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FY2014-15 Preliminary Budget Information Board Budget Workshop May 27, 2014.

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1 FY2014-15 Preliminary Budget Information Board Budget Workshop May 27, 2014

2 Florida College System Program Fund $1.10 billion GR and Lottery –Fund shift of $50.03 million from GR to Lottery $841 million tuition and fees (est., no tuition increase) $4.8 million to offset FRS employer contribution rate increases $15.5 million for equity/compression adjustments at 14 colleges $5 million distributed using the Funding Model Index $2.0 million to fully fund Operating Costs of New Facilities Reduction of $4.2 million to selected prior year non-recurring funding at 5 colleges (incl. Sumter Workforce Partnership -$1 million) Additional $3.3 million for new special projects at 4 colleges 2

3 Other Funding Issues $9.0 million for the Florida Virtual Campus (split with State University System) $5.0 million for Performance Incentives based on Industry Certifications Elimination of Northwest Regional Data Center Funding $1.3 million for 1 st Generation Matching Grants 3

4 Major Policy Changes (HB 7015– Military and Veteran Support)HB 7015 Education assistance: Section 1 amends s. 250 10, F. S. to include post-secondary institutions and technical centers in the education assistance program Extends the education assistance program to include training for industry certifications approved by the Florida Department of Education and continuing education to maintain license certifications or developmental education courses Fee Waiver: Section 36 implements the “Congressman C. W. Bill Young Veteran Tuition Waiver Program” to waive out-of-state fees for honorably discharged veterans of the US Armed Forces, Reserve Forces or the National Guard who reside in the state while enrolled in a FCS institution, state university and/or technical career center. 4

5 Major Policy Changes (HB 851– Postsecondary Education Tuition & Fees)HB 851 Tuition: Section 2  Caps the standard tuition rate at $2.33/contact hour for residents and $6.99 for nonresidents for programs leading to a career certificate or an applied technology diploma  Eliminates the out-of-state fee for adult general education programs  Eliminates statutory rate of inflation increase for workforce education programs Section 3  Maintains the standard tuition rate at $71.98/credit hour for residents and $215.94/credit hour for nonresidents for advanced, professional, postsecondary vocational, developmental education and education preparation institute programs  Eliminates statutory rate of inflation increase for FCS institutions 5

6 Major Policy Changes (HB 851– Postsecondary Education Tuition & Fees)HB 851 Tuition: Section 5  Requires waiver of out-of state fees for students including undocumented students for immigration purposes if they −Attended a secondary school in the state for 3 years immediately before graduating from High School −Apply for enrollment in a Higher Education institution within 24 months after High School graduation −Submit an official Florida High School transcript as evidence of attendance and graduation Section 6  Re-defines “parent” as either or both parents of a student, and now extends to any guardian of a student or any person in a parental relationship to the student  Revises the provision for residency purposes for a child to have lived with an adult relative from 5 years to 3 years immediately before enrollment in a higher education institution. 6

7 Major Policy Changes (HB 851– Postsecondary Education Tuition & Fees)HB 851 Tuition: Section 6 continued  Prohibits a child who is a US citizen from being denied classification as a resident for tuition purposes based solely upon the immigration status of his/her parent  Revises the provision to allow a person who physically resides in this state to be classified as a resident for tuition purposes if s/he marries a person who meets the 12-month residency requirement and is a legal resident of the State of Florida 7

8 Major Policy Changes (HB 5005– State-administered Retirement Systems)HB 5005 Retirement System Section 4 adjusts the Employer contribution rates paid to the Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy Trust from 1.20 to 1.26%. Section 5 sets the uniform employer contribution rates and the rates required to address the normal cost and unfunded actuarial liability for each class and subclass of the FRS No other FRS changes passed the Legislature 8

9 Program Funds per FTE by Source 9 Source:

10 Current % of Model Funded 10 Source:

11 FY 2014-15 Appropriations 11

12 FY 2014-15 Appropriations - Calculations 12

13 FY 2014-15 Appropriations – Special Projects 13

14 FY 2014-15 Appropriations – Capital Outlay 14

15 FY 2014-15 Sum of the Digits Allocation System Critical 15

16 Overarching Goals & Strategies of the FY2014-2015 Annual Plan and Budget Priorities Empower students to Identify, Plan and Achieve their Goals Increase job placement and college transfer rates Collaborate and Partner to Achieve the College’s mission Expand Workforce Programs Improve/expand dual enrollment and early college partnerships Enrich the Quality of the Student Educational Experience Through Excellence in Programs and Services Attract, hire and retain the most talented and qualified faculty and staff Promote Distinctiveness through Creative Thinking and Innovation Increase and enhance the awareness of the value of the College throughout the district Encourage a culture of experimentation and new ideas in order to grow enrollment 16

