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Martin O'Malley GOVERNOR Anthony G. Brown LT. GOVERNOR Clarence J. Snuggs ACTING SECRETARY HOPE QUARTERLY MEETING October 9, 2014.

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1 Martin O'Malley GOVERNOR Anthony G. Brown LT. GOVERNOR Clarence J. Snuggs ACTING SECRETARY HOPE QUARTERLY MEETING October 9, 2014

2 Foreclosure Prevention Team Reginald Stanfield Director, Community Programs 410-514-7209 Virginia Tepper Director, Data & Technology Resources 410-514-7359 Karen Ashby Assistant Director, Community Programs 410-514-7209

3 Foreclosure Prevention Team Emilie Drasher Program Manager (410) 514-7221 Josephine Selvakumar Program Manager (410) 514-7232

4 →Welcome and Introductions →DHCD Statewide Foreclosure Data →DHCD Updates →DHCD Outreach and Events →Updates from DLLR and OAG →Announcement of Maryland Foreclosure Counseling Guide →Foreclosure Mediation Brief Advice Project →Neighborhood Stabilization and Homeownership Workgroup →Working Lunch (Novadebt Presentation and NFMC Portal Training for New Grantees) →Tax Sale Foreclosure Presentation →HUD Certification – Fair Housing Today’s Agenda

5 Statewide Foreclosure Data

6 Foreclosure Data – Court Filings

7 Foreclosure Data – Averages 2012, 2013 and 2014

8 Foreclosure Data by County FY15 Jurisdiction Total OTDs Eligible OTDs Mediation Requests % Eligible Participation Rate Allegany3831482%13% Anne Arundel3823026479%21% Baltimore City5805006486%13% Baltimore County5664748184%17% Calvert87671377%19% Caroline353912111%31% Carroll89781488%18% Cecil77 14100%18% Charles1661422586%18% Dorchester41424102%10% Frederick1561503096%20% Garrett116255%33% Harford2141402365%16% Howard1361072379%21% Kent2318278%11% Queen Anne's5138875%21% Somerset2617165%6% St. Mary's6871010%143% Talbot2019595%26% Washington1411041174%11% Wicomico82751391%17% Worcester6651977%18% Prince George's104288016184%18% Montgomery3312509676%38% TOTAL4428361468982%19%

9 NOI Data Days Past Due # of NOIs % Avg. Days Delinquent <=301,05319%18 31-601,47526%48 60-9091116%73 90-360101018%203 360-7203186%534 >72084515%1,593 August 2014

10 Housing Counseling Clients and Outcomes

11 Housing Counseling E-Newsletter o Wait Time Survey Link o Registration for meetings and trainings o Reminders for reporting o Upcoming events o Program and grant updates and announcements o Complaint submission forms o And more!

12 Foreclosure Relief Home Repurchasing Program AKA SUN Initiative Grant agreements are being processed Reporting will be through the DHCD Portal (similar to monthly and NFMC reporting) Once information is verified with SUN, DHCD will reimburse agencies for packages “approved to negotiate”

13 Questions ?

14 DHCD UPDATES: NFMC Compliance Homeowner Requests for Assistance NFMC/MHCF Reporting

15 NFMC The performance period for Round 8 is Oct 1, 2013 to Dec 31, 2014 Funding Announcement for Round 9 will be released in mid-October Round 8- very low intakes Grantees must enter at least 50 clients by Oct 10, 2014 to be eligible to participate in Round 9

16 NFMC Compliance Review Responsibilities and Expectations: Grantees chosen for remote compliance review by Neighbor Works were notified by DHCD though emails NFMC and MHM- Review results and findings

17 NFMC Compliance Review Legal Service Providers should coordinate with Housing Counseling Agencies in providing the Neighborworks requested documents

18 NFMC Agreement Section-8.6. Monitoring: Grantee shall assist the Department and make itself available for the carrying out the Department’s quality control and compliance measures, which may include site visits, file audits, and other measures to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement. By accepting this Grant, the Grantee warrants its understanding that the Department’s right of inspection.

