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Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School SPED 30 Teacher / Developer Donnie Davidsen.

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1 Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School SPED 30 Teacher / Developer Donnie Davidsen

2 SPED 30 Curriculum Aim To develop a lifelong positive attitude for participation in meaningful physical activity. –This ultimately should be the aim of any physical education class regardless whether the class is face to face or on-line.

3 Why? The face to face classroom is definitely the best option for teaching physical education. But, having said that, there are many legitimate reasons that a face to face classroom may not be the best situation for every student. This SPED 30 course is not meant to take the place of physical education in the gym. Instead, it is designed with the flexibility to provide options for students who may desire an alternate method to complete the course.

4 Lifelong Positive Attitudes Cyber Physical Education certainly can affect students positively in each of these categories. Physical activity Health and fitness Self concepts Relationships with others Social behavior Personal and group safety

5 The Conceptual Approach “The physical education program must empower the learner to take advantage of participation in future physical activities even though such opportunities may not be evident or known at present. The conceptual approach will enable learners to participate successfully in a physical activity even though it may not have been specifically included in the program.” Instructional Physical Education20 and 30 A Curriculum Guide for the Secondary Level August 1994

6 Key to Cyber Phys. Ed. Success These keys, among others, are meant for both the student and the instructor. Communication The students need to communicate with the instructor through fitness journals and e-mails. Cyber course etiquette asks that the teacher respond to all e-mails within 24 hours. Flexibility and Creativity The ultimate goal is to allow the student the leniency to find an approach that will meet the objectives of the course while also meeting the individual needs of the student. Motivation The Cyber SPED 30 teacher doesn’t provide class time for activities, therefore, they must not only require, but also motivate students to spend time on positive lifestyle related physical activities.

7 Cyber SPED 30 Course TheoryPractice Fitness activities Final Exam

8 Theory – 30% History students receive a brief history on the origins and developments in the activity, along with a time line and a section on Canadian content. Equipment, fields, courts or facilities Students can learn about sport specific gear from playing needs to court and facility requirements to attire and everything in between Rules and game objectives Students learn the basic competition rules along with any specific rules that they may need in order to successfully participate in the activity. Movement patterns and performance cues students learn basic skills for each activity. Strategy Basic strategies are discussed to enhance student success in competition. Fair play and etiquette the role of sport etiquette and fair play are identified and taught. Terminology Each unit has a detailed glossary for the students to use as a reference. Other noteworthy features Here are located any tidbits that might be interesting or motivational.

9 Practice – 20% Apply the theory by participating in the activity studied Participate in 20 hours of practicum time from at least 5 different units. Practicum time can also be used for fitness activity journal Scan the receipt or signed verification form and e-mail it to the teacher. These hours are up to the student to complete at their leisure

10 Fitness Activities – 30% Participate in at least four days of physical activity a week for at least 30 minutes a session. These activities could include a student designed fitness activity (with teacher approval)a student designed fitness activity (with teacher approval) the activities for the student's required practice hoursthe activities for the student's required practice hours an organized practice of an activity or sport the student is currently involved inan organized practice of an activity or sport the student is currently involved in Keep a fitness journal (minimum four times a week and up to date) to log the required physical activities. Fill out an activity verification form and have a coach, parent or a witness (that is agreed upon by the teacher) sign it.

11 Final Exam – 20% CumulativeIndividualized –Each Student may be studying different units. Therefore each exam will be cumulative and individualized towards that specific student.

12 Sample Pages The following slides contain sample pages from the SPED 30 Course.

13 Homepage

14 Course Content

15 Badminton Outline

16 Theory Page

17 Evaluation

18 Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School Thank You!

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