17 BUDGET PROCESS FY2014-15 Overview: Starts with a review of existing budgets to identify potential savings/costs Program reviews facilitate budget alignment with Annual Plan Strategies Identification of Cost to Continue and Expansion Requests by division Managers make presentations to Cabinet (President & VP’s) & Planning Council (Faculty, Staff & Students Representatives) Cabinet & Planning Council set Annual Plan Priorities to be funded Budget recommendations to Board Budget Adoption 17

18 BUDGET FACT SHEET FUND 1 – CURRENT OPERATING Revenue 1 Base Budget Revenue$22,577,491 2 Increase from Senate Bill$ 774,590 3 Funding for Sumter Partnership project (non-recurring) ($ 1,000,000) 4 Reduction in gift from Foundation for Sumter Partnership project ($ 96,619) Sub-Total Revenue$ 22,255,462 Personnel Expense 1 Base Budget Faculty & Staff $10,174,156 2 Base Budget Personnel - Other Pooled Positions$ 2,438,248 3 Base Budget Personnel-Benefits FTE$ 3,198,409 4 Open Positions - Include Benefits$ 501,247 5 Temporary - include Benefits$ 473,230 6 Cost to Continue Requests - Includes Benefits $ 42,168 7 New Expansion incl. Academic Affairs Reorg. – incl. Benefits$ 215,988 8 Faculty/Staff Compensation - 1% = $101,742$ 231,572 9 Faculty Rank & Promotion - Includes Benefits$ 7,340 10 Pay Equity Adjustments - Includes Benefits$ 10,136 11 Compensation Study$ 83,408 12 Overload Increase -(1%=$6,299)$ 0 13 Adjunct Increase - (1%=14,596)$ 0 14 Health Insurance - (6 months of 1% = $6,837)$ 68,366 15 Affordable Care Act Compliance$ 25,000 16 Contingency for Personnel $ 122,516 17 Accrued Annual/Sick/Comp Time$ 99,000 18 Adjustment to Fund Balance for Accrued Time ($ 99,000) Sub-Total Personnel Expense$ 17,591,784 79.04% 18

19 Current Expense 1 Base Budget Current Expense$4,604,940 2 Cost to Continue Request$ 15,495 3 New Expansion Request$ 29,000 4 Contingency for Current Expense $ 12,743 Sub-total Current Expense$4,662,178 21.95% Capital Outlay 1 Base Budget Capital Outlay$ 1,500 Sub-total Capital Outlay$ 1,500 0.01% TOTAL BUDGET NEEDS$22,255,462 100.00% (DEFICIT)/SURPLUS Estimated ($0) 19 BUDGET FACT SHEET FUND 1 – CURRENT OPERATING CONTINUED

20 COST TO CONTINUE OPEN POSITIONS PERSONNEL AS OF 05/21/2014 No.PositionDescription Budget Org Org Name 1 777006BP Admis-CRS56000Admissions and Records 2 999507Minority Reach Out Prg58210College of Reach Out Program 3999570Manager HR63200Human Resources 4999729Admin Legal Asst Equity48019SPD Equity 5 999786Assistant Theatre Tech41040Auditorium 6 999846Prof Health/Fitness11408Education 7 999934Ref/Instruction Librarian AS41010Library 8 999575Educational Tech Asst44010Instructional Computing 9 999564Asst Dir Career Developmnt Prg53011Career Advising 10 999922Coor State Programs55010Financial Aid 11 999896Sr Staff Asst - Foundation67310Institutional Development 12 999521Admin Staff Assistant Nursing123010Health/Nursing Total$501,247 20

