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FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Christine Hawkinson, Bureau Data Administrator 1.

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1 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Christine Hawkinson, Bureau Data Administrator 1

2 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014  Bureau Data Administrator  Responsible for data management policy and guidance  Data Management (Division of Resource Services) Operations  Development of national data standards  Development and implementation of national geospatial datasets  Division of Information Resource Management -Operations  Database (application) development  Implementation of applications  Geospatial Program  Geospatial Infrastructure and Issues  Data Stewards – national, state and local  State and Field Offices  Data Collection 2

3 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 3

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5  Data Standard  identify logical / business data requirements  document what information is needed to meet those business requirements to provide for high-quality data.  Defined before data is collected.  Not specific to geospatial data  Standardized Dataset  A national schema with a shared set of attributes and domain values, capable of being seamlessly compiled to a National dataset. The implementation of a data standard also results in a standardized dataset.  Database / Geodatabase  A defined, automated, shared and centrally managed collection of data. A data base is a collection of interrelated data stored in a structured manner. 5

6 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 DAWG: Data Advisory Working Group 6

7 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Deliverables: Data Development Proposal (template) Development Schedule – through Defined Dataset Purpose: Defines initial scope Communicates intent of work Locate Subject Matter Experts for Development 7

8 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 8

9 Deliverables (templates): Data Standard Report Domain Document Quality Plan Metadata Description Implementation Guidelines (opt) Purpose: Describes business data, rules and domains for bureau Provides common schema Provides information on how quality will be assessed (insures will meet minimum quality requirements) 9

10 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Deliverables (templates): Standardized Dataset Report Domain Document Quality Plan and Checklist Metadata Description Purpose: Provides common schema and domain values for national compilation of diverse local datasets Provides plan for insuring quality and completeness of dataset 10

11 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Dataset Deliverables: Implementation Plan Quality Checklist Metadata Description (final) Data Certification National Certified Dataset Database Deliverables: Database design Data Management Plan (including quality) Data Migration Plan (optional) 11

12 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Deliverables: Updates to existing standard (optional) Updates to schema Retired standard 12

13 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014  States provide state-level datasets  Quality checked for minimum required criteria  Quality reports  Specific domains, attributes, topology  Trusted Data Aggregation: States responsible for error correction  Metadata reviewed for completeness  Meets required minimum  Replicated into national dataset  No data updates at aggregated national level  Timing of updates from states depends on data steward requirements  Dataset is certified by data steward  Can be published once certified (internal/external) 13

14 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 Processes for aggregation vary Examples:  Basic National datasets  Administrative Boundaries  Land Use Planning Areas  Allotments and Pastures  Summarized National datasets  Land Health Reporting  Visual Resource Inventory 14

15 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014  Several redundant systems  Crosses programs  Same types of treatments/data which are completed for various reasons  Looking at developing a treatment module that can be called by different systems  Same data standard; same data elements  Store once, use and update many times 15

16 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 DAMA DMBOK,2009 16

17 FGDC presentation 1/14/2014 17

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