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LADY SHARON J. BEARD National Second Vice President PROJECTS CHAIR PARLIAMEN-TOP October 13, 2012.

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1 LADY SHARON J. BEARD National Second Vice President PROJECTS CHAIR PARLIAMEN-TOP October 13, 2012

2 Lady Lillie Lacy National Literacy Committee Chair Lady DiAnn Robinson National NCNW Committee Chair Lady Mary Louise Batiste National NAACP Committee Chair Lady Cleatrice McTorry National Sickle Cell Committee Chair Lady Versonya DuPont National UNCF Committee Chair Lady Asa Starling National Awards Committee Chair Lady Naomi Nesbitt National Scholarship Committee Chair Lady Janet Simmons National Membership Committee Chair National Projects, Awards, Scholarships & Memberships Chairs Lady Sharon J. Beard National Second Vice- President & Publicity Chair

3 We continuously strive to enhance the lives of youth and adults through community based programs and projects. We measure our success by the improved quality of life experienced by the people we serve.

4  Present data collected from Chapter Program Report Book to support TLOD National Strategic Goal & Objectives associated with Goal 3; “Get Back to the Basics” to ensure that our “Aim is Always Service”. Objectives #1 and #3 to “highlight” the work of the National Projects. Objective #1 - Increase the percentage of 5 Star Chapters to 100%. Objective #3 - Encourage TLOD Programs instead of activities.  Focus on programs & projects to improve the quality of life for people in our communities.  Re-focus our efforts to reflect renewed interest on National Projects.  We will assess our progress in our organizational paradigm shift and determine next steps.

5  Goals for Change  Taking Action and Getting Results  Five Star Chapters  Chapter Program Book Reporting  TLOD Goals & Objectives  Metrics Display Data  Memberships/Publicity  Next Steps for Moving Ahead

6 The National 2 nd Vice President responsibility of duties include the execution and implementation of the National Projects, Public Relations, Memberships, Awards and Scholarships. The National Project Chairs for each project area are the Stakeholders and are responsible for providing support to the chapters. We needed to be clear and consistent about expectations. To that end, a job duties and responsibilities description was provided to each Chair. Responsible for making the connection from National to Area to local and that we needed to drive the activities outlined in the National Program Resource Guide We wanted for individuals to take ownership for their respective positions and to be successful.

7 Encourage ways to have TLOD benefit more directly from our relations with NCNW, UNCF, NAACP, and Sickle Cell Awareness. Provide the chapters with the tools and resources necessary to be successful and to increase participation. Share “Tips and Tricks” and strategies to manage the chapters to have positive outcomes on all programs and projects. Develop Partnerships and collaborate with the community and other agencies with like minded goals. We needed to determine how we would measure our successes and to analyze or determine metrics.

8 National 2 nd Vice President has shared valued information to help empower National Project Chairs to perform at their very best. We have conducted teleconference calls, workshops, webinars, presentations at clusters, alerts, via quarterly Program & Projects Newsletter, and personal phone calls to increase the level of participation among the chapters.

9 Secured the buy-in from the members to implement the activities of the National Projects more effectively and efficiently. Encouraged the chapters to share their best practices with others. Provided an open-line of communication to collaborate to network, to form partnerships and to help ease due dates.

10 We adopted the S.M.A.R.T. Metrics Technique as a sound approach to effective programming. We have identified processes to improve and support the reporting of ALL National Projects, Membership, Awards, Scholarships and Public Relations. The members have developed a heightened sense of unity, pride and continued service in the implementation of all projects.

11 Encouraging more verbal communication with equal sharing. Provide inspiration, knowledge and new experiences for members. We have maximized collaborations to create a culture of achievement in our communities. Created opportunities for members to use their considerable skill and talent to plan a project or project an idea. Map strategies for shaping the future direction of our Top Ladies and Top Teens with each National Project.

12  Programs and Projects adheres to the National Program Resource guide and approved initiatives and strategies.  Each chapter must complete the Chapter Program Report Book to be eligible for 5 Star Status.  The National Projects are designed to actively involve every TLOD and TTA chapter in the implementation of one unified programming focus.  The goal is to impact the population served.

13 FIVE STAR CHAPTERS participate in the TLOD and TTA Awards program at the Area and National levels. FIVE STAR CHAPTERS participate in the TLOD SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM at the Local, Area and National Levels. FIVE STAR CHAPTERS incorporate PUBLIC RELATIONS into the total chapter program. FIVE STAR CHAPTERS incorporate COVERAGE of chapter programs or projects in the TLOD CROWN. FIVE STAR CHAPTERS work to enhance the TLOD Image.

