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Dante’s Inferno Canto 14 Samantha Royal November 20,2007.

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1 Dante’s Inferno Canto 14 Samantha Royal November 20,2007

2 Summary Dante gathers the scattered boughs and give them to the bush. He and Virgil reached the boundary that divides the second from the third ring: the Violent against god. Here they found many flocks of naked souls weeping miserably, and it seemed they were ruled by different decrees. Among these sinners, Dante sees a giant, who Virgil identifies, as Capaneus one of the seven legendary kings who beseiged Thebes. Capaneus still holds God In great distain disprizing him.

3 Summary They reach another river which runs red, and Virgil speaks to Dante about the source of Hell waters. Within the mountain their sits the old man of Crete. Tears flow through as they stream away they form the Acheron, the Styx, and the Phelegethon, the Cocytus.

4 The Blasphemer Capaneus one of the seven legendary kings who beseieged thebes. He was struck by thunderbolt by Zeus for disrespecting God’s name.

5 Scenery Dante and Virgil are in the Third Ring. They are in the wood of sorrow is a garland, just as that wood is ringed by a sad channel. The ground was made sand, dry, and compact. Also there is open plain that banishes all green things from its bed. They came across another place where flowed a slender watercourse out of the wood. As from the Bulicame pours across the sand. Its bed and both its lands were made of stone with the slope along its shores. He and Virgil make upon a devestated land lies in the midsea, a land that called Crete within that land there was a mountain blessed with leaves and waters. Within the mountain is a huge staute of a huge old man of Crete.

6 Old Man of Crete

7 Violent against God Dante is in the Third Ring of the seventh circle of hell. The first zone is Blasphemers supine on fiery sands. The largest group was there who walked about. The smallest supine in punishment. Some lay upon the ground flat upon their backs. Above that plain of sand, distended flakes of fire shower down so did the never-ending heat descend, the sand was kindled just as tinder on meeting flint will flame-doubling the pain.

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