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Seasonal Influenza Vaccine and Antiviral Procurement

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1 2014-15 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine and Antiviral Procurement
IHS National Supply Service Center Pharmacy Support Branch James J. Cummings, PharmD

2 NSSC—2014-2015 Influenza Vaccines
Product Name Dosage Form NDC Price/Dose Flulaval® Multi-Dose Vial (MDV) -10 doses/vial $3.75 Fluzone® Quadrivalent PFS mL - 10 doses/package (6-35 months of age) $15.98 Flulaval® Quadrivalent PFS – 0.5mL – 10 doses/package (36 months & older) $12.09 Fluzone® HD PFS - 0.5mL HD - 10 doses/package $22.20 Fluzone® ‡ Intradermal PFS 0.1ml – 10 doses/package $10.29 Flumist® ‡ Intranasal PFS 0.2ml – 10 doses/package $13.82 ‡ Vaccine is supplemental to the four contract vaccines and IHS receiving FSS pricing NSSC submits total IHS Requirements to VA for contract Expect 50% of Flulaval® MDV vaccine to arrive by 10/01/14 1/3 to 1/2 of order should arrive today or Friday 

3 Flu Vaccine Ordering Post-Solicitation
Contact Ms. Christy Gay She will forward a Flu 413 Form for ordering Submit Seasonal Flu Form 413 to NSSC NSSC may have stock of additional contract vaccine If not NSSC will contact manufacturers to obtain and if authorized, will purchase additional vaccine If contract vaccine not available NSSC will contact additional vendors to find best price Occasionally, FSS priced vaccine available through McKesson but no guarantees

4 Seasonal Vaccine Procurement Overview 2013-14 vs. 2014-15
Numbers based on contract solicitation orders for vaccine. Additional orders not analyzed. Total Doses Total Doses Grand Total 431,320 409,270

5 Antiviral Ordering & Procurement
Tamiflu 75mg Capsules blocked from ordering through McKesson and must be purchased through NSSC until stockpile depleted/expires Contact “Gabe” Wyatt and he will forward a 413 form Complete 413 and fax to “Gabe” (405) or NSSC has a limited number of all other Tamiflu doses and dosage forms which may be ordered through McKesson when available.

6 Influenza Antivirals Tamiflu® Capsules, 75mg, BT/10 priced at $19.24 per bottle – Expires 06/2016 for on hand quantities—blocked in McKesson, Please contact NSSC for purchasing Tamiflu® Capsules, 30mg Blister Pack, 10’s priced at $63.68 per pack – Expires 07/2016 Tamiflu® Capsules, 45mg Blister Pack, 10’s priced at $63.64 per pack – Expires 05/2016 Tamiflu® Oral Suspension 6MG/ML, 60ML BT priced at $69.28 per bottle – Expires 07/2015 Relenza® Disk Inhaler 5MG 5X4 priced at $21.83 each – Expires 08/2016

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