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Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors.

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1 Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors. Direct or indirect imitation or use of any of the ideas or other documentation or their implementation is not permitted until we have issued our prior written permission. UK Grocery Retailer Insights Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers. we 17 th August 2014

2 Key Customer Themes : School Shop: There are 22 bays and a GE of school accessories & uniforms. High signs were sited on entry with additional shippers used supporting goods. The bays are also bordered with bus stops & barkers. Summer Savers: 14 bays of snacks, alcohol, household and cupboard fillers. There were themed high signs, with bus stops & barkers sited. Click & Collect: Signs seen on GE's concentrated within the household department. Ellehammer Luggage - Up Grade Your Luggage This Summer: Collect stickers & save 60% on current retail price. There is a GE display promoting the offer. Tesco Bank Travel Money - £5 Off When You Spend £500: There are overhead signs supporting the promotion sited over the checkouts. Tesco Price Promise: Signs are seen positioned around the store highlighting various offers. General Feel: School Shop has a huge presence in store, followed by Summer Savers. Extra themed high signs were sited around the entrance. This is a busy shop, but there was few staff present. The shelves were stacked well, but slightly messy in the promotional areas. Key Deals: Batchelor Savoury Rice / Pasta / Noodles: 4 For £2 Carlsberg / Budweiser / Fosters / Strongbow: 2 For £20 Selected Health & Beauty: ½ Price Coca Cola 1.75L: 2 For £2 Pringles: 2 For £3 Isla Negra Wines: ½ Price Kellogg's Cereals Selected: 3 For £4 Ariel / Lenor / Bold / Flash / Fairy: ½ Price | | | Cosine Blog Brooklands – Wednesday 13th August

3 Key Customer Themes : Prices Down And Staying Down: This theme continues in store. It is supported by A boards and shelf fins. Seasonal Aisle: This aisle was dedicated to selected beers, wines and snacks. It was supported by shelf edge labels. Selected Products / Special Offers: Lots of aisle end and ladder rack offers were seen in store and these themes were supported by header boards and shelf edge strips. Fuel Save: This theme continues in store. It is supported by window posters. General Feel: The store had many empty shelves. Staff were waiting for a delivery. Key Deals: M&M’s Choc Pouch: ½ Price Oats So Simple Porridge Pots: 2 for £1.50 Walkers Deep Ridge Crisps: £1 Magners: 3 for £5 Kellogg's Breakfast Bakes: 2 for £3 Regina Blitz 1pk: £2 Mersea, Essex – Wednesday 13 th August | | | Cosine Blog

4 Key Deals: Key Customer Themes : One Stop School Shop Class Of 2014: There are 14 bays of school accessories and uniforms situated down the seasonal aisle. There are several shippers lined up on entry with further supporting products. High signs, bunting, bus stops and floor stickers highlight the event in store. Let's Garden: There are 26 bays and a GE containing garden equipment, furniture and accessories. High signs direct you to the sale, with additional bus stops and barkers sited. Summer Fun: 12 bays of summer entertainment consisting of games, toys, books, DVDs and snacks are highlighted with bunting and overhead signs. Big Savings On Big Brands : Signs are seen overhead on entry and in the central aisle. Baby & Toddler Event: Overhead signs and bunting was sited in the baby dept, advertising offers. The Pet Event: Security gate shrouds are sited promoting the event. There were further adverts used in the pet department highlighting various offers. 1x P&G Pack = 1 Day Of Clean Water: This promotion is running on P&G products. General Feel: A lot of promotions are seen running concurrently. This store was rather cluttered. Shelves were stacked well but slightly messy in certain areas. The main themes were ‘One Stop School’ and ‘Let's Garden’. Plenty of staff were on hand assisting customers. Coca Cola 1.75L: 2 For £2 Doritos Chips: 2 For £2 Selected Kellogg's Cereals : £2 Belvita: £1 Maxi Brand Tinned Tomatoes: 10p Pampers Baby Dry Nappies Mega Pk: £10 7up / Tango / Pepsi 2L: £1 Selected Laundry Products : Various Offers | | | Cosine Blog Clapham Junction- Wednesday 13 th August

