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IFMAC – 30 September 2014 Hobby/Unlicensed Fishermen Report.

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1 IFMAC – 30 September 2014 Hobby/Unlicensed Fishermen Report

2 Working Group on Hobby / Unlicensed Fishermen Established following IFMAC meeting of January 2014 Remit Discuss issues of hobby/unlicensed fishermen (not part-time licensed fishermen) Report back with recommendations for reducing incidence of this activity

3 Background Difficult to measure level of activity Believed to be significant during spring/summer and at certain locations Variety of species affected including crab and lobster with creels and diving for scallops Current legislation considered insufficiently robust Registered Buyers & Sellers legislation provides a loophole/smokescreen for hobby/unlicensed fishermen

4 Other issues Personal safety of hobby/unlicensed fishermen Public safety concerns Over fishing and non-compliance with regulations Reduced engagement from commercial fishermen

5 Northern Ireland The Unlicensed Fishing for Crabs and Lobster Regulations (NI) 2008 which made it illegal for unlicensed fishermen to: Land, bring to land or retain on board a boat more than five crabs or one lobster per boat per day. Use more than five pots Take on board a boat pots on behalf of anyone else Use a stock cage Buoys must be marked with boat and owner name Legislation covers lobster and spider, velvet, edible and green crabs Nephrops are not included which has provided a loophole for unlicensed fishermen in some circumstances.

6 North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority May only land 2 lobsters, 10 crabs and 30 whelks per permit If more than one permit holder aboard a boat the above limit applies to the boat Maximum 10 creels which must be tagged NIFCA can haul any untagged creels Estimated that the catch from hobby/unlicensed fishermen reduced by 80% in first year 400-500 permits issued to hobby fishermen every year - general impression is that it is working well. Permits issued free of charge, but time consuming and resource intensive Suspicion open to gaming - some families applying for multiple permits

7 Possible Solutions for Scotland Education –Trade press – articles in relevant trade press such as Federation of Chefs, and hospitality industry –Notices reminding fisheries of legislation at particular hotspots –Notifications of sub-standard water classification to be posted at those sites –Liaising with trade bodies and local organisations to highlight issues –Liaison with local authorities regarding their food safety policies to include importance of sourcing –Liaison with Environmental Health officers regarding importance of reputable sourcing Voluntary wardens to monitor local activity

8 Possible Solutions for Scotland Greater use of non-fishing legislation Responsible Fishing Scheme? Permits for unlicensed/hobby fishermen Creel limits and/or tagging Landing limits for different species Personal Consumption Definition

9 Issues to Consider Proportionality Resources required by other organisations Resources required by MS Compliance to enforce rules Resources to administer permit scheme

10 IFMACIFMAC – 30 September 2014 Hobby/Unlicensed Fishermen Report – 30

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