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Presentation E3T2014. Season Challenge is a family-run start-up created in 2013 based in Ponta Delgada. The company´s primary activity involves Maritime.

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1 Presentation E3T2014

2 Season Challenge is a family-run start-up created in 2013 based in Ponta Delgada. The company´s primary activity involves Maritime Tourism, more specifically a Diving School Center and Filling Station, in addition to a variety of open-air activities and sports. The company´s team boasts a combination of technical expertise and experienced and efficient management. About Us OurServices Recreational and technical diving, Trimix and services for people with special needs. Open-air activities and sports including sightseeing and hiking.

3 1 | Instructor - PADI, DDI, TEC REC, GAS BLENDER. 2 | Instructors - EFR. 3 | Dive Masters - PADI, DDI. 1 | Assistant Diver - DDI. 2 | Equipment Maintenance Technicians - CRESSI. 1 | Equipment Maintenance Technician – PADI. 4 | Skippers. Daily diving capacity | 24 customers. Daily van tour capacity | 7/14 customers. Daily hiking tour capacity | 7/14 customers. 2 | VW Transporter vehicles with air conditioning and GPS. 1 | 6.5m semi-rigid vessel. 1 |10m semi-rigid vessel. 4 | Full technical diving equipment. 18 | Full diving equipment. HumanResources Full-time specialized personnelOperatingCapacityMeans

4 Facilities Diving Center | East Marine Training Department | West Marine

5 Diving School Permit N° 150 IPDJ Diving Center Permit N° 141 IPDJ Filling Station Permit N° 118 IPDJ Equipment Permit Rental N° 144 IPDJ Maritime-Tourist Operator Permit N° 06/2014 BAUER Pure Air Certificate N° PA14D02431 PADI Dive Resort N° S/24319 DDI Dive Center N° 20/038 CRESSI Dive Center Permits and Certifications

6 Products and Services

7 Snorkeling Season Challenge offers snorkeling from vessels in protected ocean reserves. This activity enables divers to view shipwrecks and the diversity of underwater life in the Azores. The marine ecosystem of the island of S. Miguel is composed of an enormous variety of life forms, enabling divers to view octopus, ray, flounder and moray eels, surrounded by an immensity of species of shoals of fish, the most noteworthy of which are barracudas, sargos, cavalas, enxaréus and salemas, as well as colourful castanhetas, vejas, anthias and peixes rei, among other fascinating varieties.

8 Seeing the seabed and experimenting with underwater breathing are the main elements of a surprising Discover Scuba Diving. The Season Challenge team will help you get to know the wonderful sea world in safety and to experience an overwhelming feeling of freedom and awe. The Discover Scuba Diving includes a lecture on the equipment and the differences in breathing underwater, in addition to a practical session in the swimming pool. The dive at sea is one of the most spectacular experiences there is, and you will be enthralled by the abundance of colors, life and new sensations. PADI Discover Scuba Diving

9 Diving with the Season Challenge team means diving with the highest levels of safety, first-rate equipment, in the best locations, with the best guides, with maximum comfort and always in a welcoming and entertaining environment. Our favorite spots include the shipwrecks Dori, Maria Amélia and Luso, the Caloura and Cruzeiro arches, the Espelho, Ouro, Castanhetas and Frade reefs, Ancoras, Cabeço do Ilhéu, Panela, Lourenços, Sabrina, Ilhéu de Vila Franca, Formigas, Dollabarat and baixa do Ambrósio are other unforgettable locations. Diving with our team is a guarantee of pure air certified by BAUER and the chance to dive with NITROX or with a mixture of gases for TRIMIX. Scuba Diving

10 PADI was founded in the USA and is the world´s leading recreational diving training organization, renowned for its rigorous standards and excellent training and service materials. Season Challenge provides PADI Open Water Diver, Advance Open Water, Rescue Diver, EFR, Dive Master courses and a variety of specialities. Choosing to dive with our team of instructors will also guarantee you pure air BAUER certified according to DIN EN 21 120 and the chance to dive with NITROX. PADI Diving Courses