19 NFMC Compliance Review Grantees will be provided cover sheets to separate each of the required documents for the client file review NFMC Compliance Resources: HTTP://NFMCMEMBERS.ORG HTTP://NFMCMEMBERS.ORG

20 NFMC Compliance Review Source: NFMC Quality Control & Compliance WebEx

21 Special Notes About Round 8 Grantees should provide translation services to NFMC counseling clients that require and/or request it Submit verification of your agency’s translation services for its NFMC counseling clients as part of the start-up documentation requirement

22 Duplicate Reset Any client who received counseling services prior to January 1, 2014 will be eligible to be counseled again by an NFMC Grantee on or after January 1, 2014 at any level Intake date must be after 01/01/2014

23 NFMC Level 1 Counseling Defined Level 1 Counseling - All of these completed documents must be in client file: 1.Intake – DHCD Portal, CMS, or HOPE LOAN PORT® 2.Signed Authorization with NFMC language not credit authorization or mortgage authorization 3.Budget 4.Action Plan – NFMC Compliance Worksheet 5.Screen for Making Home Affordable. Documentation that a screening occurred for each type of available assistance should be included in the Action Plan and client file..

24 NFMC Level 2 Counseling Defined Level 2 Counseling - These completed documents must be in client file: 1.Signed Authorization with NFMC language 2.Verified budget (income and debt) 3.Documentation of Action Plan 4.Close-out documentation (No longer required)

25 Compliance and Monitoring Program Time Frames Client File Requirements Reporting Dates Random Review Process Findings - Follow up NFMC Member Site NFMC Monthly WebEx

26 Process for Homeowner Requests for Assistance (aka “LIDS” or “Governor’s Letters”) Complaint from Homeowner Referral to Housing Counseling Agencies/ Legal Service Providers Grantee’s response to DHCD

27 Reporting NFMC and MHCF/AG- Combined Reporting NFMC- New Final Reporting Template

28 NFMC and MHCF/AG Combined Reporting





33 Counselor’s Webpage NFMC Program – Counselor’s Website Sample Client Satisfaction Survey Form Sample NFMC Intake Form NFMC: Making Home Affordable - Outreach and Intake Project NFMC: Events of Default and Remedies Policy NFMC Action Plan Template NFMC Quality Control and Compliance Worksheet Sample Authorization Form & Privacy Statement National Industry Standards Code of Ethics MD DHCD NFMC Required Documentation MHA Checklist 10-2012

34 Key Points to Remember Adherence to the Industry Standards Translation Service Form and Signed Ethics to Review NFMC requirements Compliance with Housing Counseling Standards Make links with Legal Service Providers Send us updated contact information Communicate with DHCD about what is going on in your agency

35 Important Dates to Remember Wait Time Reports - 5th and 20th Monthly Reports - 5th Next Quarterly Report - Oct 10th NFMC R8 Client (at least 50 clients) Portal Intake - Oct 10th

36 Effectiveness of Counseling Counseling greatly increased a homeowner’s ability to cure a serious delinquency or foreclosure Counseled homeowners were about 1.5 times more likely to not have their mortgage re-enter a troubled status after receiving a loan modification cure

37 Effectiveness of Counseling Counseled homeowners are nearly three times as likely to receive a loan modification cure compared to non- counseled homeowners


39 DHCD Office of Community Outreach

40 Updates from DLLR and the Office of the Attorney General

41 Maryland’s Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation: Info for HOPE Grantees Meredith Mishaga, Director of Foreclosure Outreach October 9, 2014

42 About Office of Commissioner of Financial Regulation (“Fin Reg”) “The Office of Financial Regulation protects consumers by ensuring the soundness of financial institutions in the State, licensing financial industry professionals, and disciplining businesses and individuals engaged in fraudulent financial activities.” More info on website and Maryland Manual

43 My Role at Fin Reg Data – NOI database and FPR oversight, analysis of consumer complaints Coordination – with nonprofit providers, industry advocates, other government entities Outreach – directly and indirectly to Maryland homeowners Inquiries – respond to consumers and/or their nonprofit or legal representatives (on foreclosure-related matters)

44 Relationship with Service Providers Feedback on regulations and policy Insight on trends and industry-wide concerns Tracking and resolving complaints Resources on our website for all to use (e.g. NOI reports, consumer advisories, industry advisories, enforcement actions, regulations, etc.)

