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Interviewing & Your 30 second Commercial Broad School Orientation Class of 2006 Eric Doerr August 26, 2004.

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1 Interviewing & Your 30 second Commercial Broad School Orientation Class of 2006 Eric Doerr August 26, 2004

2 AgendaAgenda 1.Interviewing 2.30 second commercial 3.Mock Interviews

3 Interview Types Informational Employment Screening Second rounds oCase presentations oAssessment centers oPsychological profile

4 Informational Interviewing Two objectives: 1.To learn 2.To build a relationship

5 Informational Interviewing Obtain names Make appointments Ask questions a.Would you look at my resume? b.Who else do you know? c.May I keep in touch?

6 Interview Formats Situational Interviews Individual or group Typical for internships Case Interviews

7 The “S T A R” Technique S = Situation T = Task A = Action R = Result

8 Interview Sales Plan Set your goal Research the company and position Speak to alums at the company Incorporate your unique differentiators into effective interview stories Prepare thoughtful questions

9 A Few Important Hints Avoid discussion of compensation “Close the Sale” Be timely in your follow-up communication Seek advice if “dinged”

10 What do employers want? Communication/interpersonal skills Ability to work well within a team Analytical and problem-solving skills Leadership potential Results driven Fit with corporate culture

11 Important Policies Missed Interview Policy It is fully expected that all students will follow good business practice and responsibly keep every interview appointment scheduled. Late cancellations as well as missed interview appointments inconvenience employers and penalize your classmates. To cancel an interview, contact Pam Jehner, the MBA Placement and Career Center’s Recruiting Manager, either by phone (517/432-3681) or in person (211 Eppley Center), at least two full business days prior to your interview date. If you cancel your interview at the PCC less than two full business days prior to your scheduled date, we have insufficient time to contact and receive responses from other students desiring an interview opportunity. Students who cancel less than two days in advance or miss an interview appointment are considered “no- shows.” A “no-show” status is excused only under extenuating circumstances. To request to be excused, follow the instructions below:  Schedule an appointment with the PCC Director to discuss the reasons for your missed interview.  Provide the Director with documentation to support your reasons (i.e., medical excuse, car towing receipt, etc.)  Submit to the Director a letter of apology addressed to the employer, along with a stamped envelope for mailing by the PCC after approval from the Director. An unexcused “no-show” will result in your access to on-campus interviews being limited to only those companies preselecting you. If you have any questions regarding this policy or wish to schedule an appointment with the Director, please contact the MBA PCC at 517/432-3626.

12 Important Policies Reneging Policy When you accept a job, you make a major commitment to your new employer. Such a commitment should be made only if you intend to honor it. To continue discussions with other potential employers once you accept an offer is totally inappropriate. And to accept an offer but later reject it, if you receive a “better” offer (reneging), is unethical. Reneging can severely tarnish your reputation, not only in the short-term, but also for the duration of your career. Reneging also creates an obstacle in the PCC’s efforts to maintain positive relationships between corporate recruiters and the Broad School. In essence, your reneging hurts the school’s reputation as well as your own. The MBA Placement and Career Center cannot sanction a renege on your part for any reason. You can avoid a reneging situation by carefully managing your entire job-search process. Please see a PCC staff member for guidance. If you renege on a full-time offer, you will not be allowed to use alumni services provided by the PCC. If you renege on an internship offer, you will have access to on-campus interviews only if preselected by companies. Please note that this policy deals with you reneging on your commitment to a company. It does not address a company revoking its commitment to you. Please see a PCC staff member if faced with such a situation.

13 Let’s talk about “branding” The “Brand-U” formula Personality + Values + Skills & Talents X External Market Forces = “Brand-U”

14 Your Personal “Brand-U” Statement I am a (insert 2 – 3 personality traits) person who values (insert values) and is great at (insert several skills & talents). Sample I am an ambitious, proactive, and fun person who values adventure and integrity and is great at team building and project management.

15 Creating a 30 sec. commercial 1.Identity 2.Timing-availability 3.Academic background 4.Professional credibility 5.Benefit to organization 6.Brand theme(s) demonstrated 7.Establish next step 8.Closure 1.My name is 2.I will be graduating in… 3.With a specialization in 4.I had an internship at 5.Where I (insert action verb) 6.Personal “brand-u” statement (describe opportunity & result) 7.I would like to speak with you in greater detail about… May we interview at… 8.Thank you for your time and am looking forward to our next discussion. This material was provided by Skillblenders, a company of Transition Navigators, LLC

16 Mock Interview Process Apply for your Mock interview before Aug. 29 at midnight! Select a real position Write a cover letter for this position Upload cover letter & resume Select Internship titled “Mock Interview” for your cohort Thank-you letters to PCC within 1 week Business casual attire

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