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Mobil Super 10W-30.

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1 Mobil Super 10W-30

2 ExxonMobil Base Stocks Premium Performance Additive System
Mobil Super 10W-30 is made from High Quality ExxonMobil Base Stocks and Premium Performance Additive System

3 Features Good Thermal and Oxidation Stability
Reduced deposits in Hot and Cooler areas Friction Fighting Anti Wear System Reduced Wear Cleaning Agents Cleaner running engines, Longer Engine life High Viscosity Index and Shear Stability Improved lubrication at normal and high temperature

4 Approval Standards API – SJ ILSAC – GF2

5 Specification SAE Grade: 10W-30 Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
At 40degC: 70 At 100degc: 10.4 Viscosity Index: 135 Pour Point: -36degC Flash Point: 226degC

6 Maruti Approval For MPFI Engines

7 SF Oil Vs Mobil Super 10W30 API SF Oil Mobil Super 10W30

8 SF Oil Vs Mobil Super 10W30 API SF Oil Mobil Super 10W30

9 Why Mobil Super 10W-30? The Product Comes from World’s No.1 Oil Company, renowned for highest quality Lubricants The product is approved by Maruti for cars with MPFI. Provide Outstanding Engine Protection, improved engine performance and fuel economy.

10 Mobil Super 10W-30 Offers Car Owners
Reliable Engine Performance Peaceful Drive Fuel Economy

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