45 Submitting Complaints to Fin Reg When is it appropriate? – Only have jurisdiction over our licensees – Egregious or repeat issues – Specific violations of state regulation Why is it important? – Resolution for homeowner – Trend recognition and analysis for making regs – More proactive “risk-based” examinations What is the process? – See handout with link and instructions – Still need to work with homeowner on loss mit (investigation won’t stop foreclosure process) – Goes to Consumer Services Unit – Scams/Fraud escalate to Enforcement Unit

46 Info on Citi Settlement 2014 settlement between Citigroup, U.S. Dept of Justice, several state AGs, and FDIC related to residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) No direct payments to borrowers who were foreclosed-upon Required to pay out $2.5 billion in consumer relief nationwide – crediting starts April 30, 2014 – “Soft relief”, i.e. incentives for modifications, forbearance, forgiveness – LMI lending in form of down payment/closing cost assistance – Community reinvestment and neighborhood stabilization (demolitions, REO donations, CDFI capitalization funding) – Donations to HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and legal assistance organizations (minimum donations are $10 million to counseling and $15 million to legal nationwide) – Affordable rental housing financing for developments equivalent to LIHTC requirements

47 Maryland Foreclosure Counseling Guide

48 This guide is intended to be a central resource and tool for counselors providing foreclosure intervention counseling. The guide was developed through a partnership between the Baltimore Homeownership Preservation Coalition and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development with support of The Abell Foundation.

49 Foreclosure Mediation Brief Advice Project

50 The Foreclosure Mediation Brief Advice Project is a program that provides FREE brief legal consultations for homeowners facing foreclosure who do not have legal representation. Foreclosure Mediation Brief Advice Attorneys will: Answer questions about foreclosure mediation Give legal advice regarding your foreclosure Help you understand court papers and documents you received regarding your foreclosure Mondays and Wednesdays: 8:00AM – 4:30PM (No new intakes accepted after 4PM) Office of Administrative Hearings Administrative Law Building 11101 Gilroy Road Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

51 Neighborhood Stabilization and Homeownership Workgroup


53 NEIGHBORHOOD STABILIZATION & H0MEOWNERSHIP WORKGROUP (NSHO) A workgroup of the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission at the request of House Speaker Michael E. Busch Goals: To understand the impact of the financial crisis on historically owner-occupied neighborhoods AND to identify resources, strategies and recommendations to preserve the stability of neighborhoods and promote homeownership in these neighborhoods. To understand the impact of changes in the banking industry and the development and real estate environment on neighborhoods, families, homeownership and the local tax base AND to recommend strategies to mitigate negative impacts.

54 Goal: We want to benefit from your perspective and expertise in housing and neighborhood revitalization in order to: …Establish or refine priorities for investing in homeownership and home improvement as a vehicle for neighborhood stabilization in Maryland. …Understand how changes in the lending and real estate development environments are affecting your communities as well as how to mitigate negative effects.

55 ICE BREAKER: Imagine you have been granted one wish by the Maryland General Assembly, what would you make happen?

56 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… I. How have things changed? Remember back to pre-Great Recession (pre-2007’ish)… A. What is different NOW with respect to the status of homeowners, homeownership or neighborhood stability, positive or negative …starting with homeowners …homeownership …home improvement/rehab …neighborhoods?

57 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… I. How do you think things have changed? Remember back to pre-Great Recession (pre-2007’ish). B. What is different NOW with respect to the mortgage lending environment and housing and real estate development/rehab environment, positive or negative …mortgage lending? …real estate investment/rehabilitation

58 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… II. A. What do you think are the CHIEF BARRIERS now to achieving or encouraging homeownership and home investment? …for consumers …for local government advocates …for local nonprofit advocates …for the private sector builders/rehabbers …for lenders …for other stakeholders?

59 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… II. B.. What are the CHIEF BARRIERS now to achieving or encouraging neighborhood stabilization /revitalization? …to consumers …to local government advocates …to nonprofit advocates …to the private sector builders/rehabbers …to lenders …other stakeholders?

60 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… III. A. What are the CHIEF OPPORTUNITIES now to achieving or encouraging homeownership and home investment ? What’s working in your community? B. What stakeholders and partners are needed to make this work? Are they on board/in place? C. Who should be the main targets demographically? …for new homeownership …for housing rehab

61 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… III. A. What are the CHIEF OPPORTUNITIES now to achieving or encouraging neighborhood revitalization/stabilization? What’s working in your community? B. What stakeholders and partners are needed to make this work? Are they on board/in place?

62 ISSUES TO EXPLORE… IV. Tools available from the state A.What DHCD programs do you use or know about to encourage homeownership and home investment? --strengths/weaknesses? B. What DHCD programs do you use or know about to encourage neighborhood revitalization/stabilization? --strengths/weaknesses?

