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2 Your #1 goal when networking is to make it as easy as possible for the listener to help you. To do that, you need to: YOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIAL 2 Be Succinct: 30 to 45 seconds for your pitch, intended to simply open the door to further conversation. Be clear: Know your audience and appreciate their level of understanding; “When in Rome…speak Roman!” Be passionate: Use “enjoy”, “favorite”, “love most about what I do…”, making you far more memorable. Name names: Provide a List of Target Companies, either specifically or “like” the ones of interest to you. Ask for help: Have a specific request: “I would appreciate if you…”, “Would you be able to…”, “Can you advise me…”.

3 YOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIAL 3 STAYING IN YOUR FIELD “Hi, my name is Abby Rhode and I’m currently a graduate student in BU’s MBA program. My background is in advertising and I love developing powerful branding initiatives. I worked for Arnold Advertising, where I was part of the team responsible for the “Progressive Insurance with Flo” commercials, which won us a Clio Award last year. I’m looking to grow my career with a consumer package goods firm in Boston or New York. Companies like Dunkin’ Brands, Unilever, Pepperidge Farms and Bose are among my target companies and I would appreciate any suggestions, advice or referrals you may have. Once again, my name is Abby Rhode. Thank you!”

4 FOR CAREER SWITCHERS “Hi, my name is Justin Kase and I was a Project Specialist for a medical devices company. I am now an MBA student at Boston University and I am exploring new areas in order to change careers. What I enjoy most is helping companies to save money by making them more efficient and by turning their problems into profits. I’m now looking for a Financial Analyst role in biotech, pharma or medical devices and my target companies are ones like Biogen Idec, Millipore, Boston Scientific, and Novartis. I would appreciate any suggestions, advice or referrals you may have. Once again, my name is Justin Kase. Thank you!” YOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIAL 4

5 FOR “TBDs” (still unsure on direction) “Hi, my name is Barb Dwyer. Although my background is in engineering, I’m pursuing an MBA because I’m interested in exploring global finance consulting opportunities in greater Boston and New York City. I recently completed a very challenging business analytics case at BU for a local company and I really enjoyed the exercise. To help plan my career path, I hope you would consider referring me to some associates at local consulting companies such as like Bain, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman and BCG, to gain a better understanding of their roles. Once again, my name is Barb Dwyer. Thank you!” YOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIAL 5

6 THE HOOK & METAPHOR APPROACH “Before we get started let me ask you a quick question: Are you familiar with the plant food Miracle-Gro? It makes under-performing plants and shrubs grow to their greatest potential. Well…I‘m seeking opportunities to become Organization Miracle-Gro, developing strategies to make underperforming non-profits flourish and become more efficient. Hi, my name is Emma Nems and as an MBA student at Boston University with skills in both strategy and execution, I want to help non-profits figure out “what’s next” …and then make it happen for them by managing the change. I’m seeking a role where I can make a significant impact, and would love to continue a discussion with you. Again, my name is Emma Nems. Thank you!” YOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIAL 6

7 1.When meeting someone new, ask them what they do - show interest. 2.Ask intelligent questions - show industry knowledge, but make it about them, not you. 3.Pay them a compliment - make it specific to show further knowledge of the industry. 4.MOST IMPORTANT! Wait for them to ask you what you do - if steps #1 - #3 were successful, curiosity will always get the better of them. 5.Launch into 30-Second Commercial - modify pitch based on details they provided to show synergy. 6.If you're speaking to the right person, ask permission to follow up. 7.If you're not speaking to the right person, ask them who is. 8.Exchange business cards. YOUR DELIVERY MECHANISM 7

8 HOW TO WORK A ROOM 8 For an interactive presentation of this, visit:

9 9 WRITE YOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIAL! If you haven’t already…create your 30-Second Commercial right now so you can participate in

10 NETWORKING BINGO! 10 OBJECT OF THE EXERCISE The OBJECT of the exercise is to match 3 names in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) with those announced at the end of the exercise. INSTRUCTIONS Starting now, walk up to anyone in the room and introduce yourself. Deliver your 30-second pitch and ask for feedback. After successfully delivering your pitch, ask them to print their first name and last initial in any empty box on your Bingo card. Get every box on this sheet filled with names, a different name in each box. At the end of the exercise, students’ names will be drawn, BINGO-style.


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