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1 Bourbon Foreign Policy 1815-30

2 100 Days The reign of Louis XVIII got off to a very difficult start with Napoleon’s 100 days A ‘glorious’ Napoleon return to France with one final battle with the Great powers which he lost at Waterloo Any Bourbon foreign policy would have to compete with the glory and empire of the Napoleonic era Many French men were however ‘war weary’ Louis XVII made to appear weak and timid during the 100 days – fled – only to return under the protection of France’s recent enemies

3 1818 Successes At the Congress of Aix La Chapelle – the first in Castlereagh’s Congress system – Louis XVIII achieved a number of successes: 1. Army of occupation removed 2. Indemnity paid off 3. France given fill membership of the Quintuple Alliance and full congress membership – a great power again and back into the international fold

4 1823 and Spain In 1823 Louis XVIII sent French troops (with the support of the holy Alliance countries) to free King Ferdinand VII from the liberal rebels in Spain who had forced their King to accept a liberal constitution A quick victory for French forces and a sign perhaps of France’s restored international status HOWEVER – lost support of the British through this action (Canning opposed intervention) and very little home support for appearing to support a despot abroad – especially annoyed supporters of the principles of constitutional monarchy

5 Charles X and the Barbary Pirates One major foreign policy event for Charles – a quick and significant victory against the ‘Barbary pirates’ in 1830 – Arab pirates form North Africa who had been disrupting western trade in the Mediterranean In the process Charles also secure the territory of Algiers for France which became a long term France colony Charles X expected support for these achievements which were significant – however received very little support and in fact may have weakened his own ability to resist the 1830 revolt which occurred whilst many troops were in Algiers ‘building his empire’

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