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I Sam 14:2 – What did Saul sit under when in the outskirts of Gibeah? # 14-1 A. A pomegranate tree B. An olive tree C. A terebinth tree.

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Presentation on theme: "I Sam 14:2 – What did Saul sit under when in the outskirts of Gibeah? # 14-1 A. A pomegranate tree B. An olive tree C. A terebinth tree."— Presentation transcript:

1 I Sam 14:2 – What did Saul sit under when in the outskirts of Gibeah? # 14-1 A. A pomegranate tree B. An olive tree C. A terebinth tree

2 I Sam 14:2 – How many men were with Saul in Gibeah? # 14-2 A. About three hundred B. About six hundred C. About nine hundred

3 I Sam 14:3 – Which of Saul’s men was wearing an ephod? # 14-3 A. Phinehas B. Ichabod C. Ahijah

4 I Sam 14:3 – The men with Saul did not know _______? # 14-4 A.Ahitub was wearing an ephod B.Jonathan was gone C. Saul was sitting under a tree

5 I Sam 14:4 – Bozez and Seneh are the names of _______? # 14-5 A. Two Philistine garrisons B. Two rocks used to build an altar C. Two sharp rocks

6 I Sam 14:6 – Who said, “nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few”? # 14-6 A. Jonathan B. Saul C. Samuel

7 I Sam 14:6 – Who did Jonathan tell, “let us go over to the garrison of the uncircumcised”? # 14-7 A.The fighting men with him B. The young solider C. The young man who bore his armor

8 I Sam 14:7 – What did Jonathan’s armorbearer tell him? # 14-8 A. “Do all that you desire” B. “Do all that is in your heart” C. “Do not go alone”

9 I Sam 14:10 – What Philistine reply was the sign that the Lord would deliver them into Jonathan’s hand? # 14-9 A.“Come up to us” B. “Wait until we come to you” C. “Come, let us fight one another”

10 I Sam 14:11 – Where did the Philistines say the Hebrews had been hiding? # 14-10 A. In caves B. In the rocks C. In holes

11 I Sam 14:12 – What did the Philistines say to Jonathan? # 14-11 A. “Come to us & show us something” B. “Come up, we will show you something” C. “Come up, and surrender”

12 I Sam 14:13 – How did Jonathan go up to the Philistines? # 14-12 A. On his hands and knees B. Running with his sword C. With the Lord at his side

13 I Sam 14:14 – How many Philistines did Jonathan kill in the first slaughter? # 14-13 A. About ten B. About twenty C. About thirty

14 I Sam 14:16 – What did Saul’s watchmen see? # 14-14 A. The multitude melting away B. The Philistines being defeated C. The earth trembling

15 I Sam 14:17 – What did Saul tell the people with him to do? # 14-15 A. Call for the captains of the soldiers B. Call the people together & count them C. Call the roll & see who was gone

16 I Sam 14:18 – What did Saul tell Ahijah to do? # 14-16 A. Bring Jonathan & his armorbearer to him B. Bring the ephod to him C. Bring the ark of God to him

17 I Sam 14:20 – When Saul & those with him went into battle, what happened? # 14-17 A. The battle was fought without confusion B. There was great confusion C. They marched into battle organized

18 I Sam 14:22 – Where had some of the men of Israel hidden? # 14-18 A. In the caves of Gibeah B. In the mountains of Ephraim C. In the rocks at Michmash

19 A. To Michmash B. To Beth Aven C. To Aijalon I Sam 14:23 – Where did the battle shift to? # 14-19

20 I Sam 14:24 – Why were the men of Israel distressed? # 14-20 A. Saul hid the food & water B. Saul placed them under oath C. Saul was angry with them

21 I Sam 14:24 – No one was to eat food until ______? # 14-21 A. Saul took vengeance on his enemies B. Saul had defeated his enemies C. Saul ran his enemies out of the land

22 I Sam 14:25 – What did the people find on the ground of the forest? # 14-22 A. Bread B. Honey C. Nectar

23 I Sam 14:27 – Jonathan had not heard Saul charge the people with an oath, so he ________? # 14-23 A. Ate bread before Saul did B. Gave honey to his armorbearer C. Ate from the honeycomb

24 I Sam 14:27 – What happened after Jonathan ate some honey? # 14-24 A. He was refreshed B. His countenance brightened C. He was satisfied

25 I Sam 14:29 – Jonathan told the people that Saul had ______? # 14-25 A. “troubled the Lord” B. “troubled the people” C. “troubled the land”

26 I Sam 14:30 – If the people had eaten the spoils, what would have happened? # 14-26 A. A greater slaughter of the Philistines B. The Philistines would have been defeated sooner C. The Philistines would have fought harder

27 I Sam 14:31 – Saul and the Israelites drove the Philistines _________? # 14-27 A. From Michmash to Migron B. From Michmash to Beth Aven C. From Michmash to Aijalon

28 I Sam 14:32 – After slaughtering the sheep, oxen,& calves, the people ______? # 14-28 A. Ate them with bitter herbs B. Ate them with the blood C. Ate them with thanksgiving

29 I Sam 14:33 – Saul was told the people were sinning against the Lord because they were? # 14-29 A.Eating with the blood B. Eating with unclean hands C. Eating unclean meats

30 I Sam 14:35 - Saul built an altar to the Lord, it was ________? # 14-30 A. The only altar Saul built to the Lord B. The last altar Saul built to the Lord C. The first altar Saul built to the Lord

31 I Sam 14:37 – When Saul asked counsel of God, what did he ask? # 14-31 A. “Shall I stop pursuing the Philistines” B. “Shall I go down after the Philistines” C. “Will the Philistines defeat us”

32 I Sam 14:37 – When Saul asked counsel of God, God ________? # 14-32 A. Did not answer him that day B. Answered him immediately C. Answered him the next day

33 I Sam 14:41-42 – When God gave “the perfect lot”, who was chosen? # 14-33 A. The people B. Jonathan C. Saul

34 I Sam 14:43 – When Jonathan told Saul he ate some of the honey, he then asked __? # 14-34 A. “So now I must die!” B. “So now you are angry!” C. “So God is angry with me!”

35 I Sam 14:44-45 – How did the people respond to Saul saying Jonathan should die? # 14-35 A. They delivered Jonathan to Saul B. They prayed for Jonathan C. They rescued Jonathan

36 I Sam 14:48 – Saul gathered his army and attacked the _________? # 14-36 A. Moabites B. Edomites C. Amalekites

37 I Sam 14:49 - Who was Saul’s youngest daughter? # 14-37 A. Merab B. Michal C. Jishui

38 I Sam 14:50 – Who was Saul’s wife? # 14-38 A. Ahimaaz B. Ahinoam C. Malchishua

39 A.Ner B. Abner C. Kish I Sam 14:50 – What was the name of the commander of Saul’s army? # 14-39

40 I Sam 14:50 – What did Saul take for himself when he saw it? # 14-40 A. Any able or young man B.Any strong or valiant man C. Anyone who could fight

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