63 PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER… V. What should the priorities be? …To encourage Homeownership …To encourage Home Investment/rehab? …To encourage Neighborhood Stability …To mitigate changes in the Banking Industry …To mitigate changes in the Real Estate/Development Environment

64 NEXT STEPS… Research Workgroup Discussion Report to the SG Commission Recommendations from SGC to the Maryland General Assembly

65 THANK YOU! Questions? Carol Gilbert Assistant Secretary MD DHCD 410-514-7229

66 Lunch!

67 Novadebt Presentation


69 Our Mission Novadebt, a non-profit organization, is committed to assisting families and individuals in need by providing free financial education, community outreach and housing and credit counseling services; all with compassion and the utmost commitment to quality and integrity. 1

70  Novadebt, A Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling Organization, is a non- profit, social service, financial management agency that was founded in February, 1991.  We are a national organization. Our headquarters is located in Freehold, New Jersey. We also have 9 satellite locations in California, Nevada, Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland and Michigan that provide face to face and telephone counseling.  Novadebt is recognized by the United States Government as a charitable organization under 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code.  In January 2013, we were approved as a HUD National Intermediary. Novadebt was initially approved by HUD as Local Housing Counseling Agency in New Jersey in March of 2003. As our housing counseling services expanded, we became HUD approved as a Multi- State Organization in March of 2009. Organization Highlights 2

71 We have been a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) since November 2011. Novadebt is nationally approved by the Executive Office for United States Trustees to provide Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling and the Debtor Education Course to consumers filling for bankruptcy protection. In 2011 Novadebt became accredited to the Council on Accreditation’s (COA) Eighth Edition Standards. COA's Eighth Edition Standards help organization's to enhance growth and stability through a commitment to comply with human service standards. In 2013, Novadebt added Student Loan Counseling to its service offering. Organization Highlights 3

72 Housing Counseling Services Pre-purchase Counseling High Cost Home Loan Counseling FHA Back to Work Counseling Default and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Post Modification Financial Coaching HECM Counseling 6

73 Maryland Hope Hotline Joined September 2014 Office located in Owings Mills Service Howard County and Baltimore 6

74 Other Services Budget Counseling Debt Management Program Student Loan Counseling Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Bankruptcy Debtor Education Financial Education 5

75 The first type of education program that our agency offers is the education information provided during a counseling session. Once an analysis of the situation is determined, counselors provide information on a variety of topics in accordance with the individual client’s needs. Financial education is the core of our mission and is provided at no cost through workshops and community events. We are involved with over 200 social service agencies nationwide. Monthly workshops and seminar/conference exhibits are facilitated for the members of the community along with various non-profit, social service groups to provide knowledge to those who might otherwise not receive such guidance. 8

76 Workshops ABC’s of Credit Taking Control of Your Financial Life Dealing with Finances While Unemployed Preparing to Buy a Home College Students 10

77 Counselor Certification Counselors are required to take a course administered through a third party, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Upon receipt of the course material, counselors are required to take and pass an exam per financial module within the course within six months of their start date. Once the counselor passes the exams, they have fulfilled the standard requirement and the NFCC designates the counselor as a Certified Credit Counselor and Certified Housing Counselor accordingly. All results are provided to the organization for tracking and monitoring purposes. As per the requirements for maintaining the certification by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, our counselors are required to maintain a minimum of 20 professional development units (PDUs) bi-annually. Counselors can earn PDUs through approved classes held in-house at Novadebt and via approved external courses. Classes vary and are finance and/or industry related. Counselors may also earn PDUs through outside training and/or conferences as well. The NFCC will audit Certified Credit Counselors biannually to ensure PDU requirements have been met prior to issuing a certificate of re- certification. In addition, the organization maintains records of all professional development units to ensure counselors maintain certification. 11

78 Questions

79 Tax Sale Foreclosure Presentation

80 Tax Sales Susan Francis, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) 443-451-4084; Margaret Henn, Pro Bono Resource Center (PBRC) 443-703-3050; mhenn@probonomd,org

81 What’s the Big Deal with Tax Sales  When a homeowner loses their house to tax sale, they lose all the equity in the property  Most of our clients have their homes paid for, and are losing their homes for less than $1,000 or $2,000 delinquent tax or water bills.  The purchaser at the tax sale auction takes the entire property, there is no equity returned to the homeowner.  Homeowners with reverse mortgages are at particular risk, since most don’t include an escrow account to pay these bills.

