of Medicine

24 Guiding Principles Direct system-to-system integration with Workday will facilitate core HR/Payroll business processes Other downstream systems will obtain data via centrally-managed Data Services (e.g., Enterprise Data Warehouse/Operational Data Store/Web Services) Workday data in centrally-managed Data Services The EDW/ODS/Web Services data model will reflect the new Workday data model, not the current data model The Workday data provided to centrally-managed Data Services will reflect the type of data and timing currently provided in order to support necessary analytic and operational capabilities Current security and access methods for centrally-managed Data Services will be retained; data custodians will manage roles and access Workday is the system of record of HR/Payroll data Workday data should not be altered (i.e., cleansed/edited/fixed) by downstream/shadow systems Workday will not include historical HR/Payroll data Historical data required for analytic and operational needs will be retained in centrally-managed Data Services There needs to be a concerted effort to eliminate downstream/shadow systems 24Design Review - School of Medicine

25 Data Relationships 25 WorkdayHEPPS Employee Appointment Distribution Appointment WOS Appointment Distribution Position Earnings JobWorker Cost Allocation Design Review - School of Medicine

26 EDW/ODS Impact 26 Person Appointment Job Classification Actual Distribution Bargaining Unit Earn TypeContact Design Review - School of Medicine

27 Future Data Model 27 Supervisory Org Supervisory Org Position Worker Cost Allocation Job Profile Payroll Result Design Review - School of Medicine

28 6 – Impacted Systems / Transitions and Interfaces 28Design Review - School of Medicine

29 7 – EDW and IAM Needs 29Design Review - School of Medicine

30 8 - Reporting 30Design Review - School of Medicine

31 9 – Research Considerations 31Design Review - School of Medicine

32 Research Engagement All central offices engaged in research activities including eFECS, SAGE, ORIS, etc., have been participating in design conversations 32Design Review - School of Medicine

33 9 – Research Considerations 33Design Review - School of Medicine

34 10 – Roles and Responsibilities 34Design Review - School of Medicine

35 Members Managers Manager FinanceReportingAccounting Supervisory Organizations & Roles Design Review - School of Medicine Katrina Lindgren, Director Susan Steinberg, VP Scott Wilson, Director Dylan Johnson Laurie JenkinsDaljit Singh  Supervisory Organizations “report” to one another to form the Supervisory Organization Hierarchy  When linked with Supervisory Organizations, the following is true of Role-Based Security:  Is assigned to a Position that a Worker fills within a Organization  Determines what a user can see and do within the application  Provides access to appropriate data within the assigned Organizational structure  Determines functional responsibilities and routing of actions within a Business Process HR Support Jennifer Smith HR Support Bob Jones HR Support Lisa Scott HR Support 35

36 10 – Roles and Responsibilities 36Design Review - School of Medicine


38 38Design Review - School of Medicine

39 Questions? Questions?

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