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2 Page 1 The purpose of this presentation is to provide information concerning the proposed changes to Ordinance 8064, 8065, and the Employee Performance Evaluation Manual. I

3 Page 1 Legend for Presentation Items in RED denotes DELETIONS Items in BLUE denotes ADDITIONS Items bolded in BLACK denotes EXPLANATION II

4 Page 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION II General Procedures Pg. i I. Appeal of Reports For Permanent Regular Employees Only Changed “Permanent” to “Regular” 1

5 Page 1 PERFORMANCE RATING SECTION I Pg.1 C. Authority Article VI, Section 6.12 “Standards of Efficiency” of the City Charter requires that the City Manager, or by designation the Human Resources Director, establish by written policy appropriate standards of efficiency for all positions in each class and grade in the classified positions. Rule 14 “Section II.I of this manual, “Appeal of Efficiency Ratings” of the Civil Service Rules outlines the appeal process. Rule 9, Section 2.c The “Examination Ratings Policy” “Rating of Efficiency” states the manner in which efficiency rating points are combined with examination points and seniority points to yield a final promotional examination score. Deleted reference to Rule 14, information added under Section II- I. 2

6 Page 1 PERFORMANCE RATING SECTION II General Procedures Pg. 2 C.Types of Ratings and When They Are Prepared Probationary: Prior to the completion of the six-month probationary period, for both original and promotional appointments, the Department Head must return to the Human Resources Department within 30 calendar days from the day it is due to the employee, the rating form prepared for the probationary employee. The probationary employee becomes permanent regular at the successful completion of the probationary period. Changed “permanent to “regular” with added language for clarification. 3

7 Page 1 PERFORMANCE RATING SECTION II General Procedures (con’t) Pg. 4 I. Appeal of Reports for Permanent Regular Employees Only All regular classified and uniformed employees have the right to appeal any regularly scheduled OVERALL rating below a “3-Meets Performance Standards”, he considers unfair, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable, except for any probationary rating not recommending that the employee be made regular in a probationary position. In the case of such probationary ratings, the employee has the right to place a written statement in his personnel file stating any objections to the rating. Changed “Permanent” to “Regular” Added (I) to replace Rule 14-Appeal of Efficiency Ratings with clarification language of right to appeal Performance Evaluation if overall rating is below “3-Meets Performance Standards”. 4

8 Page 1 PERFORMANCE RATING SECTION II General Procedures (con’t) If, after a scheduled evaluation, the employee is still dissatisfied with the final rating, they may then ask, in writing, for a further review by the Civil Service Commission, in accordance with this section. Added language “in accordance with this section” Pg. 5 After hearing the justification, and any response on the part of the employee, the Commission may take such appropriate action as it deems necessary to determine the appeal. No new evidence may be received by the Commission at this time. the Commission may request additional justification, or take other action as provided in Rule 14. If an employee resigns employment with the City of El Paso during the pendency of any appeal, the appeal shall be deemed withdrawn and no further action shall be taken. Added language under (I) in 4 th and 5 th paragraph for clarification of no new evidence to be received by the Commission and for clarification during pendency of any appeal. 5

9 Page 1 THE EVALUATION SECTION III Pg. 7 C.Suggestions on How to Proceed 7. Before probationary or permanent regular employees can be released for reasons of unsatisfactory performance; there must be documented evidence of a specific nature. Performance evaluation reports are intended to provide a written record of specified deficiencies and/or excellence during the rating period in which they were observed. Unrecorded unsatisfactory performance is difficult to substantiate in disciplinary hearings. Changed “permanent” to “regular” Added language for clarification of employee during probation or regular employee being released for reasons of unsatisfactory performance there must be documented evidence. 6

10 Page 1 MERITORIOUS INCREASES SECTION VI Pg 12 2. The following action may be considered by the department head: Formal Counseling Written Reprimand – received any Formal Counseling written reprimand during the rating period. Changed “Written Reprimand” to “Formal Counseling” 7

11 Page 1 THE EVALUATION INTERVIEW SECTION VII Pg. 14 LIST OF RELATED C.S.C. CHARTER PROVISIONS AND RULES Deleted “List of” and “s” in Provisions and “And Rules” Pg. 15 Rule 14 – Appeal of Efficiency Ratings Rule 9, Section 2.c –Ratings of Efficiency Deleted notation of Rule 14- Appeal of Efficiency Ratings Deleted notation of Rule 9, Section 2.c Ratings of Efficiency 8

12 Page 1 QUESTIONS?


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