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By :- Dr. S.C. Agarwal Director, Fisheries, Haryana On 6 th July 2006 A Draft National Policy for Farmers Suggestions.

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1 By :- Dr. S.C. Agarwal Director, Fisheries, Haryana On 6 th July 2006 A Draft National Policy for Farmers Suggestions

2 Functions & Objectives of Department  To conserve fisheries in natural water bodies.  To produce the quality fish seed.  To utilize village ponds for aquaculture.  To provide technical and financial assistance for fish farming.  To provide employment opportunities to the unemployed persons.  To train human resource for fisheries development. ***

3 BACKGROUND  Haryana is land locked State bounded by two hills and two rivers.  58 hect. Water area with stocking 1.5 lakh fish seed and total production 600 tonne in 1966.  10532 hect. Water area with fish seed stocking 2820.80 lakhs and 48200 tonne fish in 2005-06.  9466 farmers and 21282 persons engaged in fisheries.  Haryana ranks 2 nd in the country per hect. Fish production.  Total water area is 85900 hect. i.e. 2% of the total land area. ***

4 Water Resources (in hect.)  River, canal and drains 20000  Lakes and Reservoirs 900  Marshy area 2000  Saline effected water area28000  Waterlogged area25000  Village ponds10000 Total85900 ***

5 INFRASTRUCTURE  14 Functional Govt. Fish Seed Farms.  14 Fish Seed Hatcheries in Private Sector.  Three Fish Markets.  State Level Aquaculture Research and Training Institute.  18 Fish Farmers Development Agencies at District level.  Statistical Cell at Directorate Level.  HRD and Extension Cell at Directorate Level.  Legal Cell at Directorate Level.  Engineering wing at Directorate level. ***

6 Facts About Fisheries  Contribution of fisheries to total GDP of the Country 1.04%  Contribution of fisheries in Agriculture GDP5.34%  Total fish production in the country6.30million tonne  Fisher population 14.48 million  India’s rank total fish production in World3 rd  India’s rank in Inland Fish Production in World2 nd  Total fish production in Haryana48200 tonne  Fish Productivity 4576 Kg./hect. In Haryana2 nd rank in country

7 Facts About Fisheries  Contribution of fisheries in GSDP in Haryana 0.3%  Contribution of fisheries in agriculture sector GDP in Haryana5.0%  Plan Budget compared to total State budget in Haryana0.18%  Plan budget compared to agriculture sector in Haryana3.7%  Area under aquaculture as compared to available water area16%  Potential for fish production in Haryana (lakh/tonne)3.25  Present production as compared to potential 14.8% fish production in Haryana ***

8 Definition  Aquaculture : Rearing and culture of fish or any aquatic animal or plants in confined or open water for economical use.  Fish Farmers : Person doing fish farming either in his own pond or leased pond.  Fish Seed Producers : Person who produces fish seed by induced breeding of fish.  Fisherman : Person who harvest the fish.  Fish Market Intermediary : Person involving in sale of fish and fisheries trade comprising wholesales, retailers and hawkers. ***

9 BBoth activities required land for farming. WWater is the main component for both the activities. CCulture practices in both the activities are same i.e. ploughing of the land, sowing of the seed, fertilization, de weeding harvesting, transportation and marketing. CCattle rearing and horticulture are the supplementary activities linked with both the activities. BBeneficiaries in both the activities are common. MMarket procedure is almost same in both the activities. AAgriculture as well as Aquaculture development is state subject. *** Aquaculture vis-a-vis Agriculture

10 Benefits for aquaculture are not equal to agriculture  Water Charges  Electricity Charges  Stamp Duty  Crop Insurance  Credit to Farmers  Minimum Support Price  Income Tax  Relief for Natural Calamities ***

11 Suggestions  Aquaculture at par with Agriculture  Leasing Policy  Use of fish pond for Minor Irrigation  Utilization of Saline/alkaline and water logged areas for fish farming.  Protection of natural water bodies  Fish culture in running water

12 Suggestions  Diversification of traditional carp culture  Non food fish production  Mechanized aquaculture practices  Organic aquaculture  Fish Marketing  Participation of Women in Fisheries ***

13 Thanks

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