82 When is a House at Risk of Tax Sale?  Tax  “any tax, or charge of any kind… that by law is a lien against the real property on which it is imposed or assessed”  Includes interest, penalties & service charges  Amount  Delinquent - $250 or more  Baltimore City – water bill - $350 & 3 quarters delinquent  Handout – local information  Timing  Depends on county, but generally late paying annual or bi- annual tax bills.

83 Notice to Homeowner  Homeowner should receive notice at least 30 days before the house is placed into tax sale auction.  Homeowner should also receive notice after the sale.  Within 60 days after tax sale, collector must send property owner notice.  Contents  Statement that property has been sold  Date of tax sale  Amount of bid  Lien amount at time of sale  Statement that owner has right to redeem  Statement that foreclosure action can occur at 6 months  Amount for current redemption, after 4 months, and 6 months

84 Homeowner Has Right to Redeem, But…  Right of Redemption  Property owner has right to redeem until right has been foreclosed  Legal process – Complaint to Foreclosure the Right to Redeem  Can’t be filed until at least 6 months after the tax sale

85 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  For a homeowner to redeem the property, they must pay in entirety (no partial payments):  Total lien amount paid at tax sale with interest  Taxes, interest and penalties paid by certificate holder (person who purchased at tax sale auction)  Taxes, interest and penalties accruing after tax sale date  Interest –  6% or as fixed by City Council/Govt. Entity  Baltimore City – 18%. Montgomery & Prince George’s – 20%  Counties – in handout  But wait there’s more…

86  4 months after tax sale, but before an action to foreclose has been filed (can occur at 6 month mark), purchaser may be reimbursed for:  Recording costs  Title search fee (maximum $250)  Postage and certified mailing costs for notices  Reasonable attorney’s fees (maximum $500)  These fees are added on top of existing charges  And then…

87  If foreclosure action has been filed (at least 6 months after tax sale), purchaser may be reimbursed for:  Attorney’s fees  $1,300 if compliance affidavit hasn’t been filed  $1,500 if compliance affidavit filed  Other reasonable fees specifically requested, case by case basis

88  With affidavit that expenses were incurred:  Filing fee with court  Service of process fee  Title search (max. $250). If 2 nd title search conducted more than 6 months after 1 st search, then an update fee (max. $75)  Publication fee  Posting fee  Postage and certified mail  These are all cumulative fees, meaning that a $500 tax lien can cost a homeowner several thousand dollars to be able to save their house.

89  Fixing amount necessary for redemption  If redemption occurs after an action to foreclose has begun, and the redemption amount is disputed, the homeowner may ask the court to determine the amount necessary to redeem  Rights during redemption period  Homeowner continues to have possession of property until the right of redemption has been foreclosed (this requires court action) and homeowner is formally evicted from property.

90  Complaints to foreclose right of redemption  Timing – Any time after 6 months from tax sale date  Notice to Homeowner Prior to Filing  Statement – certificate of sale issuance  Copy of certificate of sale  Statement – right to redeem  Statement of timing  Statement of redemption costs  Name, address & telephone number of certificate holder/agent/ attorney

91 What Can You Do?  Priority #1 – Keep homeowner out of tax sale!!  If mortgage, make sure lender is aware of pending tax sale  Usually lender will pay to avoid losing their interest in the property  Utilize any available resources, credits, etc.  Will discuss in next section  If the homeowner believes they have been misbilled, have them challenge it as soon as possible  If homeowner doesn’t avoid tax sale, refer to MVLS (443-451-4067 – same # as foreclosure line) or Legal Aid of Baltimore City (800-999- 8904).  Limited legal assistance  Review process to make sure followed appropriately  Negotiate with purchaser  Determine if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option  Help homeowner file for bid surplus if applicable

92 Tax Sale Prevention Resources Baltimore City Department of Finance 410-396-3987 Abel Wolman Municipal Building 200 Holiday Street Baltimore, MD 21202 For questions about the status of your property tax bill. For information about this year’s tax sale. (It is free to create a username and password.) Department of Assessments and Taxation 410-767-2165 301 West Preston Street, Room 900 Baltimore, MD 21201 For information about the Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit or the Homestead Tax Credit. These credits could lower your tax bill if you are eligible. Baltimore City Resource Guide for Tax Sale and Tax Foreclosure Property Tax Bill Questions & Credits

