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2 PHASE B’ PHASE A’ PHASE C’ The Port K. GRINIAS One (1) finger pier 197.6 m length 2 nd PHASE Port Land area: 118,000 m2 New Pier: berth 371 m length / 10.20 m depth Entrance Channel: length 1,700m / width 170m / depth 10.5m 2 nd Passengers Terminal Building : 3,040 m 2 3 rd Passengers Terminal Building (Extra Schengen): 2,324m 2 3 rd PHASE Two (2) berths for Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships Two (2) Finger piers 198 m each One (1) berth for Railway connection (Ra-Ra) 93 m One (1) new terminal 2,013 m 2 Total Land Area: 90,000 m 2 14 February 20122

3 The Core Network will: connect 83 major European Ports. connect 37 major European Airports. include 15.000 km high speed rail network. include 35 major cross-border projects to reduce traffic congestion. include 4 Greek ports (Pireaus, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa, Patras) K. GRINIAS 14 February 20123

4 4 K. GRINIAS 14 February 2012

5 5 K. GRINIAS 14 February 2012

6 6K. GRINIAS14 February 2012

7  The maritime-based corridors:  The Black Sea Eurasian land-bridge corridor  The Black Sea-Aegean North-South corridor  The Adriatic-Ionian corridor  The North Africa- Europe corridor  The North Africa- Middle East corridor  The Middle East- Europe corridor 7K. GRINIAS14 February 2012

8  The aim of the corridor is the enhancement of the connections provided between Greece and the central segment of the North Adriatic ports.  This would serve the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean and Sea and connect Southeast Europe with Central and Northeast Europe.  The service focus of this proposed corridor connection would be Ro-Ro. 8K. GRINIAS14 February 2012

9  Current trade flows between the catchment areas of the Ionian Sea/ West Greece and the central segment of the North Adriatic ports clusters are primarily served by:  Means of road transport only, via Pan European Corridor Axis Χ  Means of intermodal transport (road/ via the main Italian north- south and east-west highways, such as A14, A13, A4, A27, already heavily congested, and maritime).  Improvement and construction of road projects in the West Greece/ Ionian port cluster is expected to be realized in a shorter time period than the corresponding of rail infrastructure.  Strengthening monopolistic role of road transport  Competition between the two modes (road-rail) will remain “idle” for the specific time horizon (2015) in question. 9K. GRINIAS14 February 2012

10  Implement new infrastructure and installations to support trucks, trailers and cars freight transport by Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax ships between the north Adriatic area (Port of Venice) and the cluster of Greek ports (port of Igoumenitsa) thus to strengthen the already existing line services between the two areas and further foster the shift from road to maritime connections  Develop Hinterland connections and nodes : Development of a Freight Village in Thesprotia region K. GRINIAS 14 February 201210

11 Igoumenitsa Port Authority is implementing: One project (APC) under IPA – Adriatic program Three projects (GAIA, GRETA, NETLAM) under Greece – Italy 2007 – 2013 Interreg IV program. One project (EL-PORT-AL) under IPA Greece – Albania 2007 – 2013 program. K. GRINIAS 14 February 201211

12 12K. GRINIAS14 February 2012

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