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Task, Conditions and Standards

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1 Task, Conditions and Standards
TASK- Zero an M16A2 Rifle CONDITIONS- On a 25-meter range, given an M16A2 rifle, 18 rounds of 5.56-mm ammunition, a 300-meter zero target, and sandbags for support. STANDARDS- Using 18 rounds or less, the soldier must battlesight zero his rifle by achieving five out of six rounds in two consecutive shot groups within the 4-centimeter circle.  Bullets that break the line of the 4-centimeter circle will be used in evaluating the soldier's performance.

2 M16A2 Initial Front Sight Setting For 25 Meter Zero

3 M16A2 Initial Rear Sight Setting for 25Meter Zero

4 M16A2 Initial Sight Setting

5 Marksmanship Fundamentals
The four fundamentals are: Steady position Aim Breath control Trigger squeeze

6 Steady Position A shooter must assume a comfortable, steady position in order to hit targets consistently. The elements of a steady position include: Non-firing hand grip, rifle butt position, firing hand grip, firing elbow placement, non-firing elbow placement, stock weld, support, muscle relaxation, and natural point of aim.

7 Aiming Aiming involves correct site alignment, correct sight picture, and focusing on the front sight. Once a shooter learns to aim correctly, he must do the same procedure every shot. Accuracy is consistency; consistency is accuracy.

8 Breath Control During zeroing or slow fire on single targets, a shooter simply holds his breath momentarily and shoots. The shot must be fired before any discomfort results or the lay of the rifle will be disturbed.

9 Trigger Control All of the fundamentals are important but, trigger control is the most critical!!! It is also the fundamental that shooters perform incorrectly most often.

10 Shot-Group Analysis

11 Improper Trigger Squeeze

12 Shooter Error

13 Shot-Group Analysis

14 25 Meter Zero The shooter fires two separate, three-round shot groups and numbers them. Based on the shot groups and info provided on the target, the shooter computes the changes needed.

15 25 Meter Zero Here the shooter needs to move the strike of his rounds down 2 clicks and to the left 10 clicks. After the sight adjustment, 2 more 3-round groups are fired to confirm they are hitting center mass.

16 25 Meter Zero

17 Zeroed By applying the four fundamentals and using shot group analysis, a shooter should have no problem achieving a good zero and moving on to becoming qualified with his rifle.


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