21 PROPOSED PERSONNEL COST TO CONTINUE REQUESTS No.DivisionPriority Budget Org Org Name Request Description of Request Strategic Alignment Cost Per-5Academic Affairs High123010Health/ Nursing PSV ACEN (formerly NLNAC) Re- Accreditation Consultant Guide and assist with preparations for program re- accreditation site visit scheduled Spring 2015. Rehire based on successful performance during initial accreditation process. Funding required for 2014- 2015 only. Goal 4 $ 7,500 Per-11 Academic Affairs High-Cost to Continue 123011 Health Information Mgmt. HIT Instructor Additional costs needed in order to 100% of job to be absorbed by campus in FY15. Goals 2 & 3 $ 15,640 Per-33 Academic Affairs High-Cost to Continue 46011 Technical Programs Admin Project Specialist - Academic Affairs Continue personnel support to assist baccalaureate faculty with curriculum development, curriculum modifications, uploading info into Bbd, syllabi updates, faculty webiste review, internship course research,textbook review and faculty quals. More Duties are being assigned. Goal 2, Strategies 1 & 2 $ 12,000 Total$35,140 Incl. Benefits $42, 168 21

22 PROPOSED PERSONNEL EXPANSION REQUESTS No.DivisionPriority Budget Org Org Name Request Description of Request Strategic Alignment Cost Per-17 Academic Affairs High-1 Expansion 13119 Center for Teaching Learning All Tutors No raises given to tutors since 2007.This represents a $.50 per hour increase for each tutor. Goal 3, Strategies 2 and 5 $ 4,200 Per-1 Academic Affairs High-2 Expansion 41040Auditorium Assistant Theatre Technician In 2012/2013 the Fine Arts Center was involved in about 190 rehearsals, performances etc.. The position is frequently working beyond reasonable hours. Returning the Assistant Theatre Technician position to full time will enable a broader range and faster completion of technical services, provides for a safer, better functioning venue with a trained individual capable of assuming the duties of the retiring FT Manager. Goal 3, Strategy 2 $ 22,000 22

23 PROPOSED PERSONNEL EXPANSION REQUESTS - continued No.DivisionPriorityBudget Org Org Name RequestDescription of RequestStrategic Alignment Cost Per-18Academic Affairs High-3 Expansion 13119Center for Teaching Learning Front Desk Clerk This position had been filled by work force employees at no cost. Currently scholarship students are assisting but they cannot be allowed to handle tests or work with other schools so they have to interrupt tutoring for help. We gave 1613 tests in the fall. The front desk handles phones, walk ins, test makeups, laptop loans, and clerical duties. Goal 4, Strategy 1, Tactic 4 $ 13,400 Per-16Academic Affairs High-4 Expansion 13119Center for Teaching Learning Accounting and Finance Tutor Need identified by the BAS program. There were not enough students to justify the expense until this semester. Goal 2, Strategy 2, Tactic 6 $ 7,400 Per-43Business Affairs High-1 Expansion 63100 Information Technologies Senior Webmaster The Senior Webmaster is a high level Webmaster and has responsibility of leading the direction of Web development, operation, support, research, trial implementations, and evaluation of the Intranet and Internet interactive technologies for LSSC. This new position will absorb the open position #999575. This request is for the difference of $11,896 Goal 3$ 11,896 23

24 PROPOSED PERSONNEL EXPANSION REQUESTS - continued No.DivisionPriorityBudget Org Org Name RequestDescription of RequestStrategic Alignment Cost Per-38Business Affairs High-2 Expansion 70200 Grounds Maintenance Temporary Grounds Labor It would greatly benefit the department and College to maintain two temporary Grounds persons at all times. We presently have one. All$ 25,000 Per-51 Enrollment & Student Affairs High-1 Expansion 61150 South Lake Administration Academic Advisor - SL In 2013, SL Advising Services made 5,820 advising contacts for the year. Registration and NSO- related functions go on appr. 8/12 months at LSSC. Of the 1,403 students attending LSSC’s NSO program in 2013, 720 were served by SL. A total of 180 SL Staffing Hours were devoted to NSO related duties, which are instrumental in helping students successfully transition to the College. Personnel time in SL is split to cover additional functions, often resulting in long wait times for students seeking walk-in advising assistance. This request is directly tied to Goal 1 of the LSSC 2014- 2015 Annual Plan; Strategy 3 Goal 1 of the LSSC 3-year Strategic Plan for 2014-2017; Student Affairs Annual Projects: C1- SA1; C1-SA5; C1-SA6. $ 31,000 24