5 Key Customer Themes : £15 Summer Bonus Collect 4 Coupons To Save £15 On Your In Store Shop Plus A Free Card Game With Every £40 Shop: Overhead, large signs are seen on entry and positioned over the checkouts. Your Favourites: Signs are seen around the store, highlighting deals on cupboard fillers. Baby & Toddler Event: Bunting and overhead signs were sited in the dept, promoting various offers. 100's Of Health & Beauty Savings: Bunting and overhead signs were seen in the dept, promoting various offers. Pick Of The Shop: Signs are used on the GE's to highlight the best deals in store. Great Value: There were signs on a GE situated in the central aisle. General Feel : A lot of additional overhead signage was used to highlight the Summer Bonus & Your Favourites. This was a busy store on entry. The store was quite cluttered around the checkout areas. There was plenty of staff to assist. Key Deals: Selected Frozen Foods: From £2 Selected Fruit Mix & Match: 3 For £2 Febreeze Car: £3 Pampers Baby Dry Mega Pk: £10 Coca Cola 8pk: 2 For £5 Daz 2.6kg: ½ Price Lynx Shower Gel: Better Than ½ Price J20 4pk: Better Than ½ Price | | | Cosine Blog Wimbledon – Wednesday 13 th August

6 Key Customer Themes : Summer Sorted : This theme continues in store, supported heavily by overhead signs, hanging signs, shelf fins, bunting, snow ploughs and till point POS. Great Offers : Various aisle end offers sited throughout the store including £1 offers, these were supported by snow ploughs and header boards. Back To School : Seasonal aisle is dedicated to all school related items, supported by directional hanging signs, bus stops and header boards. Brand Match : This theme continues in store, supported by outside A boards, bus stops and shelf barkers. General Feel : The store was clean tidy and well stocked. The brightly coloured ‘Summer Sorted' POS had really good impact. Key Deals: Del Monte Orange Ice Lollies: ½ price Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin: £17 Illy Fresh Coffee: 25% off Dairy Milk: £1 Hovis Loaf: £1 Ryvita Cracker Bread: £1 J2O 4pk: £3 | | | Cosine Blog Stanway, Colchester - Wednesday 13 th August

7 Key Customer Themes : Great Offers : Various offers including £1 offers, supported by header boards and shelf barkers. Summer Sorted : This theme continues in store, supported by round window stickers and shelf fins. Barbecue And Picnic : Although aisle end was half empty, there were some barbecue and picnic items supported by header board, shelf edge strips and shelf fins. General Feel: The store was clean and tidy but needed some shelves filling. There were several staff stocking shelves. Key Deals: Kronenbourg Lager 4pk: 8 for £8 Fruit Pastel Pouch: £1 Jaffa Cakes: £1 Kettle Chips: ½ price Pg Tips 80pk: £2 Sausages Taste The Difference: 2 for £5.50 Fairy Gel Wash: £4 Colchester - Wednesday 13 th August | | | Cosine Blog

8 Key Customer Themes: NEW Italian Eat - Drink - Love: There are 5 bays & 1 FSDU containing wine's / champagne / savoury snacks / fresh pasta / sauces / cold meats / salads / desserts / cheese / olives & pizza. Our New TV Show - Weekend Kitchen With Waitrose - Saturday Morning 9am: Signage was located at checkouts. Waitrose.Com - Shop Online At Waitrose.Com And Let Us Deliver To Your Door: Signage located on several main store aisles. Waitrose Entertaining - Planning A Party? - Food Made To Order From Waitrose Entertaining - Free Delivery: Signage located at store entrance. General Feel : The main theme appeared to be the Italian promotion. Shelves were stocked well and tidy. Key Deals: Waitrose Oriental Lillies: 25% Extra Free Family Cereals: 3 For 2 Mix & Match Lenor / Ariel / Fairy Laundry: Buy 3 For £12 Selected Italian Wine's : Save 25% Bear Yo Yos (Baked Fruit Snack) 5pk: 25% Off Fresh Italian Food: 25% Off Ice Cream: 10% Off (Exclusive MyWaitrose Offer) Selected Waitrose Cookies / Chocolate Biscuits : Buy 2 For £2.50 Epsom- Wednesday 13 th August | | | Cosine Blog