11 Technical diving is an “extreme” sport which takes experienced divers to depths which are out of bounds for recreational diving. Technical diving is not everyone´s cup of tea, however PADI TecRec courses are the best option for those who can´t resist the challenge. TEC 40, 45 and 50 courses are a challenge for experienced divers. The use of pure air certified by BAUER and the chance to dive with Nitrox and a mixture of gases for TRIMIX. Technical Diving Courses

12 Mergulho com Jamantas One of the most sought-after experiences by divers visiting S. Miguel is diving with manta rays, which often swim around divers so graciously it seems as if they are flying. This is a unique experience. This species, harmless to man, seeks out the currents which push the nutrients from the depths of the sea to the surface, swimming peacefully just a few meters under the surface, and can often be spotted from the boat swimming on the surface on days when the sea is calm. Of all the best locations for diving with manta rays, Season Challenge recommends the Formigas, baixa do Ambrósio or the Dollabarat reef located near of island of S. Miguel, which are also ideal spots for viewing large shoals of pelagic fish such as lírios, encharéus, barracuda and tuna, often in huge shoals in their thousands. Diving with Manta Rays

13 Diving with large pelagic fishes in the crystal clear waters of the Azores is without any doubt one of the most surprising experiences that our sea can provide to you. The experience of diving in the blue waters of the Azores with a fish which often grows to over 1 meter in length, swimming casually around divers, does not merely entail viewing the Mero,that many times is surrounded by thousands Fish in huge schools and numerous other species of small pelagic fishes. Given that the Mero is found relatively near from the coast, these trips usually reserve further surprises for divers, including several different species of dolphin and many species of sea birds such as gulls, terns and Cory's Shearwaters, sometimes is possible too observe whales. Diving with large pelagic fishes

14 DDI is a Denmark-based entity geared to the promotion and implementation of training programmes for professionals working with special needs people. Season Challenge is a DDI Dive Center with experienced instructors who conduct training programmes and diving activities which are accessible to everyone and adapted to the needs of each customer, and where everyone is met with a smile. Season Challenge also offers complete land/sea packages geared to families and groups with special needs, striving to meet their needs and always aiming to satisfy each person in the group. Special Needs Diving

15 Sightseeing Season Challenge offers its customers excursions in comfortable vans around the magnificent landscapes of the island of Sao Miguel, including a visit to the splendid Terra Nostra botanical gardens, the stunning irrigation channels and natural pools formed by the innumerous hydrothermal hot springs, bathing in which is a luxurious and unique experience. Our routes around the island reveal the unique wealth of its agro-industrial assets, including the active tea factories and its magnificent ecclesiastical and military architecture, palaces and villas, thereby completing these excursions of dreams. Our customers can also try a traditional stew cooked in caves, or regional delicacies such as the renowned soups, grilled limpets, barnacles, rump steak and excellent beef, among the many delicious dishes prepared using local products.

16 The footpaths and trails selected by Season Challenge enable everyone to get to know the splendid landscapes of the island of Sao Miguel. In reality, each of these trails runs through areas of exceptional beauty, connecting almost all the corners of the island, both at sea level and altitude. The Season Challenge guide team possesses both equipment and training which guarantees safety and peace of mind when hiking, enabling customers, from the most demanding to those just looking for a relaxing walk, to take full advantage of our magnificent and unforgettable Hiking

17 Facilities and contact Details Seasonchallenge Head Office : Rua Dr.º Hugo Moreira, 36, 5º Direito Nascente - 9500-792 Ponta Delgada Operational Center - Training Center : Marina Poente de Ponta Delgada - Armazém nº 3 Diving Center - Boarding Platform : Marina de Ponta Delgada - Quiosque/Kiosk C - D GPS Latitude: 37d 44m 480s N Longitude: 025d 39m 561s W Phone: +351 296 652 724 Mobil: +351 914 464 511 E-mail:

18 Thank You

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