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Bunion Surgery (for severe bunions)

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1 Bunion Surgery (for severe bunions)
Rhode Island Foot Care, Inc.

2 What is a Bunion? 20o 1o

3 Reverdin-Laird Reverdin Youngswick Vogler Austin Decompressional
Scarf Keller Ludloff Reverdin-Laird Reverdin Youngswick Vogler Opening Base Wedge Cheilectomy Saggital plane Z Akin Austin Mau Decompressional Kalish Mcbride Arcuate Lapidus Reverdin-Green Implant Reverdin-Todd Closing Base Wedge

4 Bunion Surgery (mild bunion)
Requirements: IM angle less than 14o Minimal arthritis Reasonable bone quality With 50% translation, Maximum correction is 60 for males, 50for females

5 Severe Bunions… IM over 14o Hypermobility 25o

6 Closing Base Wedge Bunion bump is removed
A wedge is removed from the metatarsal. The osteotomy is closed and held together with screws

7 Lapidus

8 Lapidus

9 Opening Base Wedge Requires bone graft
Only to be used with short 1st metatarsal



12 Thank You !!

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