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Definition: The style, arrangement, and appearance of text on a page.

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1 Definition: The style, arrangement, and appearance of text on a page.


3 David Carson





8 Type Effects for Photoshop and Illustrator

9 TYPE EFFECTS FOR PHOTOSHOP AND ILLUSTRATOR 80 Best Type Effects in Photoshop 50 Excellent Type Effect Tutorials in Illustrator

10 Even everyday type should be designed well. It reflects on you and your business.



13 Display Type: Large type (e.g., used in headlines) Body Copy: Small type found in the body.









22 CONCORDANT TYPE: Type that is all the same font (can be boring). CONTRASTING TYPE: Type that contrasts must contrast dramatically. CONFLICTINT TYPE: Type that conflicts is too similar (not good).

23 Subheading A type hierarchy exists when the most important type is in largest, heaviest weight; the subheadings are smaller yet bold; and the least important text (the body copy) is in the smallest and lightest. Body copy also needs to be in a simple font (not script or decorative) so that it can be easily read. Bullets and Emphasis Use italics or bold for emphasis, not all capital letters. Use bullets or numbers to offset important points like those below:  Use bullets or numbers to offset important points.  Bullets should be solid and bold.  Do not use asterix, complex wingdings or symbols.  Do no use too much space between your bullet and text.

24 Principles Designers Know Words carry emotional impact. Letter forms carry emotional impact. The shape and design of a font impacts how we use the typeface. Social connotations are connected to letter forms and typography. Social contexts affect the way type is used and understood.













37 Cooper Black Goudy Stout


39 And Other Poorly Designed Fonts Anyone can create a font, but few people know how to create consistent letter forms, kerning, and metrics.

40 Leading, Tracking, Kerning

41 Illustrator Photoshop

42 Leading Leading is the space between baselines of type. Here’s how the term originated (to help you remember): In the olden days, lead had to be added to increase the vertical space when laying out type. This is normal leading for this size and family of font. Sans serif type usually needs a little wider leading to be legible than serif type does. This is wide leading, used for dramatic effect. Short blocks of text can have increased leading Like this. Often wide leading Is found in text that sits on top of color blocks..

43 Illustrator: Leading Photoshop: Leading

44 Tracking T r a c k I n g I s t h e c o n s I s t e n t s p a c I n g b e t w e e n l e t t e r s t h r o u g h o u t l I n e s o f t y p e. T h I s i s a n e x a m p l e o f i n c r e a s e d t r a c k I n g. This is normal tracking. When you loosen your tracking, its also a good idea to increase leading.

45 Illustrator: Tracking Photoshop: Tracking

46 Kerning Kerning is the space between letter pairs. All type 20 points or higher needs to be hand kerned. To adjust kerning in an Adobe program, place cursor between letters, and use Alt+Left/Right Arrow (PC) or Option+Left/Right Arrow (Mac) Tight kerning is preferred to loose kerning, generally.

47 Difference Between Tracking and Kerning Kerning is space between letter pairs that has to be adjusted to correct optical illusions of space (see below). Tracking is space between all letters in a line of type. It can be increased or decreased for dramatic effect (see above).

48 Questions Designers Always Ask What font and why? What point size and why? What color and why? What size leading, tracking, kerning and why?

49 Quiz Yourself What is leading? Tracking? Kerning? Times Roman belongs to what type family? What characteristics demonstrate that? Ariel belongs to what type family? What characteristics demonstrate that? What defines a “Modern” font? What font families are for display type only? What font families are best for body copy? Conflicting type is type that is ___________. Concordant type is ____________________. What is a “type hierarchy?” Identify 3 things to avoid with type. True or False: Letter forms carry emotional impact.

50 Questions?

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