14 Project Area5 Star Initiatives NAACP $50.00 National contribution to TLOD; One Chapter Initiative or Strategy NCNW $50.00 National contribution to TLOD; One Chapter Initiative or Strategy UNCF $50.00 National contribution to TLOD; One Chapter Initiative or Strategy to include UNCF Sunday activity TLOD Literacy One Chapter Initiative or Strategy to include acknowledgement of National Literacy Month activity Sickle Cell Awareness $50.00 National contribution to TLOD; One Chapter Initiative or Strategy to include acknowledgement of National Sickle Cell Awareness Month activity Membership Attempt to reach membership goals for Local and National and complete Reactivation activity Scholarships Complete Scholarship Reporting Form and confirm Scholarship distribution Publicity Ensure publicity and media coverage is included in all programs and activities

15 3 New Chapters 9 Inactive Chapters 12 Chapters not reporting 83 Chapters Reporting Total of 107 Chapters

16  Review the chapter’s programming and collaborating involvement.  Compile, document and submit reports to Parliamen- Top and Syn-Lod.  Assist chapters with the development of programs, projects and membership.

17  Review the National Program Membership Initiatives to Recruit, Reclaim and Retain members.  Eliminate duplicated reporting.  Evaluate outstanding programs, projects and membership development for recognition at Parliamen-Top and Syn-Lod.

18  Assist individuals and chapters with documentation of volunteer hours.  Track activities and capture best practices to share with others.  Create a program to identify and pursue grants supporting programmatic thrusts and projects

19  Develop success metrics to track progress on an annual basis.  Obtain feedback from chapters.  Present next steps in the strategic plan.  Follow through on the execution and reporting procedures.

20  Level of participation of Ladies, Teens and Lords with the volunteer hours stated  Targeted Population  Whether they had publicity or media coverage  Collaborations & Partnerships

21  Materials distributed  Community Impact  Sustainability of activity  Outside funding or in-kind services rendered

22  Metric: Cumulative number of Volunteer Hours of NCNW, UNCF, NAACP, Literacy and Sickle Cell (National Projects).  Definition: volunteers X the number of hours = total volunteer hours Collection Method: Chapter Report Book.  Collection Frequency: Data Collected for one year during the 1 st of a 2 year Program.  Strategy: Complete One Chapter Initiative or Strategy in addition to $50.00 Assessment.



25  NCNW 47,457  UNCF 5,096  NAACP 5,837  TLOD LITERACY 7,803  SICKLE CELL 5,363 TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS 71,556


27  NCNW $8,  UNCF $17,  NAACP $12,  TLOD LITERACY $5,  SICKLE CELL $10, TOTAL DONATED FUNDS $52,769.00

28  62% of chapters participated in Reactivation Day activity.  60% participated in “Put TLOD Back in your Heart”.  69% of chapters implemented a “Meet & Greet” activity.

29  69% of the chapters either allocated and or expended funds for Publicity averaging from $50.00 – $1, Totaling $27,970.35

30  AREA I $80,  AREA II $13,  AREA III $22,  AREA IV $19,  AREA V $24,  AREA VI $ 2, TOTAL $162, % OF THE CHAPTERS REPORTING SCHOLARSHIPS TOTAL BY LOCAL CHAPTERS as recorded in Chapter Program Report Book

31  Strengthen the program of service link that binds all Top Ladies of Distinction and Top Teens of America chapters.  Identify Low Impact Chapters and provide support.  Design a mechanism in the chapter program report book to reflect a more accurate assessment of allocated, expended, and donated funds of the National Projects.  Continue to build relationships and reach out to the local project chairs.

32  Cultivate relationships and move in the direction of TLOD securing a link on every National Project website.  Continue to evaluate projects and programs to determine if they are consistent with the organization’s mission, goals, objectives and national theme.  Develop a method in which National Project Chairs may assess and collect chapter report book information directly related to their National Project for ease of reporting.

33  Offer tools, tricks and tips to continue to enhance the National Projects.  Continue to have web based learning and development tools apart of our action plan.  Place the recorded version of the webinar on the website so members may engage at their leisure.

34  Evaluate the value in developing and posting a World- wide TLOD Calendar At-A-Glance on the National Website to share.  Place more emphasis on the Lucellestine Wilson Print Media Award to assist in the development of a Media Outreach Plan.  Make necessary changes to Chapter Program Report Book to reflect ease of reporting and more user friendly in areas of concern.

35  People are our greatest asset. From our members to our valued community partners and the broader communities that we serve, the foundation and path of our journey toward sustainability is all about PEOPLE.  Our ultimate goal continues to be to make a “REAL IMPACT” WITH REAL PEOPLE.

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