93 Department of Public Works (Water Bill Issues) 410-396-5398 Abel Wolman Municipal Building 200 Holiday Street Baltimore, MD 21202 For incorrect water bills, request an informal conference from the Department of Public Works. For water leaks, request a credit from the Department of Public Works. To apply for the Senior Citizens Water Discount submit an application to the Department of Public Works. BGE (Electric Bills) 410-685-2200 or 410-396-5555 For information about assistance paying my electric bill. Baltimore City Housing Department LIGHT Program 410-396-3023 ight For information about housing repairs to help address high water bills, energy efficiency issues, or other housing related problems. Utility Bills & Assistance

94 Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore 410-327-1200 ext. 104 819 Park Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201 ing/tax-sale.php For information about a loan program to help pay your property taxes or water bill. Maryland Access Point 410-396-2273 http://www.marylandaccesspoint.i nfo/ For information about your housing options. Benefit Centers Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm For information about public benefits. Southeast Community Action Center: 410-545-6510 Eastern Community Action Center: 410-545-0136 Northwest Community Action Center: 443-984-1384 Southern Community Action Center: 410-545-0900 Northern Community Action Center: 410-396-6084 Assistance with Public Benefits & Alternative Housing Options Financial Assistance

95 Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service 443-451-4067 For free legal assistance with a tax sale or tax foreclosure matter for income eligible clients. Legal Aid Bureau 800-999-8904 For free legal assistance with a tax sale or tax foreclosure matter for income eligible clients Maryland Attorney General’s Office Consumer Hotline 410-528-8662 For complaints about reverse mortgage fraud or other types of consumer fraud. Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland 443-703-3052 For a free brief consultation about a tax sale matter, information and referral. Legal Resources

96 What Resources Are Available in Your Community?  Statewide Resources  Homestead Tax Credit “To help homeowners deal with large assessment increases on their principal residence, state law has established the Homestead Property Tax Credit. The Homestead Credit limits the increase in taxable assessments each year to a fixed percentage. Every county and municipality in Maryland is required to limit taxable assessment increases to 10% or less each year. View a listing of homestead caps for each local government. ” ( a listing of homestead caps for each local government Application:

97 Homestead Tax Credit Cont. $100,000 2013 2014 $120,000 20% increase in value triggers the homestead credit (more than 10%) 10% increase in value would be $110,000. Homeowner gets a credit on any tax paid on the value of the house above $110,000.

98 Statewide Resources Cont.  Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit “The State of Maryland has developed a program which allows credits against the homeowner's property tax bill if the property taxes exceed a fixed percentage of the person's gross income. In other words, it sets a limit on the amount of property taxes any homeowner must pay based upon his or her income.” (  FAQs  Application: 60.pdf 60.pdf

99 Homeowners Property Tax Credit Cont.  You must own or have a legal interest in the property.  The dwelling on which you are seeking the tax credit must be your principal residence where you live at least six months of the year, including July 1, unless you are a recent home purchaser or unless you are unable to do so because of your health or need of special care.  Your net worth, not including the value of the property on which you are seeking the credit or any qualified retirement savings or Individual Retirement Accounts, must be less than $200,000.  Your combined gross household income cannot exceed $60,000. (

100 Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit Guidelines Household Income Tax Limit $1 - 8,000$0 9,00040 10,00080 11,000120 12,000160 13,000225 14,000290 15,000355 16,000420 17,000510 18,000600 19,000690 20,000780 21,000870 22,000960 23,0001050 24,0001140 25,0001230 26,0001320 27,0001410 28,0001500 29,0001590 30,0001,680 and up to a maximum of $60,000 *

101 Statewide Resources Cont.  Legal Resources  Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (443-451-4067)  Maryland Legal Aid Bureau (800-999-8904)  To Report Fraud: Maryland Attorney General’s hotline (410- 528-8662)  Bankruptcy  Debtor’s Assistance Project (DAP) – 410-962-3813  Civil Justice (Reasonable Fee) – 410-706-0174

102 How to Find Resources in Your Community  Convene a group of stakeholders – housing counselors, legal services, community groups, local elected officials, title agents, foundations, local colleges  Call local finance department to determine local procedures and see if there are resources for homeowners  Call local water department and gas/electric company to ask about available programs

103 How to Find Resources in Your Community Cont.  Find out whether local government or nonprofits have any programs related to weatherization or housing rehab/repairs  See if homeowner is eligible for benefits that could free up money in budget  Get Creative!

104 HUD Certification – Fair Housing

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