25 PROPOSED PERSONNEL EXPANSION REQUESTS - continued No.DivisionPriorityBudget Org Org Name RequestDescription of RequestStrategic Alignment Cost Per-54 Enrollment & Student Affairs High-2 Expansion 56011 Admissions and Records Assistant Admissions Decentralize DE advising. Have Sr. Manager DE upgraded to Assistant Director of Admissions. $ 3,013 Per-55 Enrollment & Student Affairs High-2a Expansion 56011 Admissions and Records Admissions Upgrade Spec. Admissions/Records Specialist to Coordinator of Admissions and Counseling. $ 1,176 Per-49 Enrollment & Student Affairs High-3 Expansion 53011 Career & Academic Advising Career Development Specialist The nature of the job and operations has required this position to take on additional responsibilities and at a higher level than they had been in the past. In addition, this position now provides front desk support for Dual Enrollment. In office, student visits have increased by 104%. 1,2,3,4 $ 1,000 25

26 PROPOSED PERSONNEL EXPANSION REQUESTS - continued No.DivisionPriorityBudget Org Org Name RequestDescription of RequestStrategic Alignment Cost Per-56 President's Division High-1 Expansion 67210 College Relations Marketing & College Relations Specialist With the expansion of various programs there is a persistent and ongoing need for additional marketing support. The existing staffing level has handled as many requests and projects but there are several pivotal projects and areas that have not been completed: ex. Creating & executing a corporate communication plan, develop and execute marketing strategies for workforce programs and baccalaureate degrees. Goal #1 - Strategy #5 and Goal #2 - Strategy #s 1,2,3, and Goal #3 - Strategy #3 and Goal #4 - Strategy #1, #2, #3 $ 27,500 Per-59 Academic Affairs High-Various Reorganization of Academic Affairs Reorganization of Academic Affairs to include Associate Dean South Lake and backfill Math Instructor G1-S1; G2-S3, G 4- S2 $ 47,100 Total$ 191,685 Incl. Benefits$ 215,988 26

27 PROPOSED LSSC ACADEMIC AFFAIRS REORGANIZATION 27 Dr. C. Mojock, President Dr. M. Searle, VP Enrollment/Student Affairs Dr. B. Howard, Senior VP Academic Affairs Dick Scott, Senior VP Business Affairs Open Associate Dean South Lake Campus Dr. G. Sligh Dean Gen Ed & Transfer Programs Dr. MJ Rager Associate VP Workforce & Bacc Programs Dr. E. Jones, Associate Dean Worforce Programs

28 PROPOSED EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION PLAN 28 Compensation Cost Faculty/Staff $500 + 1% of Base$ 231,572 Compensation Study$ 83,408 Equity and FR & P$ 17,476 Total$ 332,456

29 CURRENT EXPENSE COST-TO-CONTINUE REQUESTS No.DivisionPriorityBudget Org Org NameDescription of RequestStrategic Alignment Cost OP-2 Academic Affairs High-CC123010Nursing ACEN Re-Accreditation Expenses: application fee, lodging and miscellaneous for site visitors, documentation & materials. Funding for FY2014/15 only Goal 3 $ 7,500 OP-20 Business Affairs High-CC63200 Payroll & Benefits Office Materials & Supplies: Increase cost for blank W-2 forms All Goals $ 6,995 Total$ 15,495 29

30 CURRENT EXPENSE EXPANSION REQUESTS No.DivisionPriorityBudget Org Org NameDescription of RequestStrategic Alignment Cost OP-1 Academic Affairs High-1 Expansion 123010 Health/Nursing PSV Clinical facilities mandating annual criminal background and drug screening for all full time and adjunct instructors effective Fall 2014. Can add faculty account to existing vendor used for student screening. Cost per instructor is $132. Goal 3: Strategy 2 $ 4,000 OP-33 Business Affairs High-1 Expansion 72000 Campus Security Additional Security positions are needed for more adequate coverage of all three College sites. One officer is assigned to Sumter Center on a limited timeframe and only one officer is assigned at any given time at South Lake Center. Only one officer is assigned on Leesburg Campus throughout the daytime hours. One or two additional officers is requested. All$ 25,000 Total$ 29,000 30

