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Apportionment Documents

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1 Apportionment Documents
Finding Apportionment Documents at The purpose of this short presentation is to teach you how to find and print a specific apportionment document for a specific district through the web site.

2 Learning Outcomes Be able to find and print a district’s apportionment documents Be able to avoid printing 73 pages when you only want to print one page Print the P-1 Exhibit C for the San Diego CCD Your objective is to be able to find and print the most recent P-1 document for 2013 – 2014, AKA as FY14 for the SDCCD.

3 Preliminaries There are several apportionments during a funding cycle
Major apportionment milestones AD (Advance Apportionment) P-1 (First Principle Apportionment) P-2 (Second Principle Apportionment) R1 (First Revised Apportionment) To refresh your memory, as I discussed in a previous presentation, here are the major apportionment milestones in the apportionment cycle.

4 The Link to The above link takes you to a page from which you choose the year For this class, choose Please follow the links in this slide to get to apportionment reports for FY14.

5 Linking to the 2013-14 P-1, Exhibit C
We want to link to the First Principle Apportionment (P-1) for the San Diego Community College District So, click on the P1 box to go to the First Principle Apportionment For now, we want Exhibit “C,” so click on First Principle Apportionment at the bottom of the list: The goal here is to find the most recent P-1 Exhibit C for the SDCCD. As I mentioned in a previous presentation, there will probably be updates between when I am preparing this presentation and when you are searching for the exhibit, so the links may change. Once you get to the 2013 – 2014 P-1 look at the dates and go to the most recent version, the most recent update.

6 Exhibit C Exhibit C calculates a district's potential Total Computational Revenue For the Unrestricted General Fund only The other exhibits calculate the funding of the other state-supported Funds and Sub-funds You should browse the other exhibits so you know what is there for future reference, but we are going to focus on Exhibit C This slide just reminds you of why we are focusing on Exhibit C.

7 Exhibit C for the San Diego Community College District
We will be using the SDCCCD Exhibit C as our learning tool, so you will need to print a copy of that one page After you click on the P-1 option you will be routed to an Adobe document with a list of the districts down the left side Scroll down to San Diego CCD Select the print button, and then be careful Be very careful to select “print current page”! If you do not you will waste 72 pages of paper – I have done that Here is how you find and print the P-1 for the SDCCCD. Please take heed of the warning in the red ink! I can’t tell you how often I have accidently printed documents for all of the districts.

8 Success? Success is defined by you having a hard copy of the P-1 for the San Diego Community College District If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying because we will be using that document for the next several lectures The End This lesson has one very clear learning outcome, and that is for you to have successfully printed the most recent updated P-1 Exhibit C for the SDCCD. This is the end of this presentation.


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