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Paul’s Close Call & Wise Council Viewing Acts Chapter 14 & 15 Prepared by: Soon Siak. May 2010.

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1 Paul’s Close Call & Wise Council Viewing Acts Chapter 14 & 15 Prepared by: Soon Siak. May 2010

2 Peribahasa What is the meaning of “melepaskan anjing tersepit”? What does it tell about human nature? Paul and Barnabas continued to encounter mixed reactions as they spread the Gospel. Relax and review Acts 14-15 “live” 14 minutes

3 The Apostles Preached at Iconium As Paul and Barnabas continued to travel around and talk about Jesus, there were a lot of people who believed. But what kept the two from getting a better response (v1,2)? They would traditionally speak at the local Jewish synagogues, and many of the Jewish leaders took offense to their message. These opponents would do everything in their power to prevent others from believing the truth about Jesus.

4 The Apostles Preached at Iconium How bad did the opposition get (v3-5)? A plot was under way to have Paul and Barnabas stoned. If you were the target of such a plan, what do you think you would do? Lie low for a while? “soften” the message? Balik rumah? What did Paul and Barnabas do (v6,7)? They wisely moved on to the next town (Lystra & Derbe), but kept boldly proclaiming the same message.

5 Cure of Cripple at Lystra In addition to preaching sermons, how did Paul and Barnabas show that they represented a loving, caring God (v8-10)? They also had the power to perform miracles. In this case, Paul healed a man who had been lame since birth.

6 Cure of Cripple at Lystra

7 The crowd’s reaction to this miracle was completely unexpected (v11-13). What happened? The people mistook Paul and Barnabas for Hermes and Zeus – two of the main Greek gods. How did Paul and Barnabas respond (v14-18)? They immediately tried to refute the claims with both their words and actions, though they weren’t very successful.

8 Zeus was the King of the Gods in Greek Mythology. He was viewed as a king who oversaw the universe. Remember “Clash of the Titans” Movie recently?? Hermes was the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and additionally as a guide to the Underworld

9 Cure of Cripple at Lystra Imagine you’re part of the crowd (v19). What things do you hear the Jewish leaders from Antioch saying to “win the crowd over”? Perhaps the Jewish leaders tried to make Paul and Barnabas’ claims sound silly, or maybe they pointed out ways that Paul and Barnabas were just ordinary men. (Note the account & reaction of the people SPM2001,2,3,5,8,9)

10 Paul is Stoned

11 Have you ever had people saying bad things about you? If so, how did this make you feel? What was Paul’s attitude after being stoned and left for dead (v20-22)? Amazingly enough, Paul continued to travel and encourage other people. He didn’t expect a “pity party” from anyone, and wrote off this experience as one of the “many hardships” he would experience before entering the kingdom of God.

12 Paul is Stoned Since Paul and Barnabas were on the road so often, how did they see to the continued growth of the churches they visited (v23)? They appointed elders in each church to carry on the work. They returned to Lystra, Iconium, Antioch, Perga, Attalia and sailed to Antioch (v21- 26). Why did he retract his journey? Paul chose not to take the short path home (Tarsus) but instead to follow-up on his converts.

13 Paul, Barnabas and Mark begin the first in a series of missionary journeys across the Greek speaking world. The importance of these missions, especially those of Paul, cannot be overstated. So powerful did the Holy Spirit make their work, that in less than 3 centuries, the entire Roman empire -- the whole civilized world -- had converted to their message.

14 Paul is Stoned Some notes: *The people are fickle or easily swayed from acceptance to rejection cf the Jews towards our Lord. Antioch an important centre for the expansion of early Christianity – see pg xx (B.2). Adaptation of Paul’s preaching to suit the people of Lystra (A61Q5). Mustahak!

15 Council of Jerusalem As the early church began to expand to include Gentiles, a lot of the Jewish believers became uncomfortable. To them, a man was only acceptable to God if he had been circumcised. Some were teaching this as truth (v1). What’s the first thing Paul and Barnabas did to argue against such teaching (v2-4)? The had just returned from visiting several cities where they had seen many Gentiles believe in Jesus and received the Holy Spirit, just as the Jewish believers in Antioch and Jerusalem had done.

16 Council of Jerusalem Where was much of the Jewish legalism coming from (v5)? Why? Some of the Pharisees, who had been defending Mosaic law for so long, were becoming Christians. They felt a man should convert to Judaism first, including being circumcised, and then go from here to becoming a Christian. What are some of the issues that divide Christians in similar ways today? Hair length; church dress expectations; expression of spiritual gifts, etc

17 The Council Assembles & Debates What arguments did the “no need for circumcision” people use (v6-18)? Peter testified that God had sent him to start the whole Gospel-to-the-Gentiles movement (10), some 10 to 12 years ago!; Paul and Barnabas further detailed the miracles they had seen God perform among the Gentiles; and James quoted Old Testament Scripture to show God’s intent to one day include the Gentile peoples in His kingdom.

18 James Announces the Decision Eating foods associated with the worship of idols; eating meat from which the blood had not yet been removed; or partaking of blood separately; and sexual immorality. (take note! SPM1996, 2005 & 2008B, which includes Jerusalem Council. ) The final verdict was that the Gentiles need not be circumcised to become believers. But there were some other matters the council felt were important. What common Gentiles practices were of concern to the early Christians (v19- 21)?

19 The Letter of the Council The decision of the council was taken back to the church in Antioch by letter (v22-29). This was a major point of conflict that might have spilt the church at a very early (and vulnerable) time. What was the result (v30-35)? The people were glad and encouraged (though the circumcision debate would come up again later)

20 A Second Missionary Journey Proposed Meanwhile, another conflict was splitting up Paul and Barnabas. What was it (v36-38)? Barnabas wanted to try once more to take his nephew, John Mark, with them on the next journey. The first time they had taken him, he had deserted them (13:5,13). Barnabas wanted to give Mark another chance. Paul didn’t. Who do you think was right-Paul or Barnabas? Arguments can be made both ways. This work was too important to have someone who wasn’t very committed. Yet we all occasionally need forgiveness and second chances.

21 A Second Missionary Journey Proposed How was the conflict resolved (v39- 41)? Barnabas partnered with John Mark, (to Cyprus) and Paul set out with another disciple named Silas (Syria & Cilicia). However, six years later Mark was Paul’s fellow labourer and fellow prisoner.

22 TAKE TWO It’s the chance of a lifetime – an acting audition. Here is a situation to act out. In the first take, deal with the conflict situation in a negative way. In the second take, do it right. SCENE – Your youth group is going for the Planet Shakers Concert, all expenses paid for by the church. In order to keep the number of people to a decent level, your leader says only members of the group are allowed to go. U’re disappointed bcos one of your friends really loves to attend. On the day of the concert, you find out several people are bringing friends from outside the group anyway. U’re mad at your leader. Roles: U & your youth leader. Setting: Riding in the car on the way to the concert.

23 Are you ready? Prepare for test June 27 th Luke 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 Acts 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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