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Automation with SA 24.06.2014, CERN Markus Steiner, PM Software.

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1 Automation with SA 24.06.2014, CERN Markus Steiner, PM Software

2 2 Agenda 1 2 3 Introduction into SA automation Examples (Discussion)

3 3 Ways of Automating SA Toolkit (Relationships FeatureChecks) Measurement Plan (MP) SA SDK (Software Development Kit)

4 4 Ways of Automating SA Toolkit (Relationships, FeatureChecks)

5 5 Toolkit - Inspection 0.021 Heads-Up Display (HUD) Instrument Toolbar RMS and instrument Feedback Tree View Report Bar Toolkit

6 6 Toolkit - Inspection Do inspection Clear Measuremen ts Re-execute

7 7 Toolkit – Feature Checks

8 8 Ways of Automating SA Measurement Plan (MP)

9 9 What is a measurement plan? An MP is a script written in SA to automate measurement, analysis and reporting tasks. SA Ultimate SA Machine

10 10 What Are MPs Good For? Repetitive Tasks. Complex Tasks. Removing Human Error. Process Standardization. Incorporating Custom Logic. Extending SA Functionality. Automatic Report Generation. Reduction in Turnaround Time. What Are MPs Good For?

11 11 Demo MP - Analysis

12 12 MP GUI Graphical User Interface (GUI) used for editing Not Text-Based !

13 13 MP Building blocks Conditionals Loops Variables File I/O Arrays Subroutines

14 14 RealWorld Example: Automation of Application truck trailer bogie AT402 with SA to assemble two separate parts of a trailer bogie One of the parts which have to be aligned to each other is the base structure of the trailer without the wheels. The other one is an already assembled part which axle / wheel suspension. base structure axle / wheel suspension

15 15 MP creation Process Template Creation MP creation Connect to Instrument Align Build Report

16 16 Template creation...

17 17 MP creation...

18 18 Exercise: Truck Trailer - Alignment Alignment: Primary Z-Axis: 4 measurements on the bottom of both frame rails Secondary X-Axis: Line between the center of the King Pin and the average point between the edge point on the bottom Origin: Center of the King Pin

19 19 Truck Trailer – Build Sequence For the alignment process the customer has constructed a special rail system to move the wheel part into the right assembly position. On the wheel part will be 4 holes which could be measured to detect the right position. Build the wheel slider Use the imported lines for nominal information Tolerance +/- 0.1 Create a vector group which will show the result of the build process

20 20 Truck Trailer – Build Sequence Visual Representation

21 21 Truck Trailer – Additional Reporting Representation GD&T Flatness Check of the 2 stringers Tolerance: 0.2 Distance Check between the wheel axes Diagonally distance check

22 22 Reporting process: Excel Report Contains all dimensions with Pass/Fail indicators Part ID, Operator Name, & Date also contained in Report Truck Trailer – Excel Reporting

23 23 Next Level g it to the Next Level...

24 24 Ways of Automating SA SA SDK

25 25 SA SDK Overview Enables embedded integration SA functionalityConnect to SA via MP interfaceMP provides stub code in C++ and VBDirect data exchange between SA and Integration App

26 26 SA Button with HTML

27 27 SA SDK Application Example 737 Fuselage Join

28 28 SA SDK Application Example: 737 Fuselage Join

29 29 SA SDK Application Example: Mold and Segment Inspection

30 30 SDK Application: embedded VBA Example

31 31 SDK Application: embedded VBA Example Collection Name Group NamePt NameX Y Z

32 Thank you

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