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West Hills College Lemoore Engineering Program Corporate Partners Luncheon March 7 th, 2008.

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1 West Hills College Lemoore Engineering Program Corporate Partners Luncheon March 7 th, 2008

2 Agenda Engineering Program – Rebecca Neves Engineering Promotional Video Associate’s Degree Engineering Scholars Program Engineering website University support and transfer opportunities Corporate Partners – Don Warkentin/Dave Bolt Role of a Corporate Partner Cost breakdown of student scholarship Questions and Answers

3 Program Purpose An excerpt from “A Call to Action: Reclaiming Our Competitive Advantage” by Dr. Frank Gornick reads: “are we ready to change our systems to find new ways for all students to succeed while capitalizing on partnerships with our communities to find measurable ways for all citizens to learn?... We can achieve this by staying focused on our principles of opportunity, democracy, affordability and access, which have created a culture that respects the individual and their ability to learn.”

4 Associate’s Degree Two year program designed to prepare engineering students for transfer to a four year university as a junior Upon transfer, students will jump right into the upper- division engineering coursework at the university Special focus is placed upon mechanical and civil coursework Students will be eligible to petition for an associate’s of science degree in engineering upon completion of their second year

5 Associate’s Degree Associate’s Degree and new courses beginning Fall 2008 ENGR 10 – Introduction to Engineering ENGR 15 – Engineering Computations ENGR 20 – Engineering Graphics ENGR 25 – Electrical Circuits ENGR 31 – Engineering Materials ENGR 35 – Engineering Mechanics: Statics

6 ** A3 Course for students intending to transfer to the CSU system * Refer to IGETC for selection of GE courses Year 1 at WHCYear 2 at WHC FallSpringFallSpring ENGR 10: Intro to Engineering PHYS 4APHYS 4BPHYS 4C ENGR 15: Engineering Computations ENGR 20: Engineering Graphics ENGR 35: Mechanics: Statics ENGR 25: Electrical Circuits MATH 1AMATH 1BMATH 2AMATH 2B CHEM 1A ENG 1B or **Critical Thinking *Transfer GE ENGR 31: Engineering Materials ENG 1A *Transfer GE Associate’s Degree

7 Engineering Scholars Program SCHOLARSHIPS MAY INCLUDE: ENROLLMENT FEES (free tuition up to 70 units) BOOKS The Engineering Scholars program is valued up to $1,000.00 per semester to cover the cost of both tuition fees and books. To assist students financially, the Program will provide academic scholarships to highly qualified students participating in the engineering program.

8 Engineering Website

9 University Support/Transfer Strong support from UC and CSU faculty and staff members Course selection at West Hills College will be based on the student’s intended transfer institution requirements TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) in place with many universities including CSU Fresno, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and others

10 Engineering Program Contact Information: Rebecca Neves Engineering Instructor/Program Coordinator 559-925-3554

11 Role of a Corporate Partner Provide leadership and expertise in the process of training highly skilled engineers for placement in industry in the Central San Joaquin Valley as an Advisory Committee member Provide internship opportunities and mentorship for engineering students Financially sponsor students accepted into the Engineering Scholars Program at a minimum contribution of $2,000 annually

12 Cost Breakdown Example The breakdown below is based on the student’s first semester CourseTuitionBooks ENGR 10$ 20$ 35 ENGR 15$ 60$ 92 MATH 1A$ 100$ 167 CHEM 1A$ 100$ 165 ENG 1A$ 60$ 105 Total$ 340$ 564 Total Semester Cost $904

13 Cost Breakdown Example The cost breakdown of the second, third, and fourth semesters yield similar per semester costs Range from $821 to $946 per semester per student Cost differences will depend on the student’s elective choices and increased book prices with new editions Scholarship covers up to $1000 per semester

14 QUESTIONS? Contact Information: Don Warkentin, President West Hills College Lemoore 559-925-3217 Dave Bolt Vice President of Educational Services 559-925-3222

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