31 LSSC HISTORY OF TUITION AND FEES CREDIT COURSES (IN-STATE) 31 FeeFY0910FY1011FY1112FY1213FY1314FundDescription Tuition $66.88$72.26$78.84$81.20 Fund 1 Operating Financial Aid 4.684.88 5.03 Fund 5 Scholarship Student Activity Fee 6.696.37 6.567.56Fund 2 Grants Technology Fee 1.892.763.944.06 Fund 1 Operating Capital Improvement Fee 5.065.735.887.88 Fund 7 Capital Total $85.20$92.00$99.91$104.73$105.73 $ Increase $7.68$6.80$7.91$4.82$1.00 % Increase 9.91%7.98%8.60%4.28%0.95%



34 Capital Improvement Fund – Status quo with current Capital Improvement Fee Rate 34 Beginning Fund Balance 07/01/2013 $ 913,307 Capital Improvement Fee Revenue $ 629,588 Expenditures Capital Outlay ($ 781,630) Projected Ending Fund Balance 06/30/14 $ 821,273 Requested Expenditure FY 2014/15~ $ 978,300

35 Capital Improvement Fund – OPTIONS 35 Option 1:Continue investing and reduce Fund Balance, potentially limiting ability to perform necessary maintenance Option 2:No change in Capital Improvement Fee and forego Capital Improvements Option 3:Increase Capital Improvement Fee to help counteract reduction in Fund Balance

36 RECOMMENDATION CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FEE FY2014-15 Capital Improvement Fee: Increase of $2.00 generates ~$164,800 additional revenue for a total of $794,388 annual revenue 1.Provides Funding for Tech Plan Enhancements for students –e.g. Wi Fi, computer labs, classroom AV. 2.Replaces unfunded PECO maintenance dollars over the last three years 3.Allows for minor renovations to accommodate new IT Center 4.Helps to maintain status quo/stabilize CIF fund balance ( Note: Foundation lease agreement for the Facilities Building Balloon note is due December 2015 - $775,000) 36

37 PROPOSED STUDENT TUITION & FEE RATES FeeCurrent RateSAF + CIFIncrease% Change Tuition $ 81.20 0.000% Financial Aid 5.03 0.000% Student Activity Fee7.56 0.000% Technology Fee4.06 0.00 0% Capital Improvement Fee7.889.88*2.0025% Total$ 105.73$ 107.73$ 2.001.89% 37 *Proposed reduction of the Capital Improvement Fee for the Baccalaureate Program from $18.36 to $9.88. The new total Rate/Credit hour for the Baccalaureate Program would be $121.87 (reduction of 54% for the Capital Improvement Fee resp. 7% overall Fee reduction)

38 SUMTER WORKFORCE PARTNERSHIP Base Budget Revenue Roll-over funding for Sumter Partnership State$ 784,733 Board Reserves$ 500,000 Foundation$ 50,000 $1,334,733 Personnel Expense Base Budget Faculty & Staff$ 144,240 Base Budget Pooled Positions$ 18,500 Base Budget Benefits$ 40,685 Base Budget Open Positions 5 FT Faculty incl. Benefits$ 263,525 Base Budget Open Position Asst. Director incl. Benefits$ 25,000 Base Budget Open Position FT Admin Support incl. Benefits$ 33,750 $ 525,700 Current Expense Base Budget Current Expense$ 192,033 Capital Outlay Expense$ 192,033 Base Budget Capital Outlay$ 65,000 $ 65,000 Total Budget Needs$ 784,733 (Deficit) / Surplus Estimated$ 550,000 38

39 SOUTH LAKE HEALTH PARTNERSHIP Base Budget Revenue Base Budget Revenue –Capital Outlay Appropriations$3,000,000 South Lake Hospital Partnership$1,000,000 LSSC Foundation$1,000,000 LSSC Board Reserves$ 600,000 $5,600,000 Personnel Expense Base Budget Staff: New Director SL Health Partnership$ 60,000 $ 60,000 Current Expense Base Budget Current Expense$ 5,000 $ 5,000 Capital Outlay Expense Base Budget Capital Outlay$ 600,000 $ 600,000 Total Budget Needs$ 665,000 (Deficit) / Surplus Estimated$4,935,000 39


41 FUTURE ACTION FOR BOARD MEETING JUNE 17 TH 2014 Approve Current Operating (Fund 1) Budget for FY2014-15 including: Tuition and Fees Classification and Salary Schedule for FY2014-15 Capital Projects (Fund 7) Budget for FY2014-15 Student Activity Budget FY 2014-15 41

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