9 Key Customer Themes : Summer Of Flavour : 2 large FOS displays and a window display are seen containing dressing & marinades / condiments / fresh meats / fresh herbs / fresh fruit and cheese. Back To School : 3 bays & a window display of children's school shoes / trousers / jumpers / skirts and shirts. Buy 6 Save 25% On Wine & Champagne Mix & Match : There was 1 large display of wine's, champagne, crisps, confectionary. M&S Bank- Pick Up A Leaflet : Signage on every checkout. M&S Bank- Introducing The NEW M&S Current Account: Signage sited on every checkout. General Feel: ‘ Summer’ and ‘Back to School’ seemed to be the most impactful themes. This was a clean and tidy store, with shelves stacked well. There were plenty of helpful staff around. Key Deals: Wine's / Champagne: Buy 6 Save 25% Mix & Match Free Bottle Of Wine When You Buy 4 Picnic Items Salad Meal Deal For Two (Bag Of Salad + Meat / Fish Or Cheese + Topping Pot + Dressing Top): £6 Sweet Bags (Butter Mintoes / Mint Humbugs / Mint Assortment / Mint Imperials): 2 For £2 Cheese and Deli Items: 3 For £6 Sausages and Bacon Selected: 2 For £4 Dressings and Marinades Selected: 3 For 2 Ice Cream And Ice Cream Lollies Selected: Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price Epsom – Wednesday 13 th August | | | Cosine Blog

10 Key Customer Themes : Award Winning Supermarket 2014 : This theme continues to be highlighted at the checkouts and in the window. Aldi School Shop : There are lots of school items including uniform and stationery, supported by overhead and hanging signs. Swap And Save : This theme continues in store, supported by overhead signs and window posters. Aldi Super 6 - Meat And Veg Offers: This promotion is highlighted with header boards, overhead sign and window poster. Summer Essentials : There are lots of cases of lager and BBQ coals, supported by overhead sign. Special Buys- Thursday And Sunday Offers: Supported in store with window posters. General Feel : The store was in need of stocking up. Several shelves were empty and quite untidy. Key Deals: Fabric Conditioner: 99p Fresh King Prawns 150g: £2.15 Salmon Fillets 240g: £2.39 Cucumber: 39p Broccoli: 39p Spring Onions: 39p | | | Cosine Blog London Road, Colchester - Wednesday 13th August

11 Key Customer Themes : Great Deal Locally: Various offers were seen throughout the store. This theme was supported by outside posters, dump bins, shelf edge strips and tax discs. Fair And Square Prices: This theme continues in store. It is supported by standees and shelf barkers. The Best Regional Produce For You / Sourced Locally: There are 4 bays dedicated to local produce. The theme is supported by hanging signs, shelf edge strips and tax discs. Seasonal Aisle: This aisle didn't really have a theme. There were sale items, sun care and bedding items. Free Home Delivery: This theme was heavily advertised in the car and trolley park with A boards and posters. General Feel: The store was clean, tidy and well stocked. Key Deals: Coca Cola Cans 6pk: £2 Walkers Crinkle Crisps 5pk: £1 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cereal: ½ Price Stella Artois 12pk: £8 Selected Wine 3 or More Bottles: 15% off Heinz beans 4pk: £2 McVitie’s Hob Nobs: 2 for £2 Mersea, Essex - Wednesday 13 th August | | | Cosine Blog

12 Key Customer Themes : NEW Discover New Ideas: 13 bays containing gardening equipment, consisting of saws / secateurs / power tools / storage boxes / DVDs / work gloves and T-Shirts. Children's Items: 6 bays were dedicated to children's clothing, shoes & board games. Market Fresh Quality- Discover Market Fresh Quietly In-store: High signage was seen from the ceiling around the store and in the fresh produce areas. Healthy Checkouts: Signs located on end of till points. General Feel : ‘Discover New Ideas’ promotion signs were very prominent in store. Bulk stacks were sited around the entrance, outside and the centre of the store. Key Deals: Compost and Bark Essentials (Multi-Purpose Compost / Peat Free / Multi-Purpose Compost / Decorative Bark Chips: Various offers Bananas: 99p XXL Red Apples 2kg: £2 Tropicana Orange Juice (Smooth Or With Bits): £1.99 Oakland Nectarines 1kg: 89p Moordale Fresh British Beef Burgers 8pk: £2.89 Lenor Fabric Conditioner: Buy 2 for £4 Oaklands Cherry Tomatoes / British Celery: 50p Clapham Junction - Wednesday 13 th August | | | Cosine Blog

13 Cosine Blog us call us follow us find out about us read a blog by us We are an award-winning field marketing agency with a proven track record of increasing our clients’ sales, retail presence and brand awareness, achieved through merchandising, auditing, mystery shopping and other field marketing services, with our outsourced sales teams trained specifically for every campaign.

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