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2 We Are……

3 SATH TRADING & MKT. PVT. LTD. COMPANY Work together, Grow together
Provide All Healthcare Product, Its Totally Made By Herbal And Ayurvedic Natural Contents Your Ideas our creativity

4 ABOUT US Sath is direct selling and marketing company in India. Sath company has introduced the Indian market to a number of innovative and result-oriented products; which have always helped consumers solve day-to-day problems more effectively, and thus live better lives. The quest for excellence has not been restricted to products. Sath has always been a progressive company even in terms of its systems, processes, and business model with high vision. Sath has think to make a carrier opportunity to every individual those want to grow

5 Our Aim is to care for you and wish you to keep healthy & wealthy.
Aim Of The Company This is SATH PVT. LTD. Company. Its not only Marketing Company but also healthcare. Our Aim is to care for you and wish you to keep healthy & wealthy. We build network and make society. We Make plans, creative ideas and solve all healthcare problems

6 Vision To become the leading and the most respected direct selling company that works in a clean, transparent and legal way, creating opportunities for everyone for their own betterment To provide a preventive personal care & healthcare product for natural friendly care to the society globally Spent best quality product for your health and they make wealthy and healthy life

7 Mission Become the first choice direct selling organization by innovating and creating good, result oriented products. Support every individual in the network with systematic and customized training programs and nurture business skills of every network individual. Create a legal and transparent business environment with the help of advance technology enabled interfaces

8 Welcome To All In OUR Family…..
We the SATH family are philanthropist (lovers of mankind) and aim to do activities for the society and classes of people who are in great need of a good platform from where they can achieve their goals. Our main aim is to introduce the best herbal products with a good marketing plan where everyone can get an opportunity to live a better life. We believe that “Duty is the first and foremost thing for each and every individual”. We believe in three Ds that is DEVOTION, DEDICTION, DISCIPLINE

9 Products Kit Personal care kit (Hair & Skin) Vedantak kit
Disease care kit Canola oil kit Personal care kit include Aloevera Herbal Hair oil, Richner, hair gel, Cleaner & Skin Care Premium Soap, Fairness Cream, Scrub Cream.

10 Vedantak kit Disease care kit Canola oil kit
Useful in all types of slip disk joint pain. It works as a catalyst along with vayucare and joint care cap. Gives relief from muscle pain migraine. Disease care kit Useful in 70 type of disease and health suppliment Canola oil kit Rich with omega3 & 0% trans fat, cholesterol safer and smarter for health and Brain


12 Contain Of Product It made Aloe Vera & totally herbal product For Personal care ( skin, hair, pain oil).

13 You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win…….
Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it…

14 Business plan 1. On purchase of any product package, you become Independent Distributor of the company. 2. When you introduce 2 direct customers -‘A’ on the left side & ‘B’ on the Right side, you complete 1st level in the ratio of 1:1 Rs.1000/- 3.Once you free yourself from the need for perfect acceptance, it’s a lot easier to launch work that matters 4.The golden rule for every business man is this: Put yourself in your customer’s place. 5.Business is more exciting than any game.

15 Business Plan Levels Sr. no. Members (A+B) Business value (BV) 1000
Associate 2 1 + 1 1 1000 6 3 + 3 2500 2 12 6 + 6 3 4000 18 9 + 9 4 7000 60 Silver Associate 10000 5 102 6 15000 Gold Associate

16 Ambassador Wise president club Chairman club 312 208 + 104 50,000 7
Diamond Associate 522 70,000 8 Diplomat 1398 9 Silver Diplomat 1,20,00O 2097 1,50,000 10 Gold Diplomat 2997 2,00,000 11 Diamond Diplomat 6999 12 3,00,000 Ambassador 10998 13 5,00,000 Wise president club 15999 14 22,00,000 Chairman club

17 Rewards Levels Rewards Sr. no Ambassador Wise president club
Laptop Diplomat 1 BIKE 2 Silver Diplomat 3 Gold Diplomat Alto car 4 Diamond Diplomat Beat car Ambassador Indica car 5 6 Wise president club Swift car 7 Chairman club Mahindra xuv

18 SPONCER CRITERIA Associate get 100 BV per sponsor .
From the step 6, direct sponsor is compulsory up to step 14 BV has been given after completion of direct sponsor criteria as per above Example :- If associate complete his step 6 in his team 102 members but he does not qualified to take the BV of 6 th step. because he required 10 direct sponsor . If he sponsor the 10 direct associate Than he will take 6 th step BV . 102 members = 15000BV +1000BV (direct sponsor income) =16000 BV

19 Sponcer Income Ambassador Wise president club Chairman club 6
STEP DESIGNATIONS TEAM DIRECT SPONCER BUSINESS VALU 6 Gold Associate 102 10 1000 2000 7 Diamond Associate 312 20 8 Diplomat 522 30 3000 9 Silver Diplomat 1398 40 4000 Gold Diplomat 2097 50 5000 10 11 2997 60 6000 Diamond Diplomat 12 Ambassador 6999 70 7000 8000 13 Wise president club 10998 80 14 Chairman club 15999 100 10000

20 Royalty Income Royalty Income will be started after Level-14. Amount will be given to chairman club till 48 months after one month from the date of completion of S-14 step. Royalty Income will be calculated as per terms and conditions of SATH Company. TDS 12.5 % AND ADMIN CHARGE 5 %

21 EXTRA REWARDS Fastest achiver rewards
Rewards on fastest pair makers (on 100 ) Rewards on highest performer And many more………… Note : All rewards and gifts should be change as per company policy and rules*

22 Facilities Result Oriented World Class Products Low Investment
Online & Transparent Business  Earn Part-time/full-time Unlimited Income Opportunity  Low Investment Training Support Assured Work from anywhere across   India Customer Care

23 Package Cost Personal care kit , At just Joint care kit Or
Individual Business Developer will join to the company by purchasing of the following packages. Personal care kit , At just Joint care kit Or Canola oil kit Note : included business kit with product kit*

24 Business Kit Leadership Training Promotional Material
Accidental Insurance upto 1,00,000/- All above mentioned amount will be distributed to distributors as per rules and regulations of insurance company and SATH Pvt. Ltd. Leadership Training As per convenience of company special training seminar will be conducted for one day to those who has achieved the six steps in any ID.

25 More …… Leadership bonus Repurchase
Various upcoming product related to health and personal care

26 Contact us Corporate add : Nagpur - 440022
Help line no : , Stock point no :

27 Thank you For Listening…. 


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