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Intro to Arduino Laura Ulibarri

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1 Intro to Arduino Laura Ulibarri
Intro to Arduino by Laura Ulibarri is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 5/8/14

2 What is an Arduino? 29 0:45 9:50

3 Why Arduino? Open source Inexpensive Easy to modify “Easy” to Learn
Tutorials Large community Instructables Idea to implementation! 5/8/14 Arduino Bar, Ivrea from Omer Kilic

4 The First Arduino “Then I'm fond of the mistake... it makes it not perfect therefore more human... could have been all perfectly optimised... but if engineers ran the world it would be an unbearable place where to live”  --Massimo 5/8/14

5 Examples of Arduinos Uno Mega Lilypad Nano Leonardo 5/8/14

6 Available at the Workshop
Uno “Leonardo” 5/8/14

7 Anatomy of an Arduino 5/8/14

8 Terminology: Shields Proto Ethernet Motor 5/8/14

9 Terminology: Sensors Magnetometer Accelerometer Gyro, Vibration
Force, Motion Humidity, Light Color, Rangefinder Sound Etc. 5/8/14

10 Terminology: Actuators
Motors DC Stepper Servo Solenoid Etc. 5/8/14

11 Terminology: Modules GPS LCD Wireless Ethernet LEDs Etc. 5/8/14

12 What Can I Build? 5/8/14

13 Let’s Build 5/8/14

14 Safety wash your hands after class IF YOU SEE SMOKE, PULL THE PLUG!!!
Electronic parts may contain lead wash your hands after class Mistakes in wiring will usually cause a non-working circuit, but… IF YOU SEE SMOKE, PULL THE PLUG!!! 5/8/14

15 Class Rules Live Aloha I am not your mother
Put your toys away when you are done Clean up your work area Parts provided by Laura, Maui Makers or St Anthony are for workshop use only Class projects may be displayed at Maker Events You may buy/bring your own parts for projects you want to take home Contact for discounted parts Have Fun! 5/8/14

16 Lessons Lesson 0: Lesson 1:
ArduinoLeonardo#toc4 Lesson 1: With-LEDs/ calculators/conversion-calculator-resistor-color-code-4-band 5/8/14

17 Lessons Lesson 2:
Lesson 3: basic-starter-kit/tutorial-3-using-digital-input/ Lesson 4: basic-starter-kit/tutorial-4-an-led-game/ 5/8/14

18 Agenda—Facilitated Learning
Talk Story: why are you here? Brainstorming: ideas for group projects Break out groups: Newbies Control Freaks Just Do It 5/8/14

19 Newbies Who? Requirements Structure
New to programming, electronics, or Arduinos Requirements a pulse, a reasonable level of maturity and a willingness to learn Structure  You will be guided by others in the basics of setting it up and doing simple examples 5/8/14

20 Control Freaks Who? Requirements Structure
Know what you want to learn/build Need access to board, parts, tools Requirements Comfortable with electronics or programming Structure Self-paced learning experience building example circuits that demonstrate how to control sensors or actuators with the Arduino 5/8/14

21 Just Do It Who? Requirements Structure
Arduino, electronics, programming masters Makers who know what they want to make, but may not have all the skills required Requirements Willingness to work with others and try new things Structure Define a project that requires an Arduino, design it and build it 5/8/14

22 Resources for Just Do It 5/8/14

23 Resources for Control Freaks
RedBoard-Guide-Version3.0-Online.pdf /Boards/ARDX-EG-SPAR-WEB-REV10.pdf lessons 5/8/14

24 Some of the slides were inspired by:

25 Newbies Start Here lessons 5/8/14

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