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12/08/14.  Welcoming Remarks  ORS Updates  OSP Updates.

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1 12/08/14

2  Welcoming Remarks  ORS Updates  OSP Updates

3  Director, SSRI (Instrumental in creating ORS – West).  Theme Leader, Bass Connections in Education and Human Development.  Director, EcoTeach Center.  Professor, teaching, advising, researching, and “flunching.”

4  The PAL is coming—Pre-Award Liaison. ◦ New field in SPS Web. ◦ Will default to the initiator. ◦ Pilot departments  Biology  Chemistry ◦ RAD—January 2015 begin work. ◦ March 2015 “Go Live”

5  Who’s your PAL and why do you need one? ◦ Initiator vs. PAL  Initiator may be the same person as the PAL, so SPS Web will default the PAL to the initiator.  Not always the same person.  Initiator will be able to edit the PAL field as needed.  Initiator may be serving a data entry role.  PAL = the person who is putting the proposal together.  PAL is gathering materials, dealing with subcontractors, building the budget, etc.  Turns the documents over to the initiator for data entry.  Key Point: who does ORS/ORA call?  The PAL is the One.

6  The Metrics: Reloaded

7 ◦ Post-award complexity quotient comes to Pre- award.  The Problem: ◦ we have not been able to identify who was actually doing the proposal development work.  Now we can. ◦ Gives managers a measure to help gauge workload.  One measure among many.  ORS has been doing this for years to address disparities in portfolio assignments.

8  The Metrics: Reloaded ◦ GM 1—2.36 ◦ GM 2—1.54 ◦ GM 3—3.67  Business Manager ◦ One decision point among many. ◦ There’s more to the story than one number.

9  OSA vs. RSSA ◦ Research Support Services Agreement  The Duke University Research Support Services Agreement (RSSA) should be utilized used to procure outside services on sponsored codes (20X, 30X-35X, 38X, 293 & 393). This agreement should be utilized used only when a determination is made that the entity is a vendor under the definition in OMB Circular A- 133.  RSSA Rider A: Scope of Services, Deliverables & Payment Schedule  RSSA Rider B: Foreign Contract Additional Terms and Conditions

10  OSA vs. RSSA ◦ For payments to individuals classified as independent contractors use G/L  622029 ◦ For payments to legal entities such as corporations use G/L  691629

11 ◦ Closeout Project ◦ PAMC Closeout Project Implementation Team Manager: Michelle Rigsbee

12 Dec 2014/Jan 2015Dec 2015/Jan 2016July/August 2015June 2016July/Aug 2014 Clean Close Transition (Starts Jan 1, 2015) * Develop/Rollout Group 1 Develop/Rollout Group 2 Develop/Rollout Group 3 Awareness Clean Close Tech Ready Resolve Backlog/Subaccount Transition Clean Close Tech: Req Definition 6-7 Mos, Dev 9 Mos, Test/Pilot Short-Term Tech Tools Rollout

13 OSAs – Now RSSAs GAP 200.370 – Purchasing Goods and Services on Sponsored Projects Research Support Services Agreement (RSSA) GAP 200.130 – Engaging and Paying Guest Speakers, Conference Participants and Honoraria Recipients Buy@Duke Flag to tag carts/POs with RSSAs Parent-Child Relationship GAP 200.190 – Parent/Child Sponsored Project Management Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template MOU Guidance document Procurement Revised Vendor Terms and Conditions to specify invoice due within 30 days Addressed Timeliness with historically late-invoicing vendors

14 Projects Approaching End Date (Replaces ZF110 ) Identifies projects ending in the next 3 months Drilldown to Project Obligations Report Project Obligations Report Existing & Future dated cost distributions Outstanding purchase orders WBSE Status and Warnings on Financial TransactionsEnhanced Approver Email for TravelNew Master Data Field (Backstop) on Project Master

15 Closeout GAP (200.180)Closeout TasklistCloseout Tasklist FAQs All available at:

16 Closeout GAP’s flexibility supports departments at different phases of Clean Close adoption and business process change Encourages use of Projects Approaching End Date report, highlights the critical dates within the Closeout Period Project Period End Date OSP Due Date for closeout documentation Sponsor Due Date for final reports Requires use of Closeout Tasklist (replaces Closeout Checklist) Anticipated charges included on the ZF114 should decrease as barriers are resolved

17 Provides departments with a mechanism to document and facilitate a timely closeout, and to provide transparency into the status of the closeout process: Replaces GM Checklist, PI Attestation, and current SOM clinical research checklist with comprehensive working document and guide Final submission indicates grant is complete and ready for final reporting PI Attestation required with Closeout Tasklist but completed independently of Tasklist Provides paper/Excel transition until Duke@Work solution Provides a pilot environment – your feedback is critical to producing the best final technology product FAQs will be updated (and announced) periodically

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