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Program Director HMCS(SW/AW) Jaymie A Brinkmeier.

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1 Program Director HMCS(SW/AW) Jaymie A Brinkmeier

2 The Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course (EMDEC) provides Senior Enlisted Leaders with an in-depth overview of Navy Medicines executive management skill programs, products, services, education, and expanded professional leadership. This course will enhance Senior Enlisted Leader’s performance and knowledge required to make the right decisions and plans toward all of Navy Medicine and its personnel.

3 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Class Information Fire Safety Restrooms  Out the door to the nearest Exit; right or left out of Classroom  Muster at Flag pole in front of Building 1 w/Class Leader  Out the door to your left  No Smoking on the premises.  No Smokeless tobacco

4 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Organizational Structure, Relationships, and Policies Navy Medicine Strategic Plan Navy Medicine Manpower Brief Navy Medicine Sourcing Hospital Corps Planners

5 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Utilization and Management of Resources Fiscal Management Navy Medical Logistics Command Material Management Operations Overview Personal Financial Management Navy Credentialing On Line Job Duty Task Analysis Independent Duty Corpsman Program Master and Senior Chief Petty Selection Board Navy Reserve

6 EMDEC 14-30 World Events and Political Consciousness Ethical, Legal and Quality Elements of Health Care Navy Medicine Public Affairs Media, Politics and Decision Making BUMED Medical Inspector General REGIONAL Equal Opportunity

7 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Class Information Attendance:  Please Secure: Cell Phone, Blackberries, Watches, Alarms, etc.  Professional Courtesy: No computer work while Facilitator is Speaking  Applause  Classroom Clutter- cleanliness  You must complete your course evaluations at the end of the day!

8 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Student Support  Student registration Information  Validate all the fields on the registration form  Orders/endorsements processed and returned on last day of the course  Attendance forwarded to NITRAS (Navy Integrated Training Resources Administration System)  Information Technology  Hotel/Transportation

9 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Student Support Program Assistant Ms. Sarah Prescott 301-295-2355 Reservist Assistant HM1 Tiffany Arroyo 301-295-1826 Information Technology Support HM3 Hayes Whitney 301-295-2033

10 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Student Support Hotel Contract Concerns All rooms are non-smoking, unless requested otherwise. Refrigerator & Microwave are in all rooms (per contract). All rooms have a standard phone adapter to allow computer/modem hookup/wireless. All the telephones in the room have free local, calling card, and 800 access. Make sure you are making a local call when using the telephone in the room. BEWARE of Phone Charges!!!

11 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Student Support Hotel Amenities-Holiday Inn FRONT DESK #: 301-918-8900 SHUTTLE SERVICE: 0600-2200 (SHADY GROVE METRO, LAKE FOREST MALL, MOVIE THEATERS) INDOOR SWIMMING POOL LAUNDRY ROOMS FITNESS CENTER CLOSE to Mall and Restaurants  CHECKING-OUT: CONUS/OCONUS – Saturday 8FEB14 NMPDC is billed directly DO NOT PAY BILL or CLAIM LODGING YOU WILL NOT GET A RECEIPT! CONUS Students Only – FRI-7FEB14 If flying out Friday after 1800

12 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Student Support Hotel Amenities-Holiday Inn WRNMMC Lake Forrest Mall- Ruby Tuesday’s Red Robin Silver Diner Navy Federal Marshalls/Ross/Burlington Coat Fact COSTCO/SAMS Kentland’s Bonefish Grill/Buca di Beppo’s/Coldstone Growler’s Microbrewery Dog Ale House Galley-in front of Building 1 Wounded Warrior Cafe Navy Federal/Uniform Shop/Barber Dunkin Donuts/Subway/MainStreet NEX Panda Express/McDonalds

13 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 IT Student Support Computer Login Outlook Web Access USERNAME: amdoc.class PASSWORD: !@#$QWERasdfzxcv12 DOMAIN: NMED HTTPS:// Click “Accept” Click “click here for CAC enabled” Select “DOD EMAIL ” Enter “PIN” Click “Enter”

14 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 IT Student Support SAKAI INSTRUCTIONS HTTPS:// USERNAME: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME.NAVY PASSWORD: EMDEC 13-50 Go to COURSE TOOLS on the left. Select Test & Quizzes for Surveys.

15 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Sites to see in DC Area Navy Memorial Smithsonian/National Monuments/Museums Annapolis/Baltimore Harbor/Georgetown


17 EMDEC 14-30 EMDEC 14-30 Class Introduction WHO’S WHO???  Rank, Name, and Specialty/NEC  Current command and position assigned  Years of Service